Sun Valley Deck Waterproofing

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Recent Review: This was definitely a learning experience for me. I had to have my 500 square foot balcony deck redone after a previous incompetent contractor botched the job with three failed attempts at putting on two different types of worthless coatings that started cracking and peeling almost immediately. I should have gone to Absolute Waterproofing to begin with -- it would have saved me the $5,000 I wasted with the previous contractor who had originally given me a cheaper quote. Overall, Rush at Absolute Waterproofing was a pleasure to work with. It quickly became obvious that he and his workers are quintessential experts at deck coatings -- I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a quality job that's worth the expense. It's had five months under the hot Arizona summer sun and the coating looks as good as the day it was installed.
Business Description: Interior and exterior painting. Epoxy Floors, acid staining, urethane walking decks.

Reviews in Sun Valley for Deck Waterproofing

About 8 years ago we had our tile deck redone by Wayne's painting using a system that created a beautiful waterproof deck that according to their website is a" waterproof surface that is virtually indestructible and requires little or no maintenance". It has held up well up until now as it has developed a few minor cracks. I contacted Wayne in an attempt to get him to come out and make a recommendation and he has refused to even give us a bid. It seems that when we got multiple bids to paint our house and didn't choose Waynes painting he is now holding some sort of weird grudge. Over the past 8 years we have recommended Wayne to many friends and he gotten work as a result of our recommendations. I am stunned that he is behaving in this very unprofessional manner.
- Gail M....