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Recent Review: They were very good. We've used them about four times. We had a really good experience with them. They did a good job. We like the work he does. We like the beauty of the work when it gets done. He did a beautiful stone work.

Reviews in Flippin to Install Water Fountain

AAAA Lawn And Landscape
They were very good. We've used them about four times. We had a really good experience with them. They did a good job. We like the work he does. We like the beauty of the work when it gets done. He did a beautiful stone work.
- Phoebe A....
AAAA Lawn And Landscape
The project was started on June 1 of 2012. It was completed on June 26, 2012. A number of personal issues and some weather related issues entered into the length of time until completion. We were planning a party on June 24, 2012, and hoped that it would be operative, if not completed by that date. The fountain was completed for the party, and the next day the finishing touches were completed. Mr. Hobbs and his crew were professional in their work, and he was extremely responsive to all my requests or concerns. I didn't always know when they would be at the work site, and that is why I gave them a C in punctuality; but this is an insignificant issue when looking over the way the project was handled. Personal problems and other business projects kept this one from getting started when I had hoped, and so I started gathering estimates from other available landscapers. I got two other estimates and was very pleased to know that I obviously had the best offer from Alan Hobbs. In the end, I was so pleased with his work, and so convinced that he had underestimated the cost decided, without his request, to pay him more than the original estimate.
- Phoebe A....
FEllington Design Group Inc
To date the project is still now completed.  The newly sodden lawn is mostly dead because he refused to put top soil down prior to putting the sod down.  The patio around the burn pit has already fallen apart.  My  back yard is piled with debris and the remainder of the sod has not been put down.  The project was to be completed by the end of May.  When contracator is called or sent a text he is rude and has also cussed me.  I have been given threats that if I call or text again my project will be moved to the bottom of his list. I met with him in person in May with a list of items that needed to be done prior to completetion.  He agreed to the finish list but refused to sign it stating all that was in our contracts.  He charged me over $6000 for expenses and refused to give me copies of the invoices.  My front fence and gates are still not painted, rock barriers around the flower beds are not completed, the water feature is just piled in the back yard, construction debris is dumped over my fence onto common property and I have damaged sewer lines.  Existing drains were removed and not replaced.  Electrical lines were ran from my back porch and not put into conduit and are on top of the ground under my porch and deck.  Mulch was piled to be used and became so dry it is not functional.  Top soil was not put into back flower beds not front beds except into the holes where plants were to be planted.  Paint job had to be redone on the trim of the house as it looked so terrible.  Doors were not primed prior to being painted and only one coat of paint was put on and paint is already coming off.  My sewer lines have been damaged and will have to be replaced at a huge expense to me.  Most attempts to call him or contact him are either ignored, I'm given one excuse after another, or he is outright rude.
- Priscilla T....
FEllington Design Group Inc
The project started off well, but once Nathan had rebuilt the lakewall and his sub had rebuilt the pergola, the quality of work and the rate of work went continually bad.  When I confronted Nathan about the lack of anything being complete, he stated that nothing was complete and that he might take ten years to complete what he had promised to do.  There are more things I could say, but I would highly recommend not using Nathan Ellington or Ellington Design Group, Inc., without getting several references from other projects that he has worked on.  Nathan will show you pictures that he has taken of his work.  ASK for the phone numbers connected with these pictures, so that you can get first hand knowledge of the actual owner's opinion.
- Larry W....