Caraway Shower Faucet Repair

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Reviews for Caraway Shower Faucet Repair

FPF Plumbing & Remodeling
I called them to fix a shower faucet from leaking. They got out to my house pretty quick and started working on the faucet. The parts where hard to find so I found them and ordered them online. It took a couple of days for them to show up even when they had been told in advance. They switched some washers and put it back together.It started leaking again in 4 days. I still had not paid them and they where supposed to come back. I waited all day and they did not show up. After a week or so they texted me wanting to come by, yet another no show after waiting half a day. I received another phone call about two weeks later and you guessed it another no show. The only thing that went well is it only cost me time. I think the job was a little over there heads, Grohe faucets are very complicated but not showing up when they where supposed to is very unprofessional.
- Glenn O....