Four Corners Termite Treatment

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Recent Review: My house had termites and when I discovered them I freaked out. I didn?t know what to do so I done my research on Angie?s List. Out of all the companies in my area I chose Clark Pest Control because they had the best reputation and best reviews. I didn?t regret choosing these guys. I was impressed with the professional manner of everyone I worked with. They inspector was professional and courteous. And to my surprise the actual workers who applied the poison were professional and courteous too. Everyone educated me about termites and the product they used to kill them. I felt I was in good hands. My house was built on a concrete slab so they drilled holes in the slab and made a trench to apply the poison. They used a product called Termidor. This poison infects the termites and they take it to their nest to kill the entire colony. They poured and pumped the poison all around my house. They guarantee no termites for one year. The manufacturer says their poison will last for five years or more. For all you green folks out there who are considering the ?Orange? treatment I say don't!!! That treatment only kills the termites but doesn't prevent them from comming back. Don't get fooled by today's fad. Do your research before you make a decision.
Business Description: Clark Pest Control offers you a wide variety of pest control, termite control, weed control, and lawn and garden service options, and we will inspect your house free of charge. If you have bed bugs, we are experts at bed bug treatments, including heat remediation. We even offer structural fumigation. Clark Pest Control's S.M.A.R.T. (Sustainable Methods and Responsible Treatments) branded services use the principles of Integrated Pest Management to keep your home's pest pressures down, using softer materials and non-toxic methods, like exclusion and sanitation. Whether your home needs insect and spider control, rat and mouse control, termite treatment and damage repairs, weed control, lawn fertilization or remodeling and contracting service, Clark Pest Control offers you a full menu of Pest-Away® services that will take care of your family's pest management needs. We also offer a wide array of pest management services for business, industry, government and education facilities, and much more. Additional Phone: (530) 272-3121. Award winning.
Recent Review: As painless as could be. Prompt and on schedule.
Recent Review: The workman who came to fix my roof was very quick: he finished in two days. A day later, another workman came by to treat the outside of my house and yard and install traps. The remaining treatment is yet to be done, but that's largely my fault because I haven't yet had the time or assistance available to move bookcases out of my family room so they can cut through the slab foundation to treat the ground beneath the family room.
Recent Review: The termites were not eradicated the first time they sprayed. They had to come back twice, which they did promptly. After three treatments, our home was finally termite free.
Recent Review: The initial investigator was as sharp as they come. He took the time to listen to me, explain his product (and most importantly how topical termite treatment differs from fumigation). When he understood that I was a serious, motivated buyer, he took the time to examine the house interior, exterior, crawl beneath the house and crawl though the attic - on a very hot day. He was honest, as far as I could tell, in explaining that there was only one relatively small area with termites and that it could be easily treated. Best of all, using a local treatment meant that I didn't have to vacate my house for four days which is required for fumigation. The technicians that actually applied the chemicals were punctual, professional, understood their product and process, and  thoughtfully and accurately answered all of my questions. They were honest about not having a hose long enough to reach part of the attic area, and returned a few days later to properly complete the job. They could have blown off that last part of the attic and I would not have known, but instead were honest and straightforward about what was going on. Now, two months later, there have been no further signs of termites and I'm a happy camper.
Business Description: Dewey Pest Control has been providing environmental security since 1929. We are family owned & operated with 32 Branch offices in California. All of our technicians & inspectors are licensed by the state and are regularly trained in the latest laws, technologies and application techniques. Dewey is family founded, owned and run for over 80 years. Also does business as Dewey Services, Inc.
Recent Review: Clear information about the processes and product. Responded very professionally to every question I asked, which were many, for me to understand the issues. Described the differences in different methods, benefits and purpose for one versus another. As you can see, I am cautious about recommendations, since this is 12/28/2012 and the service was doe 7/23/2012. However, I am pleased to say that there were many problem areas, and there has been no re-occurrence in those areas or any new areas. To me, this means that Joe's methods work very well. Note: Three other services responded to my request for information, and all seemed less knowledgable, not as responsive to my questions, and prices were significantly higher. Customer: K. Moore
Recent Review: I found out they weren't doing a good job and I canceled their services. There was a little round plastic top attached to a screwed in piece of wood that they used to put a liquid in. They stopped doing that and began just lifting it to see that no termites were eating it up. I was paying $100. a month for peeking. Now I peek for myself. They were very good up to that point. They were the most reasonably priced at the time. I would use their services again.

Reviews in Four Corners to Treat Termites

AKern Greenway Pest
We've used Greenway many times for both large and small jobs on many different properties and we have always been satisfied. They go above and beyond to work with our clients schedules and routinely come in lower in cost than other providers. This is not a 9-5 business. I've had them out early in the morning, weekends and after hours. They've also been willing to drive hours to service out of town clients with special needs.
- Marilou W....
ACertified Termite & Pest Control
They did a pre-sale termite inspection, before I sold my house. The guy was nice. He did a good job. He left his equipment for a few days. We did not have any termites so it was not an issue.
- Jack J....
AGold Country Termite Control
They were prompt and professional.  I thought that the price was competitive and they were recommended by a trusted contractor.  I will use them again
- Dennis F....
AMorse Termite & Pest Control
Their price is reasonable in comparison to other company. Their presentation was excellent and outstanding. They are local people and they are very accommodating, nice and communication is excellent. They haven't finished the work, so I'm assuming their work would be excellent. I would highly recommend them.
- Patricia G....
FTerminix - Chico -Termite & Pest Control
A tech from Terminix inspected my home and gave me a written quote for treatment. He said my home has roaches and ticks. I approved the quote and scheduled the work. On the scheduled date, another tech came out and said the original quote is inaccurate and told me that my home has bed bugs, not roaches and ticks. He gave me a verbal estimate that is about 5 times the original estimate. I called the tech who gave me the original estimate for roaches and ticks and told him about the findings of the other tech. We schedule a 2nd inspection, but NO one showed up or called to cancel/reschedule.  
- Adam R....
I called to inquire about termites because they use safe and chemical free process that I was willing to pay extra for.  The lady answering the phone told me that they are based out of Lancaster but usually " Go down the Hill",  I asked her what that meant and she Said Los Angeles.  She told me that there weren't any termites in Lancaster!  She told me to hold and was obviously not wanting to provide service so she got me off the phone by stating someone would call me back.  I knew they weren't going to and I was right.  So, I gave up.  Since this company has never seen a termite in the Lancaster before,  which is just ridiculous.  It sounds to me if a customer is not located in the City of Malibu they will not help.
- Catherine E....
AAccurate Termite & Pest Solutions
Accurate Termite and Pest control was very nice to deal with.  They worked on a rental property that had a small rodent problem.  They came to the house for 3 visits and were punctual and professional.  I would hire them again.
- Jean-paul G....
AStrickland Termite Control
Very professional, courteous, and accommodating. Pleasant personality and very responsive office management. Lovely family run business.
- Tazsa W....
AHumboldt Termite & Pest Control
They are very professional, courteous and quick to respond. They price was pretty competitive and they were actually a little cheaper than other companies I looked at. I will use them again in the future.
- R R....
Our entire experience, from start to finish, with this company sucked. We as the buyers were stuck with the company as the seller chose them. During our final walk through, all of us, including the home inspector and real estate agent noticed the incomplete work performed by this company. The suggestion was made to proceed with the purchase because the company is held to finishing all work by the State. We did. Then then the year long saga of attempting to deal with this company began. I won't bore you with the details so will just say that never hire this company for anything. They are incredibly unprofessional, rude, can't pick up the phone, can't answer email messages, and just show up at your house to do an 'inspection' without any appointment.
- Pooja G....