Jacob Lake Water Treatment System Repair

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Chem Free Pure Water Systems
Business Description: Residential and business water treatment systems. Water softeners, UV lights. We will analyze your water for contaminants such as chlorine, low pH, iron, bacteria, and devise a system to suit your needs. Treat your water from the source, as it enters your home, so whether you are drinking it, cooking with it or bathing in it, your water is pure.
Water Tec of Tucson, Inc
Recent Review: From Rick's excellent product presentation (no dramatics or drawn out 'experiments'), through Gary's install work, a very professional and pleasant contract experience.  The total price was one-third of that quoted by the EcoWater (Costco) and Kinetico reps and I'm confident I have the appropriate system(s) for our needs.  I have contracted for the quarterly servicing and look forward to a long-term relationship.  I wish all of my recent contracting experiences had been this effective!
Water Resources International Inc
Business Description: Water Resources International, Inc. is a leader in the water softening industry. We are celebrating our 50th Anniversary!! We manufacture whole house water treatment equipment for homeowners. Some commercial options are available and private label bottled water as well. Our trade marked product is the "Hydro Quad" and "Ultra Micron" drinking water Reverse Osmosis. We manufacture our product throughout the United States and other countries. CALL TODAY @ 602-276-7600 DEALERSHIP AVAILABLE CALL 1-800-788-4420
H2O Concepts International Inc
Recent Review: The initial face to face sales team was well informed, courteous, and super punctual.  I had done a fair amount of online research before I made the appointment so I already had a good idea of the benefits.  They answered my questions and I was ready to go.  We made an appointment for installation two days later.  Ken was the installer.  Very efficient, friendly and knowledgeable.  So, while the unit is fairly expensive, it is guaranteed for 10 years to be virtually maintenance-free.  The money I will save on bottled water will more than pay for it in about 5 years.  The water from the tap in every sink in my house is now drinkable and tastes as good or better than any bottled water I know of. No chlorine taste or smell!  And, it apparently eliminates any further buildup in the pipes from hard water.