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Business Description: Bizzy Beez's Cleaning has been in business in the Mountain Home area for over two years. We are very reliable and strive to keep our customers happy.
Recent Review: A++ experience. Janeth was quick to respond to my initial request and followed up prior to and after cleaning services were completed. Two ladies performed all the work on our fairly large two-story home. They were prompt (arrived 15 min. early), friendly, and absolutely thorough. I never could have made that house as perfectly move-in ready as they did! I highly recommend Multi-Klean as they are detailed, professional, and competitively priced.
Recent Review: Geri has been on time and goes right to work. She stays focused on her work and really does a thorough job.
Recent Review: I am thrilled with I Clean Houses!!! Dave was punctual, precise, and just lovely to work with. He uses all natural non-toxic cleaning products and will cater to your preferences (fragrance of essential oil, etc). He takes absolute pride in his work. We plan to have him every 2 weeks after this initial service. Trustworthy, hard-working and excellent communication. You will NOT be disappointed. Price very fair for the amount of work done. We look forward to doing business with him often.

Reviews in Hunt for Move Cleaning

AMulti-Klean Residential and Commercial Services
I love them. I like the fact that they are insured and bonded. The service is prompt. They are very well-organized. It isn't some lady who comes out to clean houses every time; it's an actual business. We have been using them for about a month and a half.
- Patricia O....
BGeri's Cleaning
Geri has been on time and goes right to work. She stays focused on her work and really does a thorough job.
- Teresa &....
AI Clean Houses
The house has been cleaned one time and will be cleaned again this month. My father is pleased with the results and have found someone who we teemed to reliable.
- Cynthia S....
When I interviewed the owner, he said I would never have to clean my house again, if I hired him. Only, he neglected to mention that the cleaners won't move anything, and they won't stand on a step stool or ladder and they can't lean out to clean fans or light fixtures. All too dangerous for their employees. This is really bad, since I am 6 feet tall and all the cleaners were short. Over time, everything over 5' got really dirty. They also, didn't mop well and all the little textured dents in the floor accumulated dirt. Nasty. This was unacceptable to me and I thought we had, had an understanding, that THEY didn't fullfill the contract, but THEY REPORTED ME TO THE CREDIT UNION FOR NONPAYMENT. They are good at dusting, cleaning bathrooms, and vacuuming, but don't expect a clean house like I did. And, be advised that if you are unhappy with the service, there is no way out, you will end up with a mark against you on your credit report. Don't do it. Unbelievable & unprofessional.
- Rebecca B....