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Stated to all that would take 1 1/2 weeks, at most 2. 3 weeks later NOT complete Not completed: Floors, painting, doors, plumbing, tub attachments, trim, and fans/lights Had to redo most of plumbing (it was flowing upward) Ceramic tile grout is cracking Spent much time redoing mistakes of his own and his untrained employees Lost parts in closed with newly purchased item Very surprised whenever turned on tub shower to see fixture go flying across tub (had not accounted for 1/2 MIPS threads needed and now must tear into that....THEN on top of that the drain leaked, not a little, a lot BECAUSE he had pried a piece of wood to attempt to force down pipe in order to drain.... This not only knocked loose the fittings but also cracked new ceramic grout above Cut railing for closet door that was not supposed to be cut (promised part never received) Several times employees didn't show (contract for 3 men) never had three experienced men and insisted time and again to count young friend of one employee as 'a man' Cut huge chunks out for plumbing thus potential for weakening floor Painted rooms prior to sparkling hole of previous light fixtures (shows up dramatically) Short cut plaster on top of one bath believing wouldn't be seen... paint anyway Allowed silver solder to drop any where Allowed PVC cement to drop any where Miss cut door hinge versus door frame Left mess where cleaning painting equip Insisted texturizing was 'painting' (looks like I have 'clouds') Used 2 1/2 brad nails to install trim onto wall where pocket door located (scratched up door) and never even attempted to rectify even though you could hear the etching sound and even see the scratches Took time to shop for and spend money on unnecessary items (ex: plumbed 15 feet were could have easily tied in at 7 feet Seriously I could go on... The more I work to complete this job, the more frustrated I become.  I should sue in small claims but can't really bring myself to do that. Not sure how this guy is even on Angie's list he is definitely NOT set up for rehabbing.  Maybe an odd job here or there but nothing on a scale that I need and continue to need.  I'm sure he means well but just not capable.   WARNING If you use this guy.... BID the detailed job, don't allow him to say he will have this many men and will charge this amount. I hope this keeps others from having to go through what I have.  I've had much better performance from a company on a free site and one that was a reference. I have wondered if some of the other 'A' ratings are "family and friends" especially since  a couple were done during the time he was suppose to be working for us.
- Ct P....