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Recent Review: This is a review on All Steel NW Belfair, WA, Fred Durant Owner (360) 277-0200 and Coast to Coast Carports, Knoxville, AR, Gerado Torres, President (866) 681-7846 Related to a new steel carport 40’x18’x12’ Spring of 2018 in Shelton, WA. Poor customer service, lack of follow through, finger pointing and dishonest employees. These companies work together. I purchased a carport from All Steel NW is our local supplier and the company that I gave my deposit to. I was reassured that even though their manufacturing plant is out of state it will be installed by their local crew that is experienced and works for their company and not temporary laborers. The office supervisor was involved and present during my personal meetings in their office. I new that the site prep was my responsibility and that it needed to be with in 2”- 4” of dead level. I prepped my site and sent photos to my All Steel NW rep who reassured my site looked great and I was ready to go. I received a call from Coast to Coast giving the final installation date and time. I was confused who they were? Had I read my contract more carefully I would have seen that their name was in the upper left corner of the form and they were the manufacturer. I thought All Steel NW did it all. The issue and the reason for the rating: Dkur installation went fine up to the point when the crew lead asked me if I wanted a big hump in my roofline. He told me since my site is not perfectly level that their would be an extra $250 charge to make the frame accommodate the site and make the roofline level. At first I told him to do the best he could since I already hade over $5,000 into this project and I knew the site was within the 2-4 inch acceptable tolerances. He said he would drop it $200 if I paid him in cash and that is a normal fee for the extra time to make the frame accommodate an unlevel lot. I was in the middle of construction. The materials were all over my lot and the vertical ribs were all up, what was I to do? I reluctantly said I would give him the money. When I observed what adjustments were made in the ribs, it was clear that they were within the tolerances built into the design of the building. With a level string and pipe wrench it took the 2 guys 15 minutes to level the roofline. No cutting or extending any of the ribs. Just level and secure with 2 screws in each rib and they were done. When I realized what they did to level the building I felt like I had been taken advantage of. I went on line and reviewed other carport company sites and found a leveling charge would only be appropriate if they had to cut or weld on extensions to the ribs to make it level. This was not the case. I called Netty, my installation coordinator at Coast To Coast and asked her opinion. She said she would look into it and let me know. She never called me back. I went to the crew lead and let him know that I knew I was being taken advantage of but that I was an honest man of my word and paid him the $200. After the job was completed I called All Steel NW and spoke to Fred Durant the owner. He said that was not my crew they worked for Coast to Coast and I would have to talk to Jane the manager there to see about getting my money back. He had me take photos of each rib and email them to him. He took no responsibility for the problem even thought he said they now use only their own crews. I told him that is what I was told when I made the purchase. He washed his hands of the problem and left me to work it out with Coast to Coast. He did send the photos to Coast to Coast. I called Jane and she said don’t talk to me, you need to call Netty her scheduler. I called Netty and explained the problem. She said she would escalate it for review and let me know the next Monday. She never called back. It was becoming very clear that All Steel NW was pointing the finger at Coast to Coast and they are located in Arkansas and was not concerned with me out here in Washington State. Everyone passed the buck, didn’t take responsibility for the issue and apparently profits from the customers who just suck it up and don’t let others know what kind of companies they are dealing with. Only do business with these companies if you don’t care about customer service or doing business with companies that don’t take responsibility for their employees. All of that being said I do have a well built carport, but would never recommend them to a friend. Being taken advantage of when you are vulnerable is an ugly thing. “Let the buyer beware!”
Business Description: I've been in construction for over ten years. I'm a licensed contractor and have a small group of employees that I have hand selected of friends and family. I have a great team that I work with from a master plumber, master electrician, a cabinet maker and heating and air.

Reviews in Monroe to Build Carport

I was talking to them about building a carport, and they asked for my credit card for a deposit, which they said would get me locked in with a discount. However, I called them back and said that I didn't want the work done, and now they will not refund the deposit. I never signed a contract or authorize a charge.
- Gail W....
FNEC Construction & Remodeling
As soon as I sent a good review back in September, I never heard another word from NEC. This would have been fine, except that my job was not finished. I began getting text messages with reasons why he was not going to come tomorrow, and what day he would be at my home. That day would come and go, and then I would receive another text apology, another day promised. This continued until Oct. 9. Our final, "without fail" finish day was set for Friday Oct. 11. This time he did not show up, nor did he text or call. In November, I hired another party to come and finish the job. Unfortunately, the story does not end there. NEC is now threatening to sue me for additional money. He is refusing to provide me with a detailed materials and labor list for the work that he did complete. Instead he says he will put a lien on my property.  I have kept detailed records and plan to have my day in court, should he go through with the lien threat.  Will update you once issue is resolved.
- Sue D....