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Recent Review: He was honest and knowledgable. He listed a few options and asked which option I preferred. He loaned me his pump while he sourced a replacement pump and then installed it.

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DWyatt Bros. Plumbing & Remodel
Christina Jankoviak in the last week If I could rate this company zero stars I would. Please do not use them for ANYTHING more than small, basic plumbing jobs. It was literally a nightmare. They say they're a remodeling and plumbing company, I hired them to do a replumb on a house. They took way too long to complete it, didn't brace the plumbing up to the joices in a lot of places, used unlicensed individuals to do the plumbing and lied about it, came in $728 over budget, and I literally was charged $75 an hour for 5 hours while a guy smoked cigarettes and talked on the phone in the front yard while a sump pump ran in the house. I paid them every red cent of their $728 over charge on an estimate I had to fight to get put on paper in the first place with a promise they would be back to finish the job. They said they weren't coming back! I was so angry and really forced the issue they needed to finish what they started AND had been paid for! They eventually and reluctantly sent someone to finish the job. Richard and Rick are rude, treat customers like a dime a dozen and Richard even said to me that Rick told him to tell customers that are trying to pin him down on a call to come to do their plumbing "I have 5 customers that just called me just like you, I'll get to you when I get to you, use us or don't." Personally to me that is pretty rude and let me say DO NOT USE THEM. They do not appreciate your business and bragged several times how busy they were and alluded to the fact I could use someone else. Until people actually do stop using them they will continue their poor customer treatment. Definitely find another company. My guess to combat this review they may try to find people to come in behind it and say something positive...don't buy it. Terrible company. Period.
- Christina J....