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Arizona Green Plumber LLC
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Reviews in Chino Valley to Install Bathtub

FArizona Green Plumber LLC
I was told the cost would be Time and Material. I STUPIDLY, I DID NOT ASK WHAT THE HOURLY RATE WAS. I had assumed approximately $50-$70 for service call. The installer, A**m, was a master of ultra slow work The installer wouldn't use the relatively new (8-month old)  flex hose for the installation. Saying the company insisted on charging me for their own material (cost + mark-up) When the new part I bought from Home Depot appeared flawed !!! the installer didn't have a replacement part on the truck, even though I described in detail the scope of the job. The installer then drove to a nearby plumbing supply store for a new shower installation kit. I PAID $80/HOUR FOR THAT TRIP. All told, I was charged for 6 hours labor @ $80/hr=$480 I thought the job by an experienced plumber would be 1 hour , maybe 2 hours
- Mason R....