Safford Retaining Wall Installation

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Business Description: United Structural Design was founded in 2013 with the mission of becoming an innovative force in the Building Construction Industry. As a lean and energetic company we are able to provide accurate and efficient solutions for small to medium size projects with quick delivery of quality design documents. Our company is organized to avoid the high overhead and multiple levels of management and titles associated with larger consulting companies which add time and costs to your projects. When you work with United Structural Design you will always be assigned a senior level engineer that will work with you from the design through construction. You will be assured that all design documents will go through a stringent quality assurance review by a licensed structural engineer before they arrive at your office, inbox, or ftp site. This not only assures that you have a safe and efficient structural solution but also reduces the time plans sit in city review and reduces RFIs and change orders in the field. Along with residential and commercial building design United Structural Design provides a range of specialty services including forensic evaluations, non-building structures, construction design services, mechanical supports, and code compliant special structural inspections.