Meroney Bamboo Flooring Installation

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SNC Enterprises, LLC
Business Description: SNC began servicing the Twin Lakes area in 2003. We began as a custom tile installation company and rapidly grew into a full service flooring sales and service provider, this growth was insisted on by satisfied customers that needed us to expand our services. We immediately started our expansion and shortly became the fastest growing flooring and natural stone counter top company in North Central Arkansas. To date we strive to continue our expansion and provide the largest, newest, and most innovative home improvement solutions in our region. We specialize in taking the time to discover the needs of our customers and offering practical everyday flooring & counter top solutions that are affordable for every budget. Our goal for you as our valued customer is to supply products & services that you can rely on for years to come with the comfort of knowing that we're never more than a phone call away. We offer quality products and services at prices that are affordable for every budget. Whether you're looking for something stylish and trendy, luxurious and sophisticated, or just comfortable and inviting, we have something that will meet your needs. We offer FREE local in home estimates and LIFETIME installation warranties.
Stewart Family Floors LLC
Award 2018Super Service Award
Recent Review: The work entailed laying a floating solid stranded bamboo floor in two bedrooms and a hallway.

Reviews in Meroney to Install Bamboo Flooring

FSNC Enterprises, LLC
The installer in this case, did not work for the company I bought the floor from. He's an independent contractor with his own business and payroll. If the dealer is reputable, he will see that you get what you expected and paid for. Today the company answer would beand quot;We've got new installersand quot;. I wouldn't believe them. I go by every day an the same trucks are around. Our installer first came through to try to see how little work this job would take. For example, undercutting the fireplace. It's called for in my contract. He explained that they normally just cut to the fireplace and caulked, And you couldn't tell the difference. Then, a day later, they said Home Depot was out of blades. I loaned them mine. They undercut the fireplace. It was worth it. The big problem was that they knew nothing about installing bamboo. As a result, they walked all over it tracking non releasing glue. I fought the installer boss from the beginning. He just wanted done!! instead, they spent 60 man hours on their bellies with little cleaners to remove the stuff they tracked. All the while this guy keeps asking if the floor is ok yet. Really gets old. Today we're happy with the floor itself. I decided to pay in full. Should have negotiated more. We still have a lot of spots, they're not going away. Can I recommend this floor company NO. I have written more info about our experience so others can know what they need to know when undertaking a job like this. It's posted at (I'll add site name when posted) Till then ask me for a copy and I'll email to you
- Ron S....