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Recent Review: I was able to schedule an appointment on my first call without problem. Randy showed up during the time window and we discussed the details of the work. He noted my water heater was old and he had some concerns around moving it to tap into the supply line as it can damage an old heater so we elected to defer that work. We agreed on where to place the new gas line and he was able to find a location to move the line to as well as installing a "box" that the gas line came out of. This involved cutting out drywall which I needed to repair but overall the work went smoothly.
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Business Description: I work on General plumbing and in addition have a good Tile worker ,so Demo and Remodel of Bathrooms is what i can do also. Flexible Gas lines and Earthquake Valves are Also my Specialty. Thank You, Kasey
Business Description: Pina Plumbing Company opened its doors in early 2016. We specialize in residential plumbing repair with a friendly attitude and affordable pricing. Tyler, the owner-operator, spent over 9 years in the field before starting his own company.
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Business Description: Plumbing Service Rate:............$139hr All Clear, Drain & Leak Repair: A company dedicated and prided on customer satisfaction and friendly honest service. No pressure or hastling from us. Prior experience in this field both as a Service Technician and Estimating and remodel and new construction plumber, helps us to be honest, upfront and customer friendly without being big business conscious. Ultimately this means big $avings for our customers.
Business Description: We are a small family run business that offers innovative solutions to everyday plumbing issues. We offer a 10% discount to first time customers. We accept check, cash and financing in certain situations.
Recent Review: All of the work went well. He had to make a few adjustments to the original plan due to construction limitations. However it did not change the price nor the completion time.
Recent Review: Work was done by three plumbers in two separate visits.  Plumbers were 1) on-time in 1-hr window; 2) professional & friendly; 3) explained what needed to be done, and 4) seemed fair in estimates. $900: First visit was for an high priority water heater repair for a broken thermocouple, and the plumber came with ~4 hours notice, and advised that since the water heater was relatively new, it should still be under warranty.  (It was; and was fixed the next day for free).  However, he also gave estimate for multiple things needed in laundry room, and did the work the next morning, cleaning up afterwards, and sealing all new penetrations to the exterior wall, leaving only sanding & painting for me. $1000: Second visit was for a variety of interior repairs & the well pump.  The interior work was completed quickly and at a reasonable - though slightly higher than that estimated over the phone - price.  However, in assessing the work items I had enumerated, he talked me out of two of them, which I appreciated, and gave me confidence that the pricing was fair. $1600: The well pump was a challenging project, for which he sought the expertise of a colleague, Jeremy; they quickly assessed the job and gave me two quotes depending on whether the existing pump could be repaired, or needed to be replaced.  When it needed to be replaced, he purchased a quality pump and installed it (with a new float switch).  When I realized a week later that the float switch was set too low (pumping out ground water), Jeremy came back out, was very friendly in making an adjustment without an extra charge even though that required lifting the pump out again, and offered to come out again if needed if the switch was still set below the water table. Though it's important that the workmanship & materials are quality - and I believe that they are - I especially appreciated the honesty, timeliness, and respect of the three plumbers I worked with.  Thank you, Magic Plumbing!
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Reviews in Belvedere Tiburon for Installing Gas Lines

FAlbert Nahman Services
We'd been provided a couple educated guesstimates from licensed professionals that put this job in the $2,500 - $3,000 range but wanted to get someone on Angie's List if we could because we usually find them reliable and reasonably priced. Appointment was scheduled to occur just a few days after the initial call. Mon, August 24 - Carlos came out.  Was very friendly and helpful.  Seemed enthusiastic to provide the bid and promised it would be to us either end of that day or the following. After a follow up call and e-mail, the estimate was e-mailed on the 26th.  The bid of $8,450 was almost 3X as much as the highest estimate we'd received. I'd heard stories of contractors that send you bids that are crazily priced because they don't want to do the job or are too busy to do the job but this is the first time I've experienced this myself. We've since gotten a bid from one of the licensed professionals we'd originally spoken with and the bid came in at exactly where he'd originally priced it. Based on previous Angie's List comments, I was rather surprised to have this happen but wanted to be sure that others were made aware of this ridiculous and time wasting practice..  I have not intention of ever having this company do any of my future projects.
- Denise H....
AQuick Plumbing Services
John came out late afternoon because I could not leave work until 3:30. He gave me an estimate after checking out everything that would be needed. He informed me that I would need a permit, which I knew. I appreciated that he would not do work that was not done up to code. The project involved adding a new line from the meter, running it into the garage, around the garage to the attic. Then it went through the attic to the kitchen and down the kitchen wall. John and his partner John came and did the work on the MLK holiday. They made a special effort to only open a small portion of the wall behind the stove rather than having to go through my living room wall. The inspector came and determined that the dropped line was not of sufficient size. John came back, installed the proper pipe, had the system reinspected, and finalized everything. There were no additional charges. Both men were very professional and knowledgeable. In fact, I was asked if I intended to install a tank-less water heater sometime in the future. I don't know if I do; however, John suggested that this would be a great time to add a T to the new line so that can be done sometime later. No real extra cost, but great suggestion for pre-planning.
- Janice E....
AJames Caccia Plumbing Inc
Communication before the job was excellent.  They showed up on time for the estimate.  The only plumber of three who included everything in their estimate.    Showed up on time for the job.  Communications was excellent.  Discussed all issues before proceeding.  Did an excellent professional job.  Were extremely careful to not make a mess.  Wore foot protectors.  Put out protective drop cloths everywhere.  Cleaned up every spot of dust.  The office staff who we talked to were very friendly and helpful.
- Ronald V....
AJoe's Plumbing
As in my previous review, Joe completed this job perfectly and we were extremely satisfied with the quality and value of his work. This time we did get an estimate and he offered a lower cost upon completing the project. As before, he was very clear about when he would arrive and showed up promptly within the 30 minute time frame he had promised. Gas line work is something only a great plumber should (and can) do and we felt completely comfortable with the results. He ran the gas line was run as aesthetically as possible so as not to disrupt the overall appearance of the structure. He also sealed the entry point into the house (we were responsible for painting the pipe) to prevent water damage in the walls. As before, he patiently answered questions during the work. At the time, our new gas stove did not have a supply line to run from the kitchen wall to the stove, so Joe told us specifics of what was needed, and even left us with an extra conversion fitting that might be required (it wasn't though). He also gave clear instructions about how to install the supply line and answered follow up questions about it. He said he drives around the area a lot and could stop by to check the installation if we wanted. We were able to install the line according to his instructions and didn't need to take him up on that offer. Again, the total cost was less than expected (although we paid for the supply line after the visit) and the invoice was again refreshingly simple and clear. Overall, it was another very positive plumbing experience. Kudos Joe and team!
- Peter K....
AHeise's Plumbing, Inc
They were great! Did a great job, very clean and prompt, and easy to work with. Permitting process was a breeze. We will use them again!
- Matthew D....
Edward helped us with several plumbing issues these past few months, including installing gas line, and plumbing repairs. I greatly appreciate how quickly he responds to calls. I feel comforted knowing I have a reliable plumber I can call when needed.
- Erez Y....
AJames Caccia Plumbing Inc
From first telephone call to the company to final work done, all company representatives were very friendly and polite. James came out to do free estimate. Took pictures of the area work to be done. Returned estimate and "Notice to Owner" regarding licensed contract work via e:mail. Estimate good for sixty (60) days. I set up appointment. Liam arrived on scheduled day, on time. Performed work efficiently and courteously and at price quoted. Cleaned up after work done. Greatly appreciated job well done.
- Connie T....
AAdvanced Plumbing & Rooter Service
I called this provider to get an estimate for the job and they responded very promptly. Bill sent his technician Brian within few hours to my place to look at the job site and get the job description from me to provide a better estimate of the cost and time. Brian arrived on time and looked over the job location and took time to listened carefully what need to be done. He then provided an very reasonable estimate. He explained me very well what is included in the estimate and what is not. I agreed with their bid and Brian came the next day at the exact time as he promised, 8 AM sharp. He started the job right away and continued to work until the job was done (apprx. 9 hours) without taking any break. There was another technician came to help him with the gas line work so I guess they could finish the job on the same day as promised. The owner Bill was very responsive from the first time I called and in regards to one of my concern, he even took time to come over at my place and answered all my questions. I really appreciate for their prompt, honest and professional service. Both technician Brian and other Bill who worked on the job were very professional, experienced, courteous and prompt. I will definitely recommend them to my friends, family and all Angie's list member. Thank you Brian, Bill and Bill for providing extraordinary service and your professionalism.
- Ziaul C....
AHawkman Plumbing
He was a clearly competent guy. They are fairly expensive than the big guys in the yellow pages. I would use him in the future.
- Karen M....
Chico has a great attitude. The quality was excellent, even based upon comments from 2 other contractors. Prices seemed significantly lower than standard plumber prices.
- David N....