Fort Huachuca Laminate Flooring Installation

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Business Description: Additional contact name - Carol M. Rocco. Family-owned & operated. Award winning.
Recent Review: The staff at Reva's Floor Decor was wonderful and helped us choose a design for our fireplace remodel that would fit our decor. With their advice we chose porcelain tile over stone. The tile not only looks phenomenal, it is much easier to keep clean. We are very happy and satisfied with their service.
Recent Review: Price was too high.  Did not need wood flooring appropriate for Manhattan apt w/ view of central park.
Recent Review: After meeting with Heather and choosing the right back splash tile and wood flooring for our house everything ran very smoothly. Their installation crew where prompt and very professional. Our floors and kitchen came out stunning and we have had many complements. On a side note I had gone to Home Depot to also get bids. When you compare the two I received a much better dealer at Carpets of Dalton and I was able to deal with the owners. I would highly recommend anyone considering new flooring to give them a call.
Business Description: TAB Tile and Stone is a full-service family-owned and operated Tucson business, specializing in countertops, flooring and showers. TAB Tile and Stone has been fabricating and installing tile and stone for over 20 years. TAB Tile and Stone works with all solid surfaces; natural and man-made, including: Granite, Quartz, Marble, Silestone, Travertine, Limestone and more. All fabrication at TAB Tile and Stone is done in house; so we can control the quality, and give our customer the best service and price in town. TAB Tile and Stone is fully licensed, bonded and insured for residential and commercial jobs. TAB Tile and Stone located at 8380 S Nogales Hwy and is open to the public Monday – Friday 9am-5pm. You can reach us at 520-294-1952 or
Recent Review: First day installers were punctual, rapidly started the prep work on floor (I had removed carpet, trim and mopped/vacumned concrete pad already to save on labor charge) They removed a 4x4 section of tile at Entry Door. Leveled concrete pad with self-leveler in needed areas. Second day installers were later than the first day (I was staying up to get them into the house, I work nights so I would stay up, let them in and go upstairs with earplugs ;) .. Third day installers were around an hour later than before and only had 2 guys instead of the 4-5 previously. The biggest complaint of entire job was the finish detail. They pulled up the base boards but in several areas the baseboard was slightly damaged or unpainted (home builder laid baseboards before finished floors **(dopes imho)** not one offer to repaint them was made (even if extra charge was incurred), secondly the stairs to sunken living room were initially trimmed in quarter round. It looked absolutely sophomoric in attempt and was finished extremely POORLY. After the third day (now Friday) I called the sales rep and let them know my issues, to their credit they tried to resolve my issues though there was several days lag before the installers could come fix their issues. Day Four (now several days later) installer came, (unannounced as someone forgot to call me from their office) and retrimed the stairs beautifully with matching baseboards (4 1/2 inch) that they found and sourced (REDEEMING QUALITY!!!) While waiting for installer to come I had noticed that there was a gap in the first riser... When installing they had to glue them down, and they measured off cut piece to wall but then installed it under wall leaving a 2-3mm gap, which they then filled with a piece of scrap, once you noticed it, you could see if everytime you walked by. I asked about fix for this, and installer talked about difficulty and it was not fixed (though trim on steps were done above my expectation.) Day Five (now over a week since inital install) Installer came out to fix issues with baseboard that was not properly lined up to the same level as other trim pieces around it and fixed the gap in the first riser. Job was completed to my wifes (final boss) approval and I cut them a check for the remainder of their 50% holdback (REDEEMING Quality) Floor went down fast and pretty solidly for not as an expensive flooring type. I really like the choice of flooring and think it will hold up well to my family (2 girls and 2 dogs and my wife). The installers that Onsite uses I believe are subcontractors and I believe that affects their overall quality, while my job was a fairly big job, the pricepoint was not exorbitant, and I feel as if it was a and quot;Good enough and if he doesnt complain we collect our money and goto next joband quot;. The sales rep seemed genuinely concerned at my retorts to the quality of finish work (I was asked to send pictures) and overall the job was done to MY SATISFACTION but the amount of time it took was a little offputting. I stand firmly on the fence if I will ever give Onsite another job (I need new carpet upstairs (around 1000sq/ft between four rooms) but them not collecting the funds until I was satisfied held them up in my mind as atleast a Company that atleast makes an effort. I live in the far west valley and the distances involved for them is probably far, but I always felt it wasnt apporpriate that if they use subs, that the sales rep or a rep from the company did not come out and inspect final work. I dont know if that was a problem because my sales guy was out of town that weekend or if that is a regular thing for them (the installers did take my check made out to Onsite Design). Eitherway the floor is done, and we like it, the process to get their was not as good as I would of hoped.
Recent Review: We took quite a while lining up materials. Troy was very patient with us. He even held his pricing for several months while our new kitchen cabinets were built and installed. As soon as the cabinets were in Cochise Flooring started on the laminate floors. In just a week they were done. We gave them a few days off so the new baseboards could go in. They will be back soon to install carpet.
Business Description: Mr. Fix It of Sierra Vista is a locally owned and operated general contractor in Sierra Vista, Arizona. We specialize in remodeling, repair, plumbing and restoration from water, mold, and fire damages. We hold certifications in water damage restoration, structural drying, and mold remediation, and we are available for mold testing services. Mr. Fix It is experienced in bathroom and kitchen remodeling, home additions, flooring installation, drywall repair, garbage disposal and water heater installation, window and door replacement and more! We are licensed, bonded, and insured. We offer FREE estimates, and military or senior discounts! Mention that you heard about us on Angie's List for $25.00 OFF of any restoration service!

Reviews in Fort Huachuca to Install Laminate Flooring

Salespeople in store were clueless about install. I was sold a saw that was completely wrong for my project and had to return it. Store employees repeatedly gave wrong recommendations about installation and repeatedly told me how easy it was to do. It isn't. Ultimately, I hired one of their contractors to install the floor. This appeared to completely flummox the in-store employees who kept giving me paperwork to buy more laminate which I had already purchased. The floor installer did an adequate but not stellar job and never replaced the strip in front of the sliding glass door or the brackets which held the closet doors at the bottom. Unless you have construction experience, do not rely on Lowe's employees to learn a construction skill. They really appear to have no idea.
- Cynthia F....
FAlley Carpet & Flooring
It started with them not making the start date. the floor had to be removed partially because of faulty pieces that the installer cracked and left in place. The project has been ongoing and complaints have been made with the BBB with no resolution. Parts of the floors are still bowing and lifting. they had someone come in from the maker of the floors and they stated that the install was bad. They also suggested to not allow standing water. we explained that there is never standing water however we will follow their advice. We called because the floor was bowing still a year later and the owner refuses to return calls
- Amy B....
We took quite a while lining up materials. Troy was very patient with us. He even held his pricing for several months while our new kitchen cabinets were built and installed. As soon as the cabinets were in Cochise Flooring started on the laminate floors. In just a week they were done. We gave them a few days off so the new baseboards could go in. They will be back soon to install carpet.
- Richard A....
CExpress Flooring LLC
They advertise on TV a lot. They were really slow in getting started, and we had to renegotiating to get the contract because they took so long, but the job wasn’t too bad because some of the tiles were uneven, and it could have been better. The price was not too bad. They wanted time to start with, and because they didn’t bother to show up, I told them to forget it by sending them a registered letter in to that effect, and now we renegotiated it. It was a fair price for removing the old tile, removing the carpeting , cleaning up the floors and laying new tiles. We weren’t too much unhappy with the price, but like I said they were a little bit slow in dealing with us here in sierra vista. I would not use them again in the future.
- Charles D....
I liked the price, they had a sale and I got a good price.  Everything was great except for the time limit.  Once I got the installation it was good and it was just that from the time I purchased it to the time the actual install happened.
- Jose S....
FExpress Flooring LLC
They've been here three times already to repair it and the technician says they cannot fix the way it's buckling and the gaps on the floor where the dirt is getting into it. They said that was all that could be done, so we were contesting it. They just slacked up over the floor that we ripped up. It's really bad. They've been out trying to fix it and they said that was the best they could do. They're not truthful and their salesman would say anything to get a sale. They charged us a hundred dollars a square foot. They wouldn't call me back until we got in touch with the Better Business Bureau and called the credit card company and told them we were not going to pay. They called us when they found out that they weren't going to get paid until they got it fixed. They lied and I would never use them again.
- Catherine V....
BA Ward Cleaning & Restoration
He was here very quickly.  The sub-contractor he had working with him was very good as well.  We weren't very happy about the fact that we contracted with him to do our flooring, and it was a pretty slow process.  We got rid of our carpeting and had tile put down.  I wasn't go impressed with the quality of the work.  I don't think that they sealed the tile correctly because we already have problems with the grout breaking up.
- Andrew V....
AStanley Steemer
They were very professional, team of two, drove from Tucson so dispatcher called me twice prior to their arrival. The carpets look great and upholstery too although the furniture is pretty old and worn. In one bedroom there were stains on carpet that other cleaners couldn't remove but these guys did. They moved everything I wanted moved and put coasters under furniture that was moved and cleaned. I think the equipment worked very well. Last year the cleaner I used did a bad job and I was worried about that. The carpets took days to dry and still looked dirty. He left water on the tile floors and I was not happy about that. He said he really didn't have anything to dry it. Stanley Steemer brought everything they needed to clean after themselves and even left caution stickies in doorways. I will definitely use them again.
- Ann M....
They were wonderful.  They are very expensive but the work that they do is beautiful.  Everybody that has ever come in here says they love it.  If you want something done right and he guarantees his work then he is very worth going with.
- Bud A....
DPatriots Remodeling LLC
Overall, it was a very bad experience, It was a huge investment for us, but Patriots Remodeling turned a 3 week Remodel into an 8 week disaster. I must comment that I am compassionate about the illness in his family and I am very understanding, but Our needs as paying customers were ignored and disrespected, His crew was kind and courteous and with the proper leadership they would probably be one of the best crews in southern Arizona. I learned a valuable lesson form this experience.
- Joseph C....