Marble Falls Kitchen Cabinet Painting

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Cabinet Refinishing Center by Gleam Guard
Business Description: WE RESTORE CABINET FINISHES AFFORDABLY: Stained, Painted, Whitewashed & Pickled. We DO NOT change colors on or Reface cabinets. We do restore cabinet & interior wood finishes to their original beauty. We use durable finishes that are guaranteed! Hi, I’m Jim the “Gleam Guard Man.” My Father was a home builder, he trained me in wood refinishing back in 1964. I’ve seen a lot of industry changing things but never anything quite like Gleam Guard. Eliminating the Dust & the Mess and cutting 75% of the time and Cost without compromising quality is simply astounding! The Gleam Guard Process is an “Innovative Chemical Technology” made possible by years of experience and use of our foundation of green chemicals! (Of course, they are a trade secret.) These factors enable us to truly and durably restore the beauty of your woodwork and guarantee it without the mess, smell and expense of stripping or sanding! Four Step Process 1. Cleaning: Our trained servicemen remove all grease, oil, food & smudges left behind from cooking & oiling the woodwork. This is accomplished with a pleasant smelling industrial grade citrus product and LOTS OF ELBOW GREASE. This step will microscopically etch your original finish assuring adhesion of our finish. 2. Repair: Damage from nicks and scratches, peeling or flaking from water and heat are touched up or filled in with appropriate stains, colors & wood fillers. 3. If your finish has peeled off or has been steamed away an extremely durable finish is applied in those areas to build it up and to assure a strong foundation. 4. Gleam Guard Protective Shield: We apply six to eight coats of our final finish formula to protect and restore a “like new” & lasting appearance. (Our finish is unlike anything you’ve seen or worked with. It doesn't yellow, it doesn't smell and it dries incredibly fast and it's super easy to keep clean.)