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Recent Review: As always, the folks at Forden's were knowledgeable and helpful. Very satisfied.
Business Description: We are the only FULL SERVICE chimney and fireplace contractor in the county. From inspecting, cleaning and consulting to relining, rebuilding and total removal and replacement of your fireplace system, we do it ALL - correctly, efficiently and respectfully. No need to find multiple contractors. Save time and money by having our highly trained technicians help with all your hearth needs. Fireplace Investigation, Research and Education Service (F.I.R.E.) Certified Chimney Inspector #081 State Licensed Contractor #558761 Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) Certified Chimney Sweep #1618

Reviews in Camp Roberts for Gas Fireplace Installation

They did an excellent job, and at the best price we could find in our county for the particular insert we wanted (Napoleon). Over 25 years agao, Forden's also installed two free-standing, wood-burning fireplaces, and a wood-burning fireplace inset, in our home, and all three are still working great. We highly recommend Ferden's for any type of fireplace
- Debra G....
They arrived on time after calling ahead and giving a precise estimate of when they would arrive. They put down a tarp and were careful not to soil the rug or furniture. Overall a Very Good job.
- Jim Z....
FChimney Doctor
The chimney "doctor" is, unfortunately, a quack. I say unfortunately because he was seemingly a nice guy. But I don't recommend people based solely on their personality. They must also be competent and the "doctor" was not. We had recently purchased a new home and the home inspector, in front of my eyes, had successfully tested the gas fireplace. When we moved in we found that the fireplace was no longer working. I looked online and found the chimney "doctor." Over the phone and in person, he was a nice guy and seemingly spoke intelligently about our gas fireplace issues.After finishing his inspection he informed us that the coupler (or something) was broken and that we would need to special order a piece. The cost of his inspection was around $200, he estimated the piece to be around $30 and the installation to be another $200. That was not good news to hear, but we didn't feel we had much choice if we wanted our fireplace to be up and running again for the winter.  When he left, he informed me that I needed to determine the make and model of the fireplace (using the manual from my neighbor down the street with the same model house) and to give him a call. After getting the make and model I attempted to reach the "doctor" but did not receive a call back. I tried again with the same result. And again with the same result. Frustrated, I gave up. Fortunately, a few weeks later I was shopping with my wife and children downtown San Luis Obispo and walked into Forden's as the kitchen supplies peaked my interest. When I realized they also sold and serviced fireplaces I took a card to schedule an appointment. Not only was the gentleman that came from Forden's nice but he was compitent to boot., Within two minutes he was able to troubleshoot our issue: "Here is the problem. This wire is detached.." Within three minutes he corrected the problem. He spent the next 27 minutes cleaning and touching up some paint inside our fireplace at no additional cost. What a world of difference between the "doctor" and this gentleman. Bottom line, if you need to make a house call for your fireplace issues, don't trust the "doctor".
- Tor S....