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Recent Review: Daniel Mitchell gained my confidence from our first meeting. I talked with several roofing contractors, they all asked 4-5 questions and had an estimate ready in about 15 minutes. He spent over an hour with me, asked dozens of questions and offered a lot of advice and options. His estimate was not the cheapest, but definitely on the lower side. It was also the most detailed, listing types and prices of all necessary materials, right down to the cost of the nails. I needed extensive repairs on a back porch roof and had several other areas that needed smaller repairs, along with 3 layers of shingles to be removed. At the end of each day my yard was clean. He went above and beyond expectations to make my roof look great, right down to painting exhaust vents to match my new roof color. His company does much more than roofing,including windows, siding, and additions. I will be calling him in the future to do siding on my home.
Business Description: Certified Welding, Fabrication, Metal Roofing (residential and commercial), Equipment Installation, Steel Erection, Turnkey Metal Buildings (Pre Engineered and Custom Field Fabrication)
Recent Review: The cost was partly covered by my insurance because we had hail damage to our roof. I know what I paid out-of-pocket, but not the total cost of the job. I've used them on two homes, and I've been very pleased with their work. They seem to be honest and dependable.
Recent Review: During the process, they came out twice during a rainstorm, which was on a Sunday, to fix a leak as it wasn't an area they had reached yet. Tim is who dealt with primarily and he was great. They didn't really leave a mess and cleaned up well after themselves.
Business Description: Roof Starter Services provides shingle roof replacements throughout Arkansas, Missouri, Mississippi, Louisiana and Eastern Texas. We are licensed, insured and bonded. Every new roof comes with a labor warranty and the manufacturer's material warranty. We have replaced over 2,500 roofs during our 9 years of business. Let Roof Starter help you get your new roof started today!
Business Description: Discount Developers of Arkansas proudly provides products and services for all your home improvement needs. As the growing leader in window and door installation, roofing, vinyl siding, guttering and stonework, our team can create your home design in a timely manner at an affordable cost. A COMPANY YOU CAN TRUST.
Recent Review: I am satisfied with them. I was originally looking for metal roofing and they are one of the few people who do that for residential buildings, so I went with them. I think that their clean up was excellent. Their work was professional. Their follow-up was a little bit weak but overall I was satisfied with their work. I would definitely recommend them to others.
Recent Review: He was amazing. I have been cheated several time, but Jason with For Sale Roofing was amazing. He did everything he said he would do & always let me know what was being done & what was going on. My deck was messed up couldn't walk on it & he fixed it too.
Business Description: We do roof inspections,roof repairs,Install new roof with written warranty and provide general maintenance to roofs and we also look for normal weathering,manufacturer defects,storm related damages..Roof Inspections and roof estimates are Free...We also Do Insurance claims we will work with your Insurance company.
Business Description: Harness Roofing, Inc., located in Harrison, Arkansas, was established in 1976 and incorporated in 1987. Along with the Harrison branch and corporate office, the company also has branch locations in Springdale, Fort Smith, Little Rock and Tulsa. We offer services throughout the Mid-South US. Harness Roofing, Inc. is licensed and bonded for your protection. Our professional teams have the experience and skills that have earned us recognition from many manufacturers, owners and architects as one of the best companies in the area. We supply our teams with the safest and best technology available. As a result, our employees have helped us gain one of the best ratings for safety in the region. The safety of our customers and employees is our top priority. Harness Roofing’s strength is the ability to deliver large and difficult jobs on time and in budget. We have the ability to bring in roofing mechanics from our other locations to meet fast-paced projects. Multiple locations allows us to respond quickly to our customers’ needs. We pride ourselves on being C2, Customer Committed.

Reviews in Mallet Town for Metal Roof Installation

ASiding Works
Hired Siding Works to put new siding on my house. He did a beautiful job and cleaned everything up after the job was done. There was no mess left in the yard around my house. I then hired him to replace the old shutters, he also did an excellent and timely job on that. When I needed a new roof I contacted at least 6 different providers to get estimates. His estimate was not the lowest but I decided to hire him anyway as I already knew what type of work he did. He worked very hard, was extremely cordial, answered all my questions, did all the work in a timely manner. Also did very nice work, In my opinion one of the best attributes was he did not leave a mess behind for me to clean up. I would recommend him to everyone who wants a job well done. Would also hire him again if I needed other things done at my house.
- Winnie S....
ALawrence Window & Siding Co.
Fast efficient one mistake corrected immediately workers even picked up their trash and cigarette buts
- Charlie P....
FWorld Class Roofing, Inc.
They did a pitiful job on my roof.  We were pleased with the Decara metal roofing product they used, but the quality of their work and the service they provided was awful.  They were very unresponsive when we tried contacting them regarding issues we had with our new roof that they installed.  We spent $16,000 on a new roof and they did just a terrible, pitiful job.  The workers they sent to do the installation spoke very little to no english.  A few weeks after the installation we had some rain and we had a very bad leak.  We called World Class and they came out to fix the leak but all they did was fill in the area with a bunch of caulking.  The manufacturer of the product said this was a big no-no.  A couple weeks later we had more rain and not only did we have the same leak the "fixed", we now had a second leak in another part of the roof.  To actually get the leaks fixed, we had to hire a different company to do the repairs and this cost us an additional $3,000.  This was within a couple months of getting the new roof installed.  We eventually hired a lawyer to try to resolve this issue and it was discovered that World Class Roofing didn't actually do the work - they subcontracted the work to be done by Hispanics.  So the lawyer explained that it would be very difficult to bring a case against them since they didn't do the work themselves.
- Tim C....
BRoyal Windows & Siding
They did a good job. They were quick and professional. They didn't tell me they were coming, they just showed up one day. After we made the deal, I was expecting them two weeks from the day they showed up. It wasn't a bad thing but they did inconvenience us.
- Gloria M....
They showed up exactly when they said they would, 7:00 a.m. sharp. The final price was the same as the estimate. They worked hard and fast. The roof looked great and they cleaned up after themselves really well. Will have them do any future work.
- Laura P....
AShelby Roofing Co
The team that replaced the roof were quick, quiet, and professional. They are licensed and bonded, and reliable.
- Scott H....
AECO Roofing
They did an outstanding job from first presentation to final cleanup and review. They removed the old roofing, repaired several areas of damaged roof decking and covered with a metal roof. They were expert at dealing with roof venting and various pipes for our heating system, wood stove, plumbing and antenna. The crew was friendly, polite and professional. After hearing so many horror stories from neighbors and friends of long delays and poor jobs that required re-roofing, I was SO relieved by this experience. I recommend with confidence.
- Gary M....
ACharles Hostetler
It is a green metal roof. It's beautiful, wonderful, fantastic and I love it. We recommended him and he was wonderful. I can't say enough about his company. In two days, he was done. We had other estimates on the metal roof and they were much higher. I will definitely us them again and we're going to right now.
- Kristin F....
When the tree landed on our roof, and damaged our shingled roof, we decided to see if we could add a metal roof to the repair process. Flemco gave us great estimates for both a shingle roof - repaired, and for the metal installation in addition to the repairs. Once the decision was made, the process was quick and easy. The roof is beautiful!
- Deanna W....
AMartinez Home Improvement
Knowledgeable, professional, courteous and excellent craftsmanship. I highly recommend Mr. Martinez and his employees. I will hire him for other projects I have planned.
- Jimmy B....