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S & R Roofing LLC
Business Description: We attribute our success to a very diligent staff within the roofing industry giving the public what the deserve: quality workmanship at competitive pricing. In other words, treating people the way they would like to be treated. S & R Roofing continually expands our horizons by updating products and offering exciting accessories for the changing needs of the public. We offer 65 years of experience in the field, and are reliable, trustworthy, ethical and timely. We look forward to meeting your roofing needs.
Legacy Roofing LLC
Business Description: Within our company, we have more than 35 years experience in the roofing industry, working with all different kinds of roofing materials. It’s that experience that you can count on to provide you with a leak-free roof! From the smallest of roofing repairs to the largest of complete re-roofs, new construction, residential or commercial roofing, make Legacy Roofing your first call!
Business Description: Residential and Commercial licensed Roofing company. Asphalt shingles, Clay and Cement Tile roofing, Polyurethane foam roofing, Metal roofing, Cedar wood roofing. Complete roofs or repairs.
Express Roofing LLC
Business Description: We are a very down to earth roofing company, interested in finding the best value for your project without compromising materials. Rene, the owner, has had 31 years of roofing experience and ran one of Arizona's largest roofing companies for 7 years before deciding to create Express. We try our best to inform you of the roofing project and to make the process as easy-going as possible.
SDC Roofing, LLC
Award 2018Super Service Award
Business Description: We are a Phoenix based boutique roofing business specializing in Asphalt shingle and concrete tile roof replacement & installation, We have been in the industry since 1998 & our team has over 50 years combined trade experience to best serve you. We look forward to earning your business.
Johnny's Roofing Co
Business Description: Johnny's Roofing has been serving Arizona with pride in workmanship since 1983. Johnny Priest, owner/operator, has over 50 years' experience performing roof repair, roof replacement, roof coating, and routine maintenance. With a valley-wide service area, we work on many kinds of roofs including asphalt shingle, tile, wooden shake, foam, and flat/roll roofs. Johnny's Roofing has a reputation for superb service, clean job sites, courteous employees, and speedy turnaround. We offer free estimates, as well as warranties on materials and labor. Licensed, bonded, and insured, Johnny's Roofing is in excellent standing with the Arizona Registrar of Contractors and the Arizona Better Business Bureau.
Pedroza Roofing LLC
Business Description: Pedroza Roofing specializes in tile, asphalt shingle, torch down. We do new installs and repairs. We have 20+ years experience. We are owner operated with fast, reliable, friendly service. Free estimates and same day service available.
Business Description: LICENSE #186811.
All-Pro Roofing & Restoration Inc
Business Description: Locally owned & operated. Additional DBAs - All-Pro Gutter & Roofing, All-Pro Restoration, All-Pro Restoration Services.
Sunland Development Corporation
Award 2018Super Service Award
Business Description: Premier Roofing Contractor serving the Arizona market. We specialize in asphalt shingle replacement and concrete tile replacement. We have successfully been in business since 1996 and take pride that we have successfully served Arizona and are grateful for our clients and repeat business. Sunland Development Corporation/SDC ROC #KB-01 195643 ** Sunland Development Corporation/SDC is not affiliated with any other roofing company. Contact Paul for any building or roofing needs at 623-330-2444 or at paul@sunlanddc.com

Reviews in Buckeye for Asphalt Shingle Roofs

ASouthern Arizona Roof Associates, LLC.
Dan and his crew did a superior job replacing my grandmother’s roof. The job was performed on time and on budget. The workmanship has certainly stood the test of time - 20 years and counting with no issues!
- Martin G....
AAudubon Remodeling & Restoration
The sales manager was very knowledgeable, professional and personable, walking me through the process (selecting color, time lines, delivery of materials, work dates, etc.). The work crew showed up exactly when promised and worked continuously all day (I know because I could hear all the hammering!). They even had one older gentleman whose job was to continuously pick up any debris around the house during the process. I really appreciated that because I have dogs and wouldn't want one injured from nails, etc. They finished the job in one day, which they later told me was always their goal, but they could not guarantee it. I really LOVE my new roof, even getting lots of compliments from neighbors. I am very, very satisfied with this company and will use their services again!
- Carolyn L....
AStapleton Roofing
Wonderfully. Great communication, great followup, good working employees. Would recommend to friends & family.
- Rex S....
BGryphon Roofing
It was a long wait to get a sales person out here to give an estimate.  At the appointment, the sales person was very professional and listened to what my needs were.  He offered several options to fit within my budget while still getting the look I wanted. The sales person made another trip to my house for a revised quote after I had expanded the patio a bit.  Their price was still among the best out of four roofing companies. I got a call a week after sending the signed contract to the office advising of the approximate date of the job.  I didn't hear from them again until I was woken up at 5am one morning by a large truck backing into the driveway off loading shingles.  Surprise!  The drivers acted surprised that I hadn't expected them and said someone from the office was supposed to call.  Oops. The workers showed up the next morning and finished the job by the evening.  Awesome job!  My roof looks better than most of the numerous new roofs in the neighborhood.  Clean up was nearly perfect as well.  I'm very happy with the work they did. I'm so happy with the work done, that I really hate to complain about anything but...  If Gryphon really wants to take their service to the next level, they need to improve on their communications!!  I had a very difficult time getting return calls after waiting a week or so.  I also did get a call (finally) advising me that someone would come out for the "final inspection", but I have never seen anyone come out for that. Even with that complaint, I would use them again due to the great workmanship.
- Daniel M....
ANew Life Roofing
They came when they said, they were prompt, they had a very good price. The roofer was very personable and they cleaned up after they finished the work.
- Diana N....
ANew Life Roofing
Richard answered my Angie's List email promptly. He sent out a man to look at the job a day later. He gave me a quick estimate to repair a small area of roof at my rental property. I didn't need to show up. His man went out to the place the next week and did the repair after I accepted the estimate. The cost was exactly as quoted. I will use them again when I need the roof replaced. Thanks.
- Kathleen G....
I have asphalt shingles on my roof that are original. During high winds, shingles were ripped off in 2 places. I thought because of the age of the roof I would probably need a new roof laid on top of my existing shingles. Gary and Son Roofing was very responsive to my phone calls, came here in a very punctual manner, and was able to patch my roof at a fraction of the cost. I cannot even see where the patches are. The rest of the roof was completely intact and did not need replacing or covering. They could have made a huge job out of this, but only did what was necessary. I am very glad I found them and will definitely call them again when the need arises.
- Wendy A....
The crew that came to the house was great.  They weren't the fastest and it took them 5 days to do the work.  They cleaned up after themselves every day.  There seemed to be a lack of communication between the crew and the office as some things discussed in the contract the crew wasn't aware of.  The crew was to supply the nails for the roof as well as roll on roofing material for a flat roof.
- Robert W....
DLyons Roofing
Generally, the experience was horrible.  There was a big problem with information getting passed the appropriate crews, lack of following instructions when the information was recieved, and a general lack of pride and quality in the installation of the new roofing materials.  The end result looks like amateurs, not professionals, installed the roof.  Who knows want is going to happen when the summer rains start dumping water on this roof. In detail, Lyons Roofing was prompt and punctual about meeting with me at the house to provide me with an estimate bid to replace the roof.  Lyons was one of three companies that were chosen to provide bids.  The other two did not arrive on time for the appointment.  I checked reviews for the three and based on all available information, Lyons Roofing was awarded the contract.  Craig Walker was the sales representative that provided the initial inspection and estimate. Due to issues beyond the control of this homeowner or Lyons Roofing, there was a several month delay from the time of the initial estimate and the actual contract award.  This meant that the deadline to submit and recieve reimbursement from the insurance company was approaching with only two weeks remaining (the replacement of the roofing material was due to hail damage, and therefore was a homeowner's insurance claim which the insurance company approved).  Craig and Lyons Roofing went above and beyond the call of duty to rearrange schedules to accomodate getting the job done in time to meet the deadline requirments. I was very impressed - Kudos to Lyons Roofing for this aspect of customer service. I met with Craig the Saturday before the following Wednesday when the job was to start. I provided signatures and the down-payment.  Craig informed me that details and particulars would be handled by the assigned project manager, and that he would meet with me prior to start of the project to colaborate with me to capture the details of what and how I wanted some of the specific details handled.  On Monday, I received a thank you and reminder call from the Lyons Roofing office regarding the pending job, and was told that I would hear from the project manager by Tuesday afternoon to discuss details and schdule.  I did not receive this call, and this is where the problems started. John Miller and his tear-off crew arrived onsite about 8:30 AM Wednesday morning.  John was very professional and friendly.  He greeted me with his business card and an apology that he did not have the proper shop provided paper work, and the fact that I had not heard from the assigned project manager.  John made the best of the situation.  He and I collaborated on what was to be done, at least to the extent it related to the tear-off crew and initial preparation.  John's crew efficiently cleared the entire roof of old material, found and marked a couple of sheets of plywood that needed replacing, layed down the felt paper to make the roof water resistant, and provided good clean up when his crew was done.  The only minor complaint is that they missed the removal of some old metal and wood 1x2 standoff strips (the wood that goes under the drip-edging on the facia).  At the end of the day, however, I had not yet heard from a project manger, and was left with uncertainty as to when and who the next crew would arrive to start the reinstallation.  Most importantly, based on the day's experience, I was starting to be concerned about the details of the job - I was doing a lot of telling and informing, but the certainty that the information was being handled correctly was missing.  What I did not know then, was just how much lack of a proper communications plan would negatively impact the remainder of the project. Antonio and his installation crew arrived about 7:30 AM Thursday morning.  It was about 75 degrees with at predicted high temperature around 104 degree Fahrenheit. I was expecting them to be onsite at 6:00 sharp. The time and temperature will become important details in this story.   Antonio introduces himself, his English language not fluent (I was assured by Craig that there would always be someone on site that spoke the English language, however I guess that did not mean that it would be fluent).  He had parked his truck on the side of the house (corner lot).  I suggested that he park in front so that he and the crew did not have to deal with the side yard fence. He refused.  Later I stepped around to the side of the house to see that the crew had dismantled my 3 foot fence without asking permission so that they would not have to step over.  Arrrrgh! I walked the roof with Antonio and once again communicate the details of what I needed to be done along with the information of the plywood that needed replacing specifically instructing him to NOT replace a T-vent that had been there before, and the fact that some of the 1x2 edging did not get removed.  He acknowledged that he was aware and would see to it all was done correctly.  Back to that T-vent. The old hole was coincidently on the same 4x8 sheet of plywood that needed to be replaced.  John's crew had marked that sheet with orange spray paint to indicated that it needed to be replaced, and marked the felt paper covering that sheet with similar indications along with a circled X where the existing hole was to convey the installer not to recut the hole.  This becomes relavant later in this story. Antonio was sent out with only 50 feet of the approximately 255 feet of required 1x2 wood for the facia dripedge and no plywood.  The new shingles had already been delivered and were on the roof.  Antonio's crew found an additional sheet of bad plywood, showed me.  At about 8:30 AM, Finally!!!! a project manger arrives at the site.  Not the original assigned project manger, but a pitchitter from a roof foaming crew, Phil Olguin.  I once again went through everything with Phil including the replacement plywood, 1x2 around the entire roof edge (this was originally discussed with Craig the previous Saturday. This was one of those detail items that was to be handled by the project manager before the job started, that never happened), and the T-vent non-reinstall.  The reason Phil did not arrive onsite earlier was he had to procure the replacement plywood sheets that Antonio needed. Antonio had called Phil to give him the specs of what he needed.  Problem was, Antonio ordered, and Phil delivered 1/2" plywood instead of what was actually on the roof, 3/8" plywood.  Again the fact that the roof decking was built with 3/8" plywood was discussed with Craig and John, and was actually documented on the paperwork that I signed the previous Saturday with Craig.  Having the wrong plywood now delayed the installation crew.  One of the things that they did to stay busy was to start installing the new drip edge over the old 1x2 that I had told Antonio that the tear-off crew did not remove, and in spite of the fact that I had stated my desire for all of the 1x2 wood be replaced in a conversation with Craig (again Craig told me that this would be handled by the assigned project manager that never showed).  Phil asked about the 1x2s and I told him that I wanted it to all match, meaning that I wanted it to all be new.  I guess Phil understood that because it was all 1x2 wood, it did not matter that some of it was more than 25 years old, cracked and deteriorated.  They had left the old 1x2s on the back of the house (approximately half of the job) and installed new dripedge over the old wood. They were now going to have to lift up the brand new starter courses, remove the new dripedge that they had just installed, remove the 1x2s that should have been done before the shingles went back down, install the new 1x2 wood, reinstall the dripedge, and re-secure the starter course of shingles all without damaging the new shingles - which failed.  Shingles tend to become very soft and prone to damage above 85 degrees F.  The temperature is now about 95 degrees and getting warmer. A installation job that should have taken a day (had they been organized, prepared, shown up at 5AM like one would expect of a professional crew) now gets to a point in the day (about 12:30PM, and 104 degrees) where Antonio thinks that they need to stop out of concern that the shingles are getting soft enough to be easily damaged. OK - good call.  Antonio, Phil, and I all agreed that they would replace the plywood and call it a day, and be back onsite in the morning at 6:30 AM.  I heard some sawing and some hammer, then silence.  The crew had left without checking out with me.  Upon inspection, I found that they had not cleaned up after themselves, leaving a half sheet of old plywood with protruding fasteners laying in the back yard down from where they had toshed it off the roof; the T-vent that was not to be reinstalled had been cut in to the other new plywood, over 1/4 of the new shingles that had been installed where severely damaged, scuffed, and marked with tar; and they had thrown all of their other materials, trash, and tools upon the newly installed areas.  At this point, I am ballistic.  The appearance was that this installation crew just did not care about quality, workmanship, or have pride in what they were doing.  I proceeded to write a complaint email listing 13 specific points to Lyons Roofing which was acknowledged with a phone call and a commitment to resolve the issues.  I continued to exchange emails with Craig and Robert Dishmon, Director of Operations. The plywood was replaced again, this time with the proper support clips and blocking, and without the T-vent hole; over a square of new shingles had to be replaced outright; and serveral other smaller areas of damage that had been covered with material and trash also were identified and repaired - a brand new roof having to be repaired before it is even complete - WOW!  Walkthru resulted in 10 fix items that they owe.
- John H....
ANew Life Roofing
I have a number of quotes done on re-roof. I chose New Life roofing based on the meeting with Scott, researched the company and the reviews from various sources. The crew was very efficient in the all aspect of the work done. I believe that I got a fair value for the work that were perform.
- Peter L....