Trumann Small Bathroom Remodel

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Recent Review: I have used them because of the guarantee and I have used them before, that's why I use them again. If you have any problem they'll come and fix it or else replace it for you. Although they're a little pricey, I would say overall they're excellent.

Reviews in Trumann to Remodel Small Bathrooms

FMoore Plumbing
We ended up with leaks in both toilets about a year later. We assumed it was the toilet because it was underneath the toilet.   Mr. Moore send his assistant to reseat the toilet that had started rocking.  Approximately one year later, two years after the job, we had another leak.  I called Mr. Moore several times, but he refused to return my calls.  We have had a constant leak in our basement ceiling directly below the remodeled bathroom.  We did several things to try and figure out where this leak was occurring.  After many different fixes including installing a new roof, we found that the vent pipe in our attic had never been glued and had seperated.  Since this did not leak on a regular basis, it took us 7 years to find this.  Once our new plumber removed the walls and ceiling in the basement, we found that we had extensive damage to the wood in the walls.  It was obvious with the damage done that it had been leaking on a regular basis for years.  I am angry that Mr. Moore did not care enough about the quality of his work to come and see why I was having this reoccurring problem.  The second plumber that Mr. Moore sent to my house told me that the original assistant had been let go because of the quality of his work.  I guess Mr. Moore wasn't interested in fixing his problems.  I am guessing that Mr. Moore himself is a top notch plumber since I had no problem with his work.  He just doesn't stand by the work of his assistants.
- Kathleen R....