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Business Description: We're making the world a better place through constructing hierarchies for maximum code reuse and extensibility. Okay, so maybe we're not. Home Automation, an Internet of Things enabled Office, Smart Grids, Nest, Sonos and Bitcoin. We don't actually make or manufacture any of these items. We do however install them. (Well maybe not Bitcoin, but we accept it.) So what is our core business? We’re Commercial & Residential Electricians. Whether you need assistance installing some lighting, advice on remodelling your kitchen or you actually are looking to automate your office, we're here to help. Call us at 415-871-0395 or request a quote. www.urbanenergysf.com
Business Description: We are a certified electrical contractor, fully licensed, bonded & insured, authorized to do electrical work in the state of CA. Our company was initially started in 2007. Our track record speaks for itself in the long-standing interactions built with our clientele. We do the job to help to make our customers' life simpler.
Award 2018Super Service Award
Recent Review: Guardian Protection Services sent a contractor out to install a home protection security system. The work done was great.
Recent Review: Kelli was SUPER helpful in explaining their process.  They have NO contract, just a monthly fee that you pay, like your car insurance bill.  You HOPE you never need to use it, but IF you do.....then it is sure nice to have that coverage.  Also, there is NOT a $75.00 service call fee every time you need to have a repair person visit your home.  Just the usual monthly fee, which is based upon your choice of available plans and options that you select when you sign up.  Basically, you only pay for what you need and you are not double, or triple billed for services from an UNknowledgeable or UNskilled service technician at a time you can least afford it.  Their service plans are clearly explained on their web site ((( https://www.completeprotection.net/ ))), and they also CLEARLY explain their limits on replacements on their web site as well.  Keep in mind, they seem to be more REPAIR ORIENTED rather than for REPLACEMENTS and if your item is too old or unworthy of repair, they will pay only a small portion towards a replacement item.  The small amount they do pay towards the replacement if you need it, is listed on the web site.  This helps to keep their fees down as well ! ! !  Another nice feature is that they have a list of repair companies that they will give you, so you can call and schedule your own repair, once you have a Repair Authorization Number from CAP.  The repair companies they suggest are familiar with the CAP process, and will bill CAP directly for the work.  Now if you have a favorite service provider that you prefer to use, that is no problem.  If that provider is unfamiliar with billing CAP, you can pay the provider yourself and CAP reimburses you within 10 to 14 days from the time they receive your bill.  (((Just remember to get the Repair Authorization Number from CAP BEFORE having your work done.)))  Also nice, is if you have an older home, they don't seem to have all the exclusions we read about from the other companies.       We have a home in Henderson, Nevada that we plan to rent out this fall.  We want the tenants to have reliable and trustworthy service folks available to them if they need someone.  We have read the horror stories on Angie's List, for some of the other Home Warranty options out there and some of the service providers as well.  (((You know the ones......service provider is called and MAYBE shows up when expected, or maybe not.  MAYBE they fix the problem for the $75.00 service call fee, maybe not.  MAYBE the problem is fixed this week, next week, or maybe not at all.))) Also, even though our home is new, we want to limit our financial exposure for any HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical and Appliance problems.  We live out of state, but still want our tenants to get quality service when necessary.  For us anyway, the choice is clear.  Complete Appliance Repair.   Oh yeah, and Angie's List of course !! Jean & Wayne ~ Henderson, NV and Moundsview, MN      
Business Description: Professional and Reliable Insured and Bonded for your protection
Recent Review: Ryan Sharp is the owner and he runs an ADT Security system franchise. He was excellent and very professional. He did a good job. He told me exactly how it works, what I need to do and how to set it up. I would strongly recommend him. He did a professional job and he was very good at what he did. His price was very fair. He was very responsive and punctual. I would use him again in the future if need be.
Recent Review: I shopped around researching every alarm company I could find. I was looking for a great price and good customer service. I decided to go with Direct Protect . They did not have many reviews, but the reviews they did have were very good. The alarm company that monitors my system is Monitionics, which has been around for years. I first dealt with Chad  (sales rep) and I asked him a ton of questions since I have never had an alarm system before. He explained everything and he always got right back to me, either through email or phone calls.  I told him I was shopping around with different alarm companies, and he was not pushy like the other companies I called. I was still getting emails from other companies even after I told them I went with Direct Protect. Mike did the installation and he was right on time. He was great and very professional. My system is wireless (which is safer, no cut telephone lines) and super easy to use.  I have the LED key pad which is so much nicer and easier than the old button key pad. Mike had to come back one time to fix something, but he was right on time and now my system is working perfectly. I was on the fence about getting an alarm system, but it is the best thing I have ever done. If I am not home, I know if someone breaks in my house, my alarm will go off.  I turn it on at night when I am home, which gives me peace of mind. I love being able to turn my alarm off and on with my cell phone. I would recommend Direct Protect to anyone for their customer service and prices.. I am very happy...  It has been over 2 years since my alarm system was installed and I have never had any problems with it. You can not put a price on piece of mind.
Business Description: Only ADT has six company-owned Monitoring Centers that provide you with 24/7 fast response. For more than a century, ADT has been one of the most trusted, well known brands in the industry. We offer home automation as well as the best and most reliable security systems in the industry at an affordable price.
Recent Review: We have an alarm system in our home that hasn t been updated in a while, so we called Protection One out to look at it. They were great. They updated our alarm system in a very timely fashion. I found the men to be very professional and trustworthy and I was also pleased with the price they charged us.

Reviews in El Granada for Installing Lightning Protection Systems

ADalcon Electric
The technician came looked at the job and promptly gave the estimate and in two days later came in finished the job. Very professional.
- Narendra P....
Contractor was called to determine why a circuit breaker for an outdoor installation kept tripping.  The technician identified the problem; but while he was inspecting the electric lines, he observed that  our swimming pool light was not properly protected from shocking swimmers and installed a circuit protector.
- Marcia K....
ADarren Kicker's Affordable & Reliable Electrical
Darren was punctual for our estimate meeting and then performed all work in a very efficient manner. We were very pleased with the quality of the work and would recommend Darren to anyone who needs electrical work without hesitation.
- Anthony G....
AWestsun Electric
I have been very pleased with their work. They were flexible and he was a pleasant guy to work with. He didn't try to upsell me, which I liked. He's always taken care of any problems I've had. He is very professional. I am having him install another couple of outlets and possibly oversee some other work because I trust him.
- Brad T....
Spoke with a rep on the phone. She asked a lot of questions in order to get to know our security needs. She recommended not only door and window sensors for sensitive areas, but lighting controls that have been infinitely useful. It's nice to come home and have lights on as we walk into the house. Priced incredibly well, exceptional service, and a fantastic, highly customizable system. We love it.
- Jonathan R....
FProtection 1 Security Solutions
Protection One billing is the very worst. When we sold our house and the new owner assumed the service, ProtectionOne kept on billing us, despite 8 calls (and supposed resolution) to customer service. Then they referred the non-existent amount to a collection agency. Beware; nearly any other service has to be better than these guys.
- Alexander H....
ABMH Electric LLC
Brian completed everything in one visit. He used plastic sheeting to protect furniture where needed and cleaned up afterwards.gh
- Ronald M....
Found & correctedthe problem with my outdoor outlets and replace oultlet covers than gave more weather protection
- Janet L....
I looked at several other companies and Protection Now was the only one that was able to discuss a system that bypasses all the bells and whistles of most home security systems.The owner of Protection Now understands and cares about the difficulties in managing a client with demential and took the time to figure out a security system that would work for us. Due to problems with the layout of the apartment, there were a number of difficulties and installation took longer than expected. However, the installers rearranged their schedules so they could get it right.
- Debbi L....
AFighting Amish Electric
They are 2 brothers who are master electricians specializing in residential work. I liked them because they were hardworking and knowledgeable. They did a marvelous job for us. They told how the fixtures could be done and then did it right away. It was a difficult job, but they did it. Our house is 13 years? old. Unlike the other guys that didn?t leave a lot of room in the walls to make adjustments, they handled it. We were very pleased with them. The other guys wanted to tear up the ceiling.
- Tom S....