Martinez Lake Water Treatment System Repair

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Zepp's Water Treatment Systems
Recent Review: They were fine and it took them just two minutes to finish the job. They come out when they said they would and fixed my problem after which they were gone.
Culligan Water Conditioning of Yuma Arizona
Business Description: Culligan is the world’s leading water treatment company. For over 75 years, Culligan has led the way in water treatment technology, providing the most advanced products and solutions for the world’s water problems. Your local Culligan Man is your local water expert. He is dedicated to delivering high-quality water solutions that will improve the lives of his customers. Simply stated, Culligan believes that better water will make life better for you and your family. Today we offer the most technologically advanced products and services available, combined with the personal service of your local Culligan organization. Our entire line of water softeners, water filtration systems, drinking water systems, and whole-house filtration systems set the standard in the water treatment industry. Additional DBA - Culligan International Co.
Chem Free Pure Water Systems
Business Description: Residential and business water treatment systems. Water softeners, UV lights. We will analyze your water for contaminants such as chlorine, low pH, iron, bacteria, and devise a system to suit your needs. Treat your water from the source, as it enters your home, so whether you are drinking it, cooking with it or bathing in it, your water is pure.
Tap That Water Company
Business Description: Tap That Water Company (Formally Rayne Water Systems) is a Sale, service and leasing company for all your Water Challenges. Yuma County Water has some of the hardest water in the United States, we know what you are struggling with. We sell, service and lease Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems, Fleck 5600 Water Softeners, Ultima Iron Filters as well as servicing all other brands and models. We carry many RO filter sizes so you never have to worry about the BIG BOX stores phasing out your size of water filter. We are proud to say we have been servicing the residents of Yuma County since 1976, and have remained a local owned Company.
Water Resources International Inc
Business Description: Water Resources International, Inc. is a leader in the water softening industry. We are celebrating our 50th Anniversary!! We manufacture whole house water treatment equipment for homeowners. Some commercial options are available and private label bottled water as well. Our trade marked product is the "Hydro Quad" and "Ultra Micron" drinking water Reverse Osmosis. We manufacture our product throughout the United States and other countries. CALL TODAY @ 602-276-7600 DEALERSHIP AVAILABLE CALL 1-800-788-4420

Reviews in Martinez Lake to Service Water Treatment

AZepp's Water Treatment Systems
They were fine and it took them just two minutes to finish the job. They come out when they said they would and fixed my problem after which they were gone.
- Herb S....
FZepp's Water Treatment Systems
ment company to call me.  I have asked 3 timesI am going to take them to small claims court.  I would be glad to pay them the rest of the money if the unit worked.  They are not happy with me.  I asked them to come and remove the unit from my house.  There answer was no. I need a water softener that works.  Our water in Yuma is extremely hard.  Not having a water softner that is not working is bad for the pipes in the house & my toilets.  I have asked to have the owner of Zepps Water treatment call me 3 times since November.  I have not heard from him.
- Charlotte J....