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A & R Plumbing Inc
Business Description: Family owned & managed. See website for details on services offered. Award winning.
Alliance Plumbing Company
Business Description: Alliance Plumbing Co. Takes pride in taking care of our customers, this is how we are the best in the Monterey Bay in customer service . We provide a 30 day warranty if for any reason you are not satisfied with the service we provided we will comeback at no extra charge to resolve any issue you may have. Main sewer back-ups are the only exception. Alliance Plumbing Co. can beat or match any written estimate by a licensed plumber. We take pride in the work we do and use only the best material to make sure the job is done right. No job too small so give us a call at 831-262-1516 Senior Discounts Preferred Customer Discounts

Reviews in Greenfield to Install Bathtub

CA & R Plumbing Inc
Plumbers arrived an hour earlier than I scheduled which did not coincide with the carpenter who was scheduled to be there at the same time for a bathtub installation and remodel job we were doing. A&R plumbers cost $98 per hour. The plumbers are very nice and courteous.  I made the mistake of not getting a flat bid in advance and I found out that if I provide the part and there is a problem with that part, it is my problem. Of course if you buy the parts from the plumber it's going to cost you much more than if you order the parts online so you're kind of screwed either way.  Turns out our very expensive Hans Grohe shower valve purchased locally from Ferguson's was faulty which caused additional time to be spent. Hans Grohe does not credit for plumber time if their part is defective. The accounts payable person at A&R ultimately gave us a credit for some of the extra time it spent with two guys trying to figure out how to deal with the faulty part. This is what I would have done in my company in a similar situation. $98 per hour X 2 is a lot for problem-solving. They also allowed me to split my payments over 3 months since it was a large job and we've been using A&R for many years. Plumbers charge much more than even the most amazing carpenter I hired. After the tile work was complete in our bathroom, another A&R plumber came back to do the final installation of fixtures and re-install the toilet. When he arrived he asked why the toilet plumbing had been raised by the last guy. He determined that the other guy must have thought it was a different toilet (even though it was sitting right outside the window in plain sight) and had told us that it wasn't code, so he changed it. Turns out it was correct in the first place so it should not have been changed. When I called to make the final payment, I brought up this toilet plumbing issue and the woman was very snotty to me and said "We've already been through this and gave you a credit." I said that the credit was not for the toilet issue but for the extra time and labor spent trying to figure out the shower valve. She said, "Not only did we already gave you a credit, so did Ferguson's (which was for a future purchase we decided against) so you got double credit"  This was not only incorrect, but completely not relevant to the current issue and unprofessional of her. What business of her was it how much we paid Ferguson's and whether or not they gave us credit? Bottom line is that when you are hiring a large company like A&R, you get the guys who are sent out by the main office and you are charged by the hour unless you get a flat bid.  If you pay by the hour and things take longer than they should or things are not done as you require, then it's up to you to call for a correction. Because of the terrible experience I had with the woman in the office (I think she is a family member of the ownership) I will make every attempt not to use this company again and I will let everyone know about this experience.  It's too bad, because we very much like the plumbers who work for them and think they do fine work. A&R needs to provide customer service training for their accounting department.
- Peri B....