Oatman Crown Molding Installaion

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LTD Management & Maintenance
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Business Description: 30 years of experience, I am a trained structural engineer & crews are hired on an as-needed basis.

Reviews in Oatman to Install Crown Molding

DLTD Management & Maintenance
The crown molding over cabinets was done OK - not great because one of the 45's was sloppy and they puttied it. The tile in the laundry room was done very well. There was small specks of paint on everything, including my new leather furniture He didn't finish the ceiling - he didn't think I meant do into the kitchen even though he noticed the paint color was slightly different. The baseboards were pieced together even though we told him to buy 16 foot size to prevent this. One section was total 4 feet with 3 pieces and yet there is a leftover 16' in the garage. He didn't paint the baseboards and had to do it after they were installed, again it was sloppy with paint on the tile and in the grout. We went to add the blades to the ceiling fan, turned it on and it wobbled like it was going to fall out of the ceiling. The fixture holding the fan was bigger then the ball and it just popped out. Luckly it wasn't while we were sleeping because the fan is over our bed. The lighting fixture over the sink in the bathroom is 2 inches off center! I prepared the bathroom for the removal of the mirror and med cabinets by putting my cosmetics in the sink. They repaired the wall then sprayed texture AND DIDN'T COVER ANYTHING!!! All of my cosmetices including my brush, toothbrush etc were full of wall texture spray. The spray went all over the toilet and bathtub which were seperated by a door they didn't even bother to close. Now the brick wall. THE BRICK WALL BLEW OVER! It hit the neighbors gas meter, had to call gas company to check for leaks. THEY DIDN'T USE REBAR IN THE WALL! Lucky for us the kids and dogs were in the house and that the gas meter wasn't damaged. it could have resulted in multiple deaths. They did repair the fence and sent us photos of the rebar. He said he would refund us for the ceiling fan installation. FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY, DO NOT USE THESE GUYS.
- Judy W....