Durian Exterior Trim Repair

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Business Description: Two man team with experience in carpentry work including painting, sheetrock repair, trim work, basic remodeling of rooms and some plumbing. We are licensed, insured and will you a free estimate.
Business Description: Hi, My name is William Stone I would like to start by telling you a little about myself. I am a very mature and responsible 42 years old. I am a single parent with one 12 year old son. I’m currently attending college, pursuing a nursing degree. Prior to this new venture, I worked in construction, welding and diesel mechanics. Unfortunately, with the economy being as it is, I was laid off almost a year ago and have been unable to obtain any other reasonable employment to support my family. I’ve made this decision to further my education to be a good example to my own son and to ensure myself a more stable and viable position to support my family The reason for this flier is as I am attending school, I am seeking odd jobs to get us through this challenge. My school days are Monday and Wednesday this semester and will be available any other days of the week or weekends. I offer very affordable rates, have all kinds of handyman experience, good work ethics, satisfaction guarantee and references. I would be very grateful for any and all help as I go through this journey. So if you, your friends or clients have a job, please give me a call. Thank you for your time, and understanding. May God bless you and help us all through these trying times.