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Business Description: With 33 years of experience, Hometown Heating & Cooling is Chino Valley's top notch heating and cooling expert. We work hard to keep our Arizona customers comfortable. While we specialize in manufactured homes, we provide service for: • Furnaces • Air conditioners • Evaporative coolers • Humidifiers • Remodel retrofits We work in both residential and commercial spaces and provide service for all brands. We are licensed, bonded and insured and a member of the Better Business Bureau. Call Hometown Heating & Cooling today.
Recent Review: He was prompt, quick, and did a good job.
Award 2019Super Service Award
Business Description: Since 1999, we've helped millions of people save money and fix their broken appliances quickly by providing quality parts and free repair help. 365 days to return any part. Amazingly fast shipping. It's better with the Pros!™ Avoid costly service calls - visit us at
Business Description: Sears Home Services is America’s #1 appliance services provider. Our thousands of experts based throughout the U.S. deliver guaranteed quality and workmanship. We work on most makes and models whether they were purchased at Sears or not. We take care of your house so you can enjoy your home. Only Sears offers 3 unique ways to save on appliance repairs! 1. Standard Repair Service + 90 Day Guarantee • Cost is provided after technician diagnoses the problem • 90 day guarantee on parts and labor* 2. Flat Repair Cost + Extended Repair Coverage • $249.99 or $299.99 pre-set price (depending on type of appliance) • 1 year of coverage up to $500 for any additional repairs (includes parts)** 3. Flat Repair Cost + Multiple Appliance Coverage • $129.99 for your initial repair with purchase of Home Warranty Appliance Plan • 1 year of repair coverage for up to 10 appliances with 11 subsequent monthly payments of $49.99*** Book your appointment with a Sears expert technician today! * 90 Day Guarantee: The limited warranty provides that if within 90 days from the date of your Sears in-home repair your appliance fails to operate for reasons related to the original repair service when used normally in accordance with manufacturer guidelines, we will replace any parts that failed due to defects in the material or workmanship and perform any labor related to the original repair free of charge. Excludes damage caused due to service provided by any party other than Sears. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may have other rights that vary by state. ** Appliance must be less than 10 years old to qualify for Service Smart Agreement. Covers up to $500 in parts and labor. Limitations apply. *** Limitations apply”
Recent Review: Could not ask for more professional, knowledgeable and courteous service. Vincent is the best out there, hands down.
Recent Review: .Excellent. My AC failed on a Saturday night at the beginning of a heat wave. I am poikilothermic, so this is urgent. Of all the 24/7 HVAC companies, Moyer's was the only one where a real person answered the phone. They were here Monday morning and worked until the unit was up and running, including fixing the atrocious work the original installer did (Air Advantage).
Business Description: is a leading on-line retailer of appliance parts and accessories for do-it-yourself homeowners. Incorporated in 2008, it was started by CEO, Jim Allen and his wife Paula, who operated an appliance repair business for nearly fourteen years prior to starting the internet company Appliance Zone.
Recent Review: Matt the owner of the company did the repair work.  He was knowledgeable & explained exactly what needed to be done and why . He checked out both my furnace & AC systems and did the maintenance needed to keep,them in good repair.  Matt arrived earlier then  expected which was a delight as I like service people to be on time.  I will most certainly use Jungle Cat in the future' Matt's company should be given the top rating on Angie's list so other people can obtain honest, reliable & professional service.
Recent Review: They service was just fine. They just did what needed to be done.
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Recent Review: We called because our cooler would not come on properly.  They came out promptly and discovered our motor had died.  They called us with a confirmed price and date they could be back to install it.  Each time they came out the technician called about 20 minutes prior just to confirm we were home.  We also had them install an energy saving device on our compressor.  Their work and customer service were exemplary.  We would definitely use them again.

Reviews in Prescott Valley for Central AC Repair

ANorthern Arizona Heating & Air
Good! They helped me do a repair because the person i bought the air conditioner from was out of business. They came very quickly and they were just really nice.
- Sandra W....
FChino Heating & Cooling Inc
Last fall I had this company do a routine AC checkup. At that time, the technician did not screw on the Freon cables correctly. All R-22 Freon leaked out. I was told that I needed 21.3 lbs of Freon at $100 a pound plus repair on 2 schraders. I could not afford this, so I have been without AC for 8 weeks. I finally found a company that would allow me to purchase this Freon at a reduced price. I needed 18 lbs. of Freon not 21.3 and did not need any schrader replacement.
- Vicki G....
AEnergy Savings Heating AC
They installed a new furnace and an air conditioner in my home.  The work included removing the old furnace and air conditioner and hauling them away, and installation of the new equipment.  The installtion was completed in only one and one-half days without any problems.   Both the heater and air conditioner perform better than the old equipment.  They installed a 95% efficient furnace which should save on gas bills.
- Donovan F....
DNorthern Arizona Heating & Air (NAZAIR)
I'm sorry to have to give this company a bad review. The person who referred me said that she had not had a complaint before.  Two years ago, NAZAIR replaced a roof, whole house air conditioning unit. The cost was steep, but it had to be done. Move forward two years to early October, 2015. The tenant called and said water was coming through the ceiling and down the wall of one of the bedrooms. NAZAIR and our State Farm rep went over to assess what was happening, since a roofer indicated that the issue was coming from the A/C. It turned out that when NAZAIR replaced the 25 year old A/C unit, they reattached it to a 25 year old condenser line. Didn't offer to replace it (for a cost), or anything else when they initially installed the new A/C. Thankfully the State Farm rep was there and said that this definitely should have been done two years ago. So NAZAIR said they would immediately replace the line, which they did. We then, to the tune of $600, replaced all the problems caused as a result inside the house. Three months later, more water, gushing into the house, redamaging the same area plus some. Turns out that when they rerouted a new condensation line they jarred the A/C unit leaving a hole in the roof. Decking needs to be replaced as well as all the damage inside, new insulation, etc. etc. So we will be out around $2000 by the time all this gets fixed. Still, I let it go UNTIL I GOT A BILL from NAZAIR for $101.50 for the repair made back in October. I talked to them, reminded them of everything that had occurred, and they still insisted that I pay the bill. It's obviously not the money ($101.50 in the whole scheme of things isn't much), but the lack of ownership for a problem they caused. I was clear that I didn't expect any more from them, other than waiving the $101.50. They wouldn't do it. We own many, many rental properties, so it's not as though I don't know any better. I do. It could happen to you, beginning with lazy installation and following with lack of care about the results of their lazy shortcuts. This was a hidden problem. Short of standing on the roof when they install, you will not know what shortcuts they take. And when they do, they will not take responsibility for fixing the problem. 
- Kelli D....
Technician was on time, polite and very professional. We had just moved into the house and he serviced the air conditioner and showed us how everything worked. The company had given a time window and the technician was right on time. Will use them again.
- Carl R....
AGranite Mountain Mechanical
Great! Air conditioner quit working on a Fri night. Called Terry Sat morning and he came about an hour later. He quickly found the problem but needed a part that wasn't in his inventory. He found a work around that provided air conditioning thru the weekend. Monday morning he picked up the part and installed it. Terry is professional, very knowledgable & provides quality work at a reasonable cost. We would recommend Terry & will use him in the future.
- David W....
AChino Heating & Cooling Inc
We called because our cooler would not come on properly.  They came out promptly and discovered our motor had died.  They called us with a confirmed price and date they could be back to install it.  Each time they came out the technician called about 20 minutes prior just to confirm we were home.  We also had them install an energy saving device on our compressor.  Their work and customer service were exemplary.  We would definitely use them again.
- Laura M....
APitzer's One Hour Air Conditioning
Pitzer's is fantastic! It did a great job with the installation, and its customer service is unparalleled.
- Sue P....
AFixter Heating and Cooling
They have been out a number of times to make repairs or do servicing of the heating and air conditioning systems. They have been good and they are pretty prompt when they come to do the job. We don't have any complaints.
- Stella G....
AChino Heating & Cooling Inc
Our furnace wouldn't start in our new home in Prescott.  They were able to send a tech out the same day (thanks to a cancellation!). They not only fixed the problem quickly, they pent more time thoroughly checking out the system and made sure everything was in working order,  They were extremely helpful, courteous, and professional and they will definitely be who we call for all of our heating and air conditioner needs.
- Christa N....