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Glines Carpet One Floor & Home
Business Description: From a van, to a garage, to a small showroom on a back alley street in a small town, family-owned Glines Carpet One has kept growing since 1947, when Bill Glines traded his Navy uniform for a linoleum knife. Like most Carpet One stores, we’re small and locally owned, but we’re clothed in a brand that’s large and national. Being a part of the Carpet One Co-Op gives us some great advantages, such as the buying power that comes from banding over 1000 independent stores together. The best part of that? Buying as one large entity allows us to have great prices, saving our customers the headache of wading through the cold and eternally long isles of big box stores just to find the right price. You can find everything, the most knowledgeable sales staff, the most experienced installers, and a warm and inviting showroom, right here at Glines Carpet One. Well-experienced in all the nuances of the industry and staffed by dedicated and excited flooring specialists, the Glines family has been servicing the Yuba-Sutter’s flooring needs for three generations. We offer monthly promotions, there's always something in our store on sale for a great deal! Come see what we can do for you and your family!
Business Description: Retail Sales and Installation Flooring

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FGlines Carpet One Floor & Home
We hired Glines Carpet One to install floor tile in our 3000 sq.ft. home & remodel 2 showers. We set a time limit of 3 to 4 months maximum, which was acknowledged & agreed upon by Glines Carpet One. We required & agreed that our tile installer would work straight through on our job until it was finished. This was our top priority, getting our job finished. We brought up the subject of licensed experienced installers & stated that we required only licensed contractors work in our home in our agreement. We stated requirement of consistency in the laying of the tile & required 1 person in charge overseeing to insure industry standards & consistency. We have raised foundation & insisted/required top quality installation & would pay whatever the costs to have the entire house subfloor replaced or floated in order to achieve our goal. We stated we would not allow anyone laying tile in our house who was just learning, & Glines agreed to that and all our requirements & gave us a contract in writing agreeing to install our tile to the industry standards which is 2/32nd's of an inch. Glines subcontracted our work to Jim Ruggirello, Infamous Tile and Stone, YC, who is a licensed contractor. We were assured Jim had the experience we required & we spoke to Jim ourselves in Gline's store & he assured us he would get our job done on time & with excellent quality. Immediately after beginning our job, Jim quit coming daily as his business was just taking off & he had no time. He put people in our home who had little to no experience in laying tile. Jim botched at least half of the work he actually did himself & at least 1/4 of all the tile Jim or his workers laid is not to industry standard & must be replaced & they damaged all my cabinets, broke windows, and damaged personal property, granite countertops were chipped and gouged, cabinets were thrashed, my piano has drink cup wet rings on it from the workers, & tiles were up to 1/4 inch off in height from one tile to the very next tile which I call toe stubbers. When Jim did show up he would be on his phone 99% of the time, so much so that when he did attempt to lay tile he would forget how long he was talking & the thin set no longer stuck to the tiles, but he laid them anyway & the grout cracked off & they all had to be replaced. Jim didn't know how to lay tile around toilets & he had no idea how to float a floor. He sent his guys in to lay Ditra for the Schluter System & we didn't know it but these guys had just learned how & really didn't know what they were doing we found out after calling the Schluter Company ourselves. They made such a mess of our master shower that we had to have it repaired & start over. There were huge 10 x 20 foot sections of tile we had to remove because they were so crooked. We had to tear out half the tile in our kitchen, dining room, and entry hall because they were toe stubbers, so poorly laid. Jim had just opened his own business and was trying to get his showroom set up & trying to get customers of his own, plus Mike Glines lied to us repeatedly & kept pulling our installers to go and install on other jobs because of the sheer amount of time it was taking, at this point we were into this job 9 months & were at the very end of our rope. We only ran into subfloor repairs that took about 5 weeks, but other than that Jim would pull his guys off our job about mid-day to go work elsewhere. After numerous complaints to Mike Glines, he finally fired Infamous & hired Tony Shoemaker & Daren Schuler. Glines warned us that Tony was one of the slowest installers out there but said he was good & would repair the tile damaged by Infamous Tile & Stone. Tony & Daren started out doing pretty good work but worked ever so painfully slow and were on their phones & their install quality began to change and now we have to repair their work too. We assumed they were also licensed experienced contractors. When I asked Mike he said they were working under his license and then said they worked under Melvin Bloomfield's contractor's license, which is illegal. Melvin would have had to be there on our job at least once. Tony Shoemaker & Daren Schuler stole $1000's of personal items from our home & also damaged personal items. They took an additional 4 months to finish. The job took over an entire year to complete because Mike kept pulling the workers for other jobs. Our job cost $120k. To do the repairs to our home & compensation for damaged items amounts to more than $70,000. Mike did not require us to make the final payment of $33,000 because of the amount he owes us in repairs & damages. He has not come forward to refund us the balance of what he owes us or even make a compensation offer & he continues to employ Tony Shoemaker illegally working under a borrowed contractor's license number and Sutter Co. theft report #01-16-001191. Mike Glines owes us $37,000 minimum so that we can continue to repair the damage they caused in our home.
- Cheri R....