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My first somewhat sarcastic comment was that I wanted something "drought-proof, work-proof, snail-proof, gopher-proof and cheap." Steve actually said that was possible! Having no gardening experience myself, I knew more about what I didn't want than what I did want. I wanted plants that were aggressive enough to keep weeds and other plants out, but that would not grow huge. I like color, but not pink. Steve gave me the names and addresses of several of his jobs to go look at, and presented a complete proposal to be done in stages as I could afford it. This included the names of all of the plants, so I could go online, or to a nursery, and get pictures of the suggested plants. I was very impressed with Steve's knowledge of not only the plants, but the species that work in this area and sandy soil. I was even more impressed with his keen observations of such things as the foot traffic past my house, the sun patterns throughout the day, the wind directions, etc. It became clear to me that every single plant had been selected specifically for its placement in the yard, and for its characteristics. The plan also included a few trees, again chosen for their purposes, ability to handle wind, and the way they put down roots that will not damage sidewalks or other structures. I also added a fountain and a sitting area in the backyard. I had final approval of all plants and their placement before they went into the ground. And the gophers? Well, Steve is treating aggressively to get rid of them, but the proof in the pudding is that they have dug and made mounds around a couple of plants, but not eaten or damaged them. I hadn't known that there are plants gophers don't like! What a glorious revelation! I have a beautiful rock wash meandering through the front yard. There are areas of wood chips and also paths and borders of California gold fines. The front yard has some areas that are mounded and sculpted and the design builds to a tree in the back corner. I was afraid that I might have to replace a back fence and build a new retaining wall. However, after inspecting the fence, which is basically sound, Steve came up with an ingenious plan to reinforce it and keep the neighbor dogs from digging and undermining it. This represented a great savings to me, and it is also interesting and pretty. The back yard is designed to be a peaceful place to sit. I will be putting a two-seated glider under the tree. Steve works alone. So you are not going to have a one day installation if the area is large. He does have regular maintenance customers, so you may not have several consecutive days or full days. However, you will have his full attention and you will be able to reach him either by phone or email. I plan to become a regular maintenance customer. I doubt that one could find a better price for this quality of work. Somehow, without rattling off degrees or experience, I knew within the first conversation (and I interviewed three
- Sara E....

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