Clovis Retaining Wall Installation

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Recent Review: I had structural engineer, Wesley Cullumber out to my house to evaluate the construction project for a room enclosure on a raised deck to determine what would be required for the building permit process.  If I had started with him, I would have saved so much time & money plus avoided the hassles of dealing with the county building department myself.  His visit had been offered as a free estimate, but I chose to pay him for the hour of his time & expertise after he provided such valuable information which kept me from wasting more time and money.   His past experience as a construction worker coupled with is training as an engineer gives him an excellent vantage point for evaluating construction projects.  I appreciated that he was honest and efficient- instead of dragging out the process and charging me for several hours of calculations that would have brought him to the same conclusion.  I plan to keep his contact information for any future projects and highly recommend him to others as well.

Reviews in Clovis for Installing Retaining Walls

ACeasar Briones Construction
When I discovered that I had a major problem with my house and that it was in jeopardy of collapsing, I had to act quickly to get temporary shoring in place and also get a structural engineer and architect on board to get the designs moving.  I met Ceaser Briones, of Briones Construction, and walked him through the requirement to shore up the ceiling to prevent the house from collapsing.  Briones Construction jumped in and went to work immediately and helped me save my house.  They didn't take advantage of my situation by trying to overcharge me.  I know because I build facilities and maintain them for a living, and know how much it should cost to do the work. Once all of the shoring was in place, we focused on the structural and architectural designs to make the necessary structural repairs and to remodel the house.  Briones Construction was instrumental in helping the architect and structural engineer with field measurements and confirming as-built conditions.  Once the designs were finished and permits pulled, Briones Construction didn't hesitate a moment to get started with the work.  They coordinated every aspect of the job, including moving my furniture, fencing the site, bringing in a roll off trash bin, etc.   They knew what they were doing and were very professional.  Briones Construction's work was meticulous and every detail was addressed.  Their quality was outstanding in every respect.
- Kelly R....