Hill Creek Pool Heater Installation

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Business Description: Burton Pools & Spas is a premier provider of swimming pools, hot tubs, and outdoor recreation equipment. We serve Western Arkansas, Eastern Oklahoma, Southwest Missouri and just about everywhere in between. Our mission is to create beautiful environments that bring families together and help them enjoy fun outdoor activities in the comfort of their own backyard.

Reviews in Hill Creek to Install Pool Heater

FBurton Pools & Spas
As above request was being done, I was gone to my doctors appointment, however my son and mother were there. When I got home I flipped out. As this was our first year to try to open our pool ourselves,because Burton's provide your new pool to be opened and get ready to use their service people the first year after pool's built. So this season is our second season to ever use our pool, and we decided since we had them close it last winter, we would just have them open it this year. So I called the service department and believe I spoke with Randy(again not certain on his name) told him how our pool was left and we were scheduled to have a 4 year olds birthday party here the next week, and I called and requested my pool to be opened and ready to go. Believe this or not, he informed me that removal of the tarp and taking plugs out and turning pump on was all they do when people request "opening and getting pool ready ment". And that job is to the tune of 119.00 dollars per hour as well. I told hi. It was full of junk, dead animals, which seemed to me the tarp was incorrectly placed at winter closing. But that is a whole another story (we had them out 3 times at winterization and never did get tarp tight it remained open enough for debris to slide off waterfall under tarp, into pool all winter, they never got it right). Anyway Randy told me if I didn't tell them to fix the chemicals and CLEAN it they don't. Getting a clean clear pool doesn't fall into open and get ready to use for the year. You need to be specific and tell them to bring chemicals, etc to do that. And then they charge $129.00 per hour to do that. I again explained to him again I need my pool swim able by next week, please send team out to do that. He sent a man out to start the job the next day. Then the poor man ended up coming out here so many days I lost count. At one point he made the comment that it would have been better off to have drained pool and started over with all the cost of chemicals they ended up putting in to clean it. Several of the guys that came out all made comments like was pool not covered? Man tarp wasn't on correct or this pool wouldn't have been so bad. It was horrible. They ended up over the course of almost a full week using 32 pounds of shock and a bottle of Revive, with a ton of cleaning. And remember this is our 2nd time to ever use our pool. When they build you your 76000.00 dollar pool they are sweet, help you with anything and everything, and that first summer they come open it for you, believe me that ment making it clear and sparkling blue. After that good luck your on your own. They are as much help as let's say nothing!! Horrible and costs us a fortune!!! Oh and we were told that first summer they opened it we were given a lesson on how to do that. Well I know for a fact I was not given anything, in fact wasn't even outside when it was done! All in all Burton's left our pool still cloudy, but we took over from there. Took a sample to another pool company that was most helpful and they gave us a chemical that by next day our pool was sparkling clear. Word of advise from me: Burton Pools and Spas are a rip off and only want your money!! They built us a nice pool and for $76,000.00 they should. But as far as customer service in my opinion they rate a zero or big F-. Will never use them again.
- Leaann D....