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Business Description: Credit cards accepted
Business Description: We offer free estimates, no upfront costs, and satisfaction guaranteed. We have an AR State Contractor's License, a Paragould Building Contractor's License, and we belong to the Paragould Chamber of Commerce. We do buisness all over NE AR and SE MO. We do a lot of work with insurance claims for water and fire damage, and we will work with your adjuster to get a satisfactory settlement.
Recent Review: Great attention to detail!! Work was on time and great attention to detail!! Will use again!! Good people!! Chuck was great to work with!!
Award 2018Super Service Award
Recent Review: She always uses the rails and makes comments that is the best thing they have ever done. They cut, stained and matched the railings. They also identified some other things in the house for upgrades, that we should consider.
Award 2018Super Service Award
Recent Review: It was a fairly simple process. Scheduling was easy and they accomodated to me. One handyman came out to do the work and it took him about an hour or so to complete. I was satisfied with the results.
Business Description: Additional email - john@bvcontractors.com Additional phone - (479) 855-0348 & (479) 855-7634. Family owned. Bella Vista Contractors offers a variety of services to our customers. We will continue to define these services according to our customers needs. Our success and profitability will depend on exceeding our customers’ expectations.
Recent Review: It went very well.  He did a good job.
Recent Review: He is conscientious and honest. Does careful and quality work.
Recent Review: Exactly as contracted. Went above and beyond the contract when we changed our mind about one thing he ripped the old construction out and redid it till we were satisfied at no increased cost. We gave him a bonus on almost every job.
Recent Review: Chris and his team were very professional and provided great service.  They left the work area very clean when leaving for the day.  He gave great advise and suggestions about how things would look and what to change for a curve appeal.

Reviews in Davenport for Porch Railing Installation

AEagle Construction
Great attention to detail!! Work was on time and great attention to detail!! Will use again!! Good people!! Chuck was great to work with!!
- Jared T....
ASewell Construction & Contracting
He was very quick and a perfectionist when it came to his work. Beautiful work! Very friendly and honest people. He was sure to do everything how I wanted it to look.
- Carissa K....
AHandyman Matters of NWA
She always uses the rails and makes comments that is the best thing they have ever done. They cut, stained and matched the railings. They also identified some other things in the house for upgrades, that we should consider.
- Sue R....
CBella Vista Contractors Inc
When I asked if it shouldn't be sanded I was told it was unnecessary but the hand rails would be. Deck nor the rails were ever sanded. The job seemed to have gone fine and everything looked good but now after 4-5 months there are cracks appearing in the wood. It looks like it will require another coat.
- John G....
Great! He was on time, acted in a professional manner, did a good job overall. After all work, he cleaned up all the mess that was created by doing the work.  Would recommend to others!  Nice people to work with.
- Doyle P....
ADaniels Home Repair
I asked Mike out to give me an estimate at the beginning of the week.  By the end of the week the porch was comlete and we were only waiting on the special order shutters to come in.  He only asked for payment for the work that had been completed.  I fronted the money for the materials and he had the project completed in a timely and professional manner.
- Tracy H....
ARon Nickell Handyman
Exactly as contracted. Went above and beyond the contract when we changed our mind about one thing he ripped the old construction out and redid it till we were satisfied at no increased cost. We gave him a bonus on almost every job.
- John A....
ACustom Deckworks
Custom Deckworks is just as the name implies, truly "custom", not only in the exceptional design skills and quality construction but in customer interaction.   I had to do some significant excavation and drainage work before even starting on a deck but wanted to get an idea on cost and some ideas. Chris (owner) gladly came out to do a sight survey, took some measurements and discussed my many wants and ideas. He explained several options and possibilities I hadn't even considered. I sensed he truly wanted to get a feel for how I wanted the finished deck to flow, look and function. A short time later he emailed me an amazing, custom designed, hand drawn - not cheap computer generated plan others provide, quality set of plans, drawn to scale, and a price quote. A few weeks later, after the excavation and retaining wall/drains were done, he again came back out. He had to redesign the plan because of retaining wall height/dimension issues (my fault). Again he re-measured and promptly emailed me a revised plan to work around the retaining wall that now cut right through the proposed deck. I am a stickler for quality workmanship, proper construction techniques and attention to detail so I asked to see some of the decks he had completed and without hesitation he said "sure", gave me several locations and types I could go see. I went to see a completed deck and one he was currently working on. After inspecting his work and meeting his foreman, John, I was very impressed and knew they would build my "dream" deck. Chris and John are both professional craftsmen and you can just tell they love and take pride in their work. At every point in the build they continued to amaze me with their abilities and attention to detail. Some of the many examples are: where one level of the deck met a brick staircase coming down from the house they scribed and custom fit each deck board to precisely fit the irregular brick face - they cut holes for the posts in the deck board and slide them over the exposed posts so you end up with a single board that fits perfectly instead of cutting a notch in 2 boards and butting them together (which would eventually separate, have a gap and just look ugly)  - the majority of my deck flooring was in a diagonal pattern and each required a slightly different angle (see out of square house/shop/pool above), every board was cut and fit precisely to provide a tight joint with no hint of a gap - etc. etc. With these guys there is no "close enough" it either fits or it doesn't and they work it till it fits!! Chris and John always promptly started work in the morning even on some frosty, windy, truly miserable days to stay on schedule. At the end of each day they cleaned up the job site of all scraps and organized their tools. The price quoted was the price paid, there were no hidden charges. Unless you just like talking to contractors call Chris first and you will get a truly "custom", professional, exceptionally well built, showpiece quality deck at a fair price!!!!!!  
- Lynn J....
We were renovating the house, and not yet living here full time. Hired someone initially to rebuild our pontoon boat, and then he said he also could build us a deck, which was one of the things we had to do to the house. For some reason that sounded good at the time, no idea why.  The guy that worked on the boat hired I C Construction.  Unfortunately we were not here, but our neighbors were watching this construction happen. The deck is 40' x 35' and built in a day and a half by about 6 guys. The deck is built over a sloping back yard. The outermost end (over the steepest part of the yard) is about 15' high. The bottom is all enclosed, with two large barn-door-like, latching doors - one each on opposite sides below to access the storage area under the deck. The craftmanship is good on the deck itself. The size and shape is exactly what we asked for. Biggest issue: The wood used to build it was not so great----this was apparent a few weeks after the work was completed. Several boards on the long wall (back enclosed area) are buckled and warped, two of the posts were split where the top rails attach to closest to the existing patio. The floor (deck itself) is full of crater sized knotholes that I have to continually fill with wood putty or they splinter into your feet when walking over it. There was a small concrete step added to join to the existing stairs that lead down the backyard. The concrete must have gone over the outside of the stair form and there is a big splotch of concrete on the next step that could have been cleaned up immediately - but now it is set there forever.  When the form was made for the concrete slab under the back stairs, it was never removed - so now it is just permanent. Also, we have a birdbath that was in the yard (now covered by deck) that was too heavy to move. They just built the deck over it. Our neighbors did think that was quite hilarious.  Additionally, the staining of the deck was included in the contract as was a stain of the concrete existing patio.  I C Construction did not finish that part of the job. It is still unknown if the person that hired him didn't include it in their side-deal or not.
- Camille C....
DLet David Do It
I chose to hire David over two other's based on the Angie's List reviews and my very pleasant phone conversation with David.  He was on time for our initial visit and offered a fair estimate of the projects we needed.  We agreed upon the price, then set a day and time to begin.  David and Jeffery (painter) were here on time and quickly got started.  My fist concern was all the paint drips and spills on the carpet and floors, but I assumed they would certainly clean it up.  They worked hard for two and a half days.  When they finished around noon on the third day, they asked my 19 year old daughter if she could call my husband at work so they could get paid.  They waited in the garage for several hours before leaving in a huff and used profanities.  I called David and told him I would pay him the following day, but that I was not pleased with some of the work.  Here are the issued I shared with him:  paint drips and spills on carpet, floor, hand rail and ceiling (painter didn't take light switch & elecrical outlet covers off of all....he did some, but not all).....  the repairs on the tresholds didn't look right and upon further inspection, I discovered he didn't repair it - he covered up the rotted wood and painted over it.....   While doing laundry, I noticed it was very hot in the laundry room..  I discovered the drier vent was not even attached, so I pulled the drier away from wall to fix and noticed they painted around the washer and drier.  All of the painting was "amaturish" at best.... the trim wasn't done, but had paint drips and nicks all over it.....  David said the trim wasn't included in his quote.   I broght all this to David's attention and he willingly agreed to come fix everything.  He argued with me a bit about the paint drips being his at first, but finally just made it right (it was a mess.....not talking just a few small drips).  I didn't notice the threshold and laundry room issues until after I paid him the full amound.  Again, he agreed to come back over and fix things.  He told me he felt my complaints were valid and apologized.   I appreciated his willingness to make things right, but I feel the quality of work was poor.   I will now have to paint all the trim myself  Maybe the issue is David's painter....  most of the work David did himself was done well (except for the thresholds).....  He's a nice guy....  but just wish he would have done the quality work....and done it right the first time.
- Laura V....