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ASoutheast Pest Control
They are very helpful. If you have a problem after they spray they will come right back out to fix the problem. They are very good.
- Julia S....
AOrkin Pest Control
We have a pest control contract with them. They come once a year around May or June as per the contract and I have not called them for anything else. They go around the house, our deck and the storage building. They close things after themselves and I do not have to be around to make sure they are doing things right. Their prices are right amongst with everybody else's prices. They have been very responsive. They have cleared up the termite infestation and have done well.
- Jean G....
I haven't seen a single bug in the whole time they came here; they are better than everybody else I have tried.
- Jason P....
Very shady and very unprofessional I would not recommend Arrowhead Pest control to anyone !!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Bob B....
DTerminix - Batesville -Termite & Pest Control
Multiple times they have called to tell me the window of time they will be there and to please secure pets or take them to an alternate location. I always take them to a family member's home. They then either don't show up at all that day or come 4-5 hours late.
- Cherish H....
AVillage Pest Management
When I first talked to Robert on the phone, I like him right away. He answered all my questions and concerns. He promptly came to our home and introduced his son, Austin. His son immediately started on the yard as Robert asked me to show him the areas of concern and proceeded to explain what needed to be done that day. He was very thorough and so kind. I could instantly tell that he cared about his work and the quality of his work by his professionalism and sincerity. He likes his job!
- Carol G....
They are a local company, they do a good job. They come by pretty often. I would recommend them. My wife is very particular and she is very pleased with George's.
- Everett G....
ASuperior Termite Pest Control, Inc.
They do a good job.  They do a yearly inspection.  They crawl underneath the house.  I've had a nice experience.  They do a pretty good job.  They do at least crawl underneath the house and look around.  Their price is about right.
- Joey S....
It went fine. They are honest. I have a contract with them. I spent about $ 169 a year after initial treatment. They keep their performance and they are fast. I am free of termites. I will use them again in the future.
- Stacey J....
BTerminix - North Little Rock -Termite & Pest Control
They are okay.  I would refer them to friends or family.  We would continue to use them.  They take care of our house in Little Rock and Russellville.
- Carol B....

Pest Control in Heber Springs

Recent Review: They have always been prompt and I have just been satisfied with them.
Recent Review: Advance Pest Control is very friendly and always dependable. 
Recent Review: They are good and they call before they come. If we have a problem they will come back out. I haven't checked prices in years so I don't know what to compare them to. The usually send the same guy and the man that comes out is clean cut and nice. We had a problem a few years ago with ants and they came out three to four times until the problem was fixed.
Recent Review: They gave us a quote for $800.  They were prompt, they were nice and they were helpful.  They seemed to be out of our reach in terms of cost.  If we could afford them in the future, we might use them
Recent Review: I use Terminix only because they are the biggest. I use them because I had an insect problem and they are one of the few who told me they would not charge me for additional visits. I don't like paying their semi-annual/quarterly fee, as of the moment that's who I use. They come promptly when you call them if you have a problem.
Business Description: Billing can pay by check or credit card Ask for Military Discounts
Recent Review: Mr. Force was very courteous when I called him to set up an appointment and was also courteous when he arrived to perform the services.    Mr. Force required an yearly contract agreeing for him to return once each quarter.  He had a good personality and his rates were competitive so I agreed to the contract.   My problem with Mr. Force was that he refused to give me reasonable notice before he wanted to do his quarterly treatments. I explained to him in the beginning that I had to rely on others to drive me around so I would need at least 3 days notice in order to fit my schedule with his.  He would call me late Sunday evenings to tell me he wanted to be here Monday morning to do the service.  Each time that I was not able to accept this he would seem to be upset.   Another problem that I had with Force Pest control was that even though I was seeing dead bugs, I was also seeing an increase in the infestation instead of the decrease that was expected.   I honored my agreement for the year but did not re-new and would not consider using this company again.
Business Description: We are a local, family owned company dedicated to helping Central Arkansas homeowners and business owners to protect their property from pests such as bed bugs, cockroaches, ants, fleas, ticks, rodents, spiders, and any other nuisances or occasional invaders that can be harmful to your family or your property.
Business Description: Hopper Termite & Pest Management
Recent Review: They always do a wonderful job and make sure they call to see if we have any new pest problems before treatment.