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Business Description: First class, Quality Clean Painting for your home or office!
Recent Review: It went well. They came out and gave us an estimate. We made an appt for the repair, they showed up when they said they would and did all the work promised and cleaned up.
Recent Review: William is very professional, friendly and most importantly trustworthy. You do not have to watch William all the time if he says it will be done then it will be. I left my house several times while William was here working and if he was gone when I returned the job was completed to my satisfaction and everything was cleaned up. Price is fair for the excellent quality of work. If you need work done I would say William is the one to call his workmanship is outstanding.

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FRiver Valley Restoration Services, Inc
In late March 2016 work began. The owner, Trey, told me work would be finished around early July, and the job would take approx. 3 months. He also assured me, since we occupied the house during the remodel, that he would divide the house into 4 sections, completing each before beginning the next. HIs crew immediately started with 2 bedrooms, a closet and bathroom #1, moving the furniture, removing the existing carpet, taking off the old trim and doors and scraping the ceilings. The following day my security alarm panel was beeping, which meant a missing window sensor. Trey insisted they put it safely aside, but the reality was they left it on the old carpeting, then threw the carpeting away the day before. B/c we didn't want to cause an issue we contacted our security company and paid $70 for a new sensor. With this section 75% done Trey began section 2 of the house. During this time I noticed the paint in section 1 had many flaws (all rooms involved didn't have the ceilings cut in with paint leaving a gray 1 inch area all around each room, sides and tops of door frames not painted, areas on walls missed, window trim areas not painted, runs), and I mentioned this to Trey. He told me they'd touch up the entire house once finished, and seemed to blow off my concerns. The bathroom in section 1 was unusable and the wall texture by the shower was curled on the edge in a 2 ft section. Also during this time 1 of his crew left our gate opened (we have dogs), threw cigarette butts in the dog area, asked to use our good floor fan b/c the house was warm but after he left for the day I noticed our fan was splattered with paint. Then the counter top guys came and put a gouge in a door frame. I mentioned this to Trey and he simply painted over it. When I told him this was unacceptable b/c the wood on the new door frame was badly torn off and rough he finally agreed to fix it with wood putty. Section 2 (1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, closet, living room): again the painting was horrible with runs, missed areas on walls, not cutting in the ceilings, a 1x1 inch area where the texture chipped off in the bathroom ceiling and they painted over it, missed corners, non-painted tops & sides of door frames and windows, etc. I ended up touching up the closet in bedroom 3 b/c there were so many areas not painted and I didn't want to cause an issue by mentioning it. They also put a scratch in my linen closet cabinet. B/c the living room carpeting had been removed but tack strips remained, I put my green area rug over the strip so we wouldn't step on it. Instead of moving this rug they painted over it and splattered it with paint; again I didn't want to cause an issue (value of rug $35). Trey rebuilt the fireplace, and it looks amazing, but b/c he built it before laying the tile on the floor he failed to leave enough clearance beneath the fireplace for the new tile, so now we have a 1/4 inch gap between the tile by the fireplace vs the tile by our rear door. bathroom #2 was unusable at this time. Section 3 (master bedroom, closet and master bathroom). This was started even though sections 1 & 2 weren't finished. This time his wife came to help paint, and she did a great job, although half of her time here was spent correcting the poor painting job done in sections 1 & 2, while also painting section 3. During this time one of the workers dropped a saw arm across our dresser, causing a large gorge in a drawer. This same worker lost the connector for our bathroom solar tube, so the lens couldn't be reattached (they paid to replace the lost connector). Somebody dropped a tool on our bathroom tile and cracked 1 tile near the entry. When moving our bed, instead of asking me to remove the bed skirt (which was held on with bed skirt pins) they yanked it off, ripping it in at least 5 spots. Trey wanted to begin section 2, but we finally said "no" and told them to finish sections 1 and 2 first, which they did. section 4 (utility room, side entry, kitchen): Work began on the utility room and side entry, with our brand new washer/dryer being removed from the room several times and ending up with scratches on the front door. Once again the painting in the room was terrible, and they didn't cover the cabinets; I found splattered paint over the tops and also inside interior shelves in both closets in that room. I asked his worker to clean off the paint and he ignored me. I then told Trey and was told "no one will see that". I spent 3 hours cleaning the paint off myself. They went into our drawer and used our tools; they also used our ladder to the point where the workers thought the ladder belonged to Trey. They used our sprayer in every room too. When washing their brushes outside, they'd use our garden hose, and throw it down, which broke our spray nozzle (cost us $10 to replace it). They pulled the hose to the side, knowingly knocking down my landscape lights and yard decorations; this went on for 3 days before I finally had to tell them to move the hose). Another time I heard water running for about 20 mins after they left; turns out they cleaned their brushes, left and never turned off the water. Somebody turned our thermostat to 75 degrees; the house was freezing and A/C running non stop before I realized what had happened. Trey said he might have bumped the thermostat but I said he would have had to bump it 4 times in order to go down 4 degrees. Once again I heard the exterior water running for about 10 mins; after asking one worker he admitted he forgot to shut it off. One worker connected my washer backwards. I discovered this after washing a load of laundry which was supposed to be laundered in cold water! One worker asked me for a few bucks for gas, the next day we learned he was in jail for shop lifting from a local store. The estimate listed charges for a tile installer, plumber and carpenter, yet Trey's laborers did the work. Some days workers would show up, others days nobody or 1 worker would come alone. The estimate also listed we'd have 2 coats of paint on doors and trim, 2 coats on ceilings, 3 coats on walls; reality is for the majority of work we saw 1 coat on ceilings, 1 to 2 on walls, and 1 to 2 on trim and doors. The estimate also said the ceilings would be rolled, but our bedroom and kitchen were spayed, which has left swirls and shade differences. By August they began work in the kitchen (the final room). Trey sprayed on the texture, which left a visible line between the kitchen and living room wall. They laid the new laminate flooring, and we now have spots where it's pulling apart, there's ridges, between some boards also. According to the manufacturer there should be a 1/4 inch space on the edges where the floor meets the walls; Trey left larger areas in spots and they had to use a larger 1/4 round to hide it. They were to refresh the exterior of my kitchen cabinets. The laborer failed to sand them completely, put poly over dirt and dust, missed areas of the cabinets when applying the poly, put scratches in the cabinet doors in several areas, had many runs in the poly, and the poly was lifting in other spots. One cabinet door was hung crooked, which we were told was like that before but it wasn't; two cabinet doors would no longer close all the way, and we were told the hinges were bad (we later learned this happened b/c the screws were tightened too much). We told Trey this was unacceptable, and although he didn't come to inspect the problem himself he did call 2 local carpenters who specialize in cabinet building for their opinions. On September 6th they came and both saw many problems, including the new poly peeling off in spots. One said b/c of the extent of the problem it would be easier to redo them instead of repairing the problem. As a favor to Trey, although the cabinet builder was busy, he would correct the problem, and we agreed; he would have normally charged more, he said he would accept the fee Trey charged us. We thought this was a good solution, this way the cabinets would be fixed and Trey could finish the rest of the kitchen and we'd be done. It turned out this wasn't the solution Trey wanted and after learning the cabinets would be redone Trey stopped speaking to us, and wouldn't return our calls. We were told his step father Tony would be working with us to finish the remodel (which at this point was 90+% complete. At this point we were told that the labor charges for our job went over the estimate by $3000; this was the first time we heard this b/c there had been absolutely no mention of any overages until the cabinet issue, which was 5 1/2 months into construction, and 1 week before completion. By September 20th, after coming twice, Tony stopped returning our calls. On September 21st Trey's worker came, loaded up all their equipment, said "someday I hope to come and finish the job here" and left. It was after he left we noticed the 5 gallon bucket of ceiling paint (which was in our estimate) was also gone. I then recalled the worker had mentioned they were painting a ceiling for somebody else. We rec'd a call a few days later from the counter top installer asking for payment, he was told by Trey to bill us; we told him we paid Trey. We've also been told he hasn't paid for the carpeting, which also in our estimate (and we paid Trey). There's been a number of things we've discovered that need to be redone, fixed or repaired due to faulty workmanship and other things still undone in order to put our home back together. As I said earlier our new flooring is pulling apart, missing trim, tile, etc. We've had to hire another person to come in and complete the job. We've spent 42 hours so far fixing bad paint. To sum it up I do not recommend this company!
- Karen P....
AW.D. Braddock Handyman Services Inc.
William is very professional, friendly and most importantly trustworthy. You do not have to watch William all the time if he says it will be done then it will be. I left my house several times while William was here working and if he was gone when I returned the job was completed to my satisfaction and everything was cleaned up. Price is fair for the excellent quality of work. If you need work done I would say William is the one to call his workmanship is outstanding.
- Virginia E....