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Chris Wilson Plumbing & Heating Repairs Inc
Business Description: Whether it’s a new installation or plumbing, heating and air conditioning repairs that you need, rest assured that when you call Chris Wilson Plumbing and Heating Repairs we will resolve your problem or project. We pride ourselves on responsive, professional service. Normally we can have a technician en-route within the hour that you make the call. We use a sophisticated Electronic Dispatch GPS system and have technicians throughout the Monterey, Santa Cruz and San Benito Counties to address your service problem, as quickly and conveniently as possible. We’ll get the job done with estimates upfront, so you won’t get that sinking feeling of hidden costs that you get from other plumbing companies. We Stand Behind Our Service You often hear family businesses boast that they come from a long line of plumbers, heating and air conditioning tradesman, but in our case, it’s the home truth. We employ veteran professionals with many years of experience who are versed in the most up-to-date, technological advances to meet your service needs. Our technicians receive quality, safety and continuing manufacturer certified training. In short, there isn’t a problem you’ll encounter that our family of trade specialists cannot handle.
Tony's Plumbing
Business Description: Senior and military discounts, promotions, competetive prices. Third generation company my grandpa started it in 1972, My father had it from 1980 to 2001, ive had it since 2001. We accept check or cash, I am a contractor we will work on all sorts of projects if it has to deal with plumbing we do it. Green practices, Water reclemation with the water problems on the peninsula storing water from rain or ground wtaer, french drains and downspout water, so it can be used for irrigation at a later date and it is good for our enviroment and cuts down on water costs.
Recent Review: I needed a new gas line installed for my fireplace.  The work was clean and was finished in the quoted amount of time.

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I needed a new gas line installed for my fireplace.  The work was clean and was finished in the quoted amount of time.
- Erica V....
ABig Angelo's Plumbing & Heating
My water heater and furnace are installed in a closet in my family room (former garage).  While sitting at my computer in the family room, I started hearing a fast drip drip drip so went to investigate.  Discovered the 19 year old water heater was apparently leaking from the bottom - some water standing in the sheet metal tray it was installed in (thank goodness, or the water would've run out the closet and all over the slab floor of the family room!) so I shut off the main water to the house, shut off the pilot light to the water heater, attached a hose to the outlet on the water heater, and started it draining.  I did NOT know at that time that the sheet metal tray actually had a small drain hole in it, which apparently goes under the house and into an adjacent sink's drain pipe. As soon as I was satisfied that I wasn't going to get water damage, I called Big Angelo's Plumbing, and Joe answered.  Last time he was here was in January of this year.  I told him who I was and he immediately said, "Oh, I remember you!  You live on xxxx Road, right?"  WOW!  That's impressive. I told him that was correct, and he asked me what kind of problem I was having, and how could he help me?  I explained and he said he could have someone over within the hour. Sure enough, Lewis arrived just short of an hour later.  He was very courteous and promptly confirmed that the water heater was DOA,  and we had a discussion re:  tankless vs. traditional.  Due to the additional cost of the tankless, I went with the traditional, and  he called Joe at the office to bring a new one out.  He also recommended replacing a couple of the valves that service the water heater, as well as the gas line, which had a very small inlet valve.  While we waited for Joe's arrival, he noted the furnace and asked how it was working?  I said it was fine, but we hadn't had it serviced in 2 years - he said he was really a "heater guy" and he could do it while we waited if I wanted him to.  I readily agreed - heck, two birds with one stone!  He gave the furnace a thorough going over, adjusted the burners for optimum performance, and told me it was good to go for another couple years. When Joe arrived, they both worked to complete the removal of the old water heater and installation of the new one.  They obviously are both VERY good at what they do, knowledgeable, and work without hesitation or head-scratching (and I've seen a lot of THAT from other plumbers, but that's another story!) - soon the job was completed, the water turned back on, the pipes all bled of air, and me, a happy camper again!  It was about 1:30 when they left here - so from phone call to completed installation of a new water heater, around 3 hours.  AMAZING!  I figured we'd be without hot water til sometime today! I have recommended Big Angelo's to many people and those who have tried Joe and his company have all been pleased.  Keep up the good work, Joe, you know how to keep the customer happy while providing quality work!    AND Lewis was fantastic!  ANY time I need plumbing or heating work done, or hear of anyone who does, you can bet I'll be thinking of Big Angelo's.
- Char C....