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Recent Review: After seeing their product at the Minneapolis Home & Garden show we were convinced that this was the right product for our porch improvement work. The guys from EZ-Screen brought samples to our home to help us select frame color and installation method. They took careful measurements of all of the window and door openings and put our order in motion. A few weeks later our windows and door were delivered. We did this work at the same time we had some exterior siding work done by another contractor. We arranged to have that contractor do the actual installation of the EZ-Screen product. The rep from EZ-Screen came out to our site when the installation started to ensure that our contractor understood how to properly install the windows and door. Everything went smoothly and contractor commented on how easy the windows went in. After three full seasons of use we still enjoy the product and we're pleased that we chose this as part of our porch renovation. It has added several additional months to our porch usage in our short Minnesota summer seasons. I highly recommend this product for any new screen porch or porch renovation job!
Business Description: 20+ years Construction/Master Carpenter experience. 7+ years in one of a kind custom Treehouse's with slides, rock walls, ziplines, bucket pulls, trap doors, etc. Custom Sheds and furniture. Custom wood tables to custom porch swings. We accept all major credit cards and Pay-Pal. $200 Consultation fee (goes towards project).
Business Description: Francis Alwill General Contractor has over 20 years of experience. We're diversified in our field of experience. We ensure quality. Give us a call, to answer questions or to discuss your project. Thanks.

Reviews in Gonzales to Build a Porch

BOHMS Handyman Services
I am quite happy with the electrical outlet and the bathroom fan, and I would hire him back for electrical work, as I think that is his specialty. His carpentry skills aren't the greatest, but they are not bad either. The first thing I asked was for the medicine cabinet to be centered over the sink, and it is about 1 inch off. At least it is hung level, though! The other disappointment was that he reused my 28-year old hinges and door knob on the new door. Also that the door frame was not cut correctly on one side and is about 2 inches short on one side. This could have been fixed easily by cutting a small piece of the extra wood that was left in my garbage. At least the door seems to be hung properly, though, so it was not a bad job, just not the greatest for the price.
- Mardel B....
AOdd Jobs & Handyman Service
David is very respectful and easy going.  He completed all of the work that I requested and was very concerned with his final product meeting my expectations. David is prompt and realistic.  Do not be afraid to suggest corrections, he is eager to please and fulfill the job to the homeowners requirements. He made suggestions to have me finish up some of the work, so I could save some money, but was not trying to push off anything on me.  He is an honest man that cares about his reputation and realizes the cost of his labor. My only suggestion would be for him to quote the price before the job is finished, at least a ballpark estimate.  If you go by his hourly rate, he is exact- so there was really no surprise at the final tally. I trust David and recommend him without hesitation.
- Anthony S....
ALangley's Construction/Handyman Service
BOTTOM LINE............DAN LANGLEY could do anything I could come up with....always with a refreshing attitude.  He showed up on time, prepared with the right tools, neat,cheerful and willing to tackle any task, always leaving the area clean.....always a reasonable price. Recently placed our units with property management and gave them his card & said they can call him 24/7 and that he can handle anything needed.  I trust him to enter any of my units and have left him numerous times to go off to work knowing that he is trustworthy and reliable. THIS IS A GODSEND TO A LANDLORD AND A PROPERTY OWNER.........A++ TO DAN LANGLEY!!!!!!!!!
- Joanne D....