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Lines & Lungreen Roofing And Insulation Inc
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Reviews in Somerton to Install Metal Roof

FLines & Lungreen Roofing And Insulation Inc
Everything that could go wrong did. Prices kept going up, scheduling problems--they called at 6am on a saturday and told us they could start the work in 30 minutes, we cancelled our weekend plans. They striped the roof then disappeared for a week. We kept calling, they finally showed up the put on shingles. They didn't install roof vents. I kept waiting for then to return, only to rec'd call for payment. I asked when they would finish the work. Office girl though job was finished, I pointed out unfinished vents included in work order. She said she didn't know when they could get to it but could I mail in full payment. I told her to forget vents I would deduct the price of vent work and mail in the rest. approx 1 1/2 years later we got a good rain and the roof leaked. I called them and a guy came over and said they could fix for $300 but didn't know when they could get to it because they had a lot of call backs due to the rain. Thing was the roof didn't leak before new roof--we did it for cosmetic reasons.
- Juanita B....