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Recent Review: Jonathan came to give us an estimate and was very fair in his pricing. We chose him over a few other companies. He was professional and punctual each visit. He removed the traps quickly and effectively. The final rat was caught outside on a weekend and I could not remove it because he had nailed the trap down. He sent his assistant to remove it right away. The assistant left a bloody mess behind him after removing the rat. Jonathan was very apologetic and came the next morning to clean up the blood. In conclusion, Jonathan accomplished what needed to be done in a short amount of time - we now have no rats. The only disappointment came after I had already paid him when I texted him with a follow-up question and he did not respond. This made me feel like since he'd already gotten his money and closed the job he did not need to respond to me anymore, which I guess I understand but it would have been nice to get a response to a very basic question.
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Recent Review: everything went great, a whole crew of guys showed up on game day and cleared out all of the insulation, removed the rats and did a major clean up. they worked extremely hard and over the past few months it has really shown-rat free and extremely happy!
Recent Review: They are easy to schedule. They call a week in advance to let us know when they plan to come out. They are flexible if we want to change that time or date. They are thorough. We recently had construction on the house next door to us and we noticed some rat droppings.  They set a couple of traps and actually caught the rats. I did not have to pay any extra for that service. It is all part of it.
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Recent Review: I have used different services, they were very thorough and called prior to coming. I would highly recommend them.
Recent Review: Overall very satisfied. The owner Arthur is very knowledgable and dispelled a lot of misconceptions I had about rodent infestation. He prescribed a thorough treatment plan combining traps and bait stations in high traffic areas, over four visits total. Visit 1 dropped the traps and bait stations. Visit 2 collected 3 dead rats. Visit 3 collected only 1. Visit 4, no more rats. The plan worked perfectly. Only hiccup was a punctuality issue on the 4th visit, but it was an honest mistake and the office apologized. The technician, Armando, was a great guy and worked quickly, efficiently and extremely competently. Overall good customer service and very reasonable rates - would not hesitate to recommend again.
Recent Review: L&A pest control did an excellent job of securing our attic against rats. We haven't had any problems since. They were prompt, professional, and detail oriented. We highly recommend them!
Recent Review: We use them all the time. They're very efficient. They seem like very nice people.
Business Description: Access Exterminator Service Inc. is a full service Termite and Pest Control Company bringing nearly 34 years of experience to your home. We service homes of all sizes and acreage in Orange, Los Angeles, Ventura, Riverside, San Bernardino, and San Diego Counties. Our services include: General Pest Control, Rodent Control (Rats & Mice), Bird Control (Pigeons), Stinging insects, Drywood and Subterranean Termite Control as well as most Structural Repairs.
Recent Review: Overall experience has been good. The ant control was great, both times they did a great job. With the mice and rats it was ok, they probably could have been a bit more aggressive with the follow up.
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Recent Review: They were punctual and professional.  Would recommend.

Reviews in Avalon to Exterminate Rats or Mice

AKilter Termite & Pest Control - Bellflower
Brilliant rat control work from Kilter. We rang first thing Thursday morning and they agreed to come out on the same day. They found the entry point and took care of every mouse they?ve found. They laid traps and came back on a later date to get rid of the remaining mice. Thanks a lot!
- Victor J....
AVenom Pest Control
Joe was great. He came out when promised and was honest and gave more than one suggestion to help solve our rat problem. He also gave a cheaper solution that still worked. I would gladly use him for any of our pest issues.
- Sidney S....
They did an inspection and set up some traps. There was a rat that I had been trying to get rid of on my own for several weeks, but did not have any luck. This rat, and two others were dead within 2 days and there has been no indication of any new rats. My only complaint is that they had a mix up on the initial day to come out, but when they realized this, they were very apologetic and worked within my schedule to get a new person out. Many service providers give you a large time window which can really waste your day waiting around for them. "We'll be there sometime between noon and 5", Orkin had a one hour window and they were on time.
- Ted S....
AKilter Termite & Pest Control - Huntington Beach
I never thought the day would come wherein I would call a pest control company. Apparently, all our efforts to prevent mice failed because we constantly saw mice creeping down the kitchen hallway. They came and inspected the entire house for mice! They laid bait and explained mice biology and how to truly prevent them.   I recommend Kilter. They are dedicated to quality service and that’s what I appreciate.
- Margery P....
I was very satisfied with the service I received from this company. It was easy to get an appointment. Trevis came on time. He spent nearly two hours inspecting my home to find where the rats might be coming in. He was very specific and clear about what needed to be sealed up and he was very open to the idea that I might do it myself. In addition, he sent me a detailed report of the repairs and how much he would charge for the work. He also set traps. A day later a rat was caught, which I disposed of myself. I highly recommend Stealth and would use them again.
- Lorraine K....
Tim responded to my phone inquiry very promptly and was able to meet me within 24 hours to discuss the problem and lay out a plan of attack. He showed up timely for every appointment and fulfilled all of his duties with professionalism. I would highly recommend his work.
- Bridget M....
FWestern Exterminator
$300 dollars to remove a dozen traps and install weather stripping on a garage door leaving 2 inch gaps on either side. They concentrated only on the garage instead of the attached room actually affected. Offered no further advice.  Homeowners did more to eradicate the problem than the exterminators.  All they wanted to sell was the monthly plan.
- Birgit A....
AMills Pest Management
Had persistent infestations of rats from nearby trees. First attempt to seal house failed and rats got in again. The second time, 6 months later, the service person was Roger, who turned out to be extraordinary. In my opinion, he's the current star for Mills Pest Management. He managed to find obscure openings previously unsealed and then sealed the house properly. I would always want Roger on the job because he is extremely courteous, thorough and hardworking and does everything he can do to finish the job right.
- Richard H....
CPacific Coast Termite Inc
I called Pacific Coast Termite because we'd heard rats in our attic and I needed them removed quickly because we were selling our house. We were assigned Brandon as our tech, and the first visit I tried to schedule was going to be two weeks out. Since there had been a lot of positive reviews about this company, I pushed and got them to come a week later. After the first assessment he looked over the place, and started repairing our exterior vents but did not place any bait or traps in the attic. He left but did not schedule a follow up, and left it to me to have to follow up when I heard movement in the attic. After calling back to try and get him to return. He came back and left fruit to trace the path to the nest, and again, didn't schedule a follow up. After hearing a larger amount of movement in the attic, I noticed he'd missed one exterior vent and during that time more rats had crawled into our house. For the third time I had to get him to come back and insisted he finally put down traps. I am about to call for the fourth time to get him to return to finish the job. They may have good ratings, but my experience does not bear out. I feel I overpaid for the work, and as such working with them has made it more difficult than another company that was less overloaded and more proactive. Since I have already paid for a year's contract, and still have rats in my house, I would not hire them again.
- John V....
ACenter Termite & Pest Control Inc
Center Termite were fantastic. Very professional. Very effective. The termite protection foam was a bit messy at first as it expands into the walls but it has been very effective and they cleaned it up nicely. I've signed up for annual termite protection and feel so much the better for it. They are family owned and it shows in the pride in, and high quality of, their work and their wonderful customer service. I wholeheartedly recommend them.
- Josephine C....