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Recent Review: Everything went very good and we were very pleased. We did recommend Ryan to our friends and relatives.
Recent Review: A new floor purchased and installed by another location in another city needed to be replaced. Cody Drewry took away the contentiousness that had developed and graciously replaced the floor with a good team who worked carefully and cleaned up when the work was completed. I want to thank Cody for his professionalism and diligence. Cody, when I again need flooring, I will come back to you. This had become a major stress in my life because of the large amount of money spent. Many thanks to Cody for his help in fixing the entire situation.
Business Description: A floor covering store that provides carpet, tile, laminate, hardwood & sheet vinyl. We provide in stock materials & installation staff on hand to meet all your needs. Free estimates.
Recent Review: The laminate was laid in one day.  It was a long day, but the installers were meticulous and did a fantastic job!!  They removed the carpet, pad and all the glue, etc.  They laid the laminate, replaced the bottom of the baseboards and then cleaned up everything, and I do mean everything!!!!  There was no trash AT ALL left anywhere! The carpet was laid the next day.  It took 3 hours this included pulling up the old carpet and pad, laying the new carpet and then cleaning up everything yet again!  I will DEFINITELY use Akel's Carpet One any time I need flooring!!  I would recommend them to anyone and everyone!!!!!!!
Recent Review: They are wonderful, they have done other jobs for us in the past. I would use them again.
Recent Review: Beautiful product, good prices. Only issue was a delay in shipping of several weeks due to inventory. This delay caused issues with scheduling on a whole-house renovation and it would have been quite useful to know about upfront, rather than having to call them repeatedly for updates. When the flooring finally arrived, weeks late, it was beautiful and in very good shape. I would use them again, but I would order much earlier than needed to allow for any delays.
Recent Review: From the start, the communication was great. They provided a very competitive quote and an excellent product (hardwood flooring). Their crew completed the  install within a day and were very professional.  Arnold's went above and beyond by installing new trim and painting it. The finish product looked great! They even cleaned up every bit of dust.
Business Description: At One Touch Flooring we have the right tools, staff, and experience to make your floors look and feel brand new if we aren’t already installing new models to begin with. We can service all types and styles of different floors, including wood, vinyl, laminate, bamboo, tile, linoleum, and even cork. If you need an older model polished and buffered, or if you want to start from scratch, One Touch Flooring is the company to call.
Award 2018Super Service Award
Recent Review: Jake did an excellent job on all laminate installations, and the refinished hardwood floors were absolutely stunning.
Recent Review: I would recommend TIG flooring for hardwood installation. I wasn't sure what kind of flooring or what color would look best in my home, and Thiago had a lot of good advice and presented a lot of options. I ended up settling on an option that was less expensive than my first choice, and it looks wonderful! TIG makes hardwood installation affordable by offering a variety of hardwoods, engineered hardwoods and laminate flooring options. You should give them a call!

Reviews in Camp Robinson to Install Laminate Flooring

ACrazy Dave's Carpet Outlet
I bought a house that had 7-year-old carpet throughout, and I hated it. I decided to replace all the carpet with laminate flooring. At the time, I didn't know much about it, so I started doing some research and shopping around for the right flooring. One of my co-workers recommended Crazy Dave's. He'd replaced all the flooring in his house (some carpet, some laminate) and had gotten all of his flooring at Crazy Dave's. So, I stopped by one morning to talk to them. They arranged for someone to come out to the new house and take measurements, and when I went back to look at what they had available, I found an absolutely beautiful floor (Wild Pecan from KronoSwiss) that I fell absolutely in love with. It was, however, a bit above what I wanted to pay, especially since I was going to be doing, in total, around 1300 sq ft! Well, they took that into consideration, and gave me a deal on the price. I got the flooring and the underlayment for less than $2/sq ft! I had been planning to buy it all at once, with some money I'd saved up, but I hadn't saved up quite that much. I just bought enough to do the living room so I could have that done before we moved in. A couple of months later, when I got my income tax refund, I went back to get the rest. Even though it had been a couple of months since I'd bought the first load and the cost of the flooring had gone up, they stuck to the original deal. They do have installers, but didn't push installation service on me. In fact, they recommended that I try to install it msyelf, since the cost of installation would double the cost of the flooring. I'd never done anything even remotely like that before, but they explained how to do it and what basic tools I would need. And whenever I had a question while I was doing that first room, they were there and ready to answer them. When I came in the second time to pick up the rest of my flooring, I proudly showed them the pictures I'd taken of the living room when I finished it up, and they were more than happy to look at them and tell me it looked as good as I thought it did. They are friendly, customer-oriented, and have excellent products! The new house is a doublewide, and laminate flooring can end up sounding hollow, but the underlayment they sold me deadens sound nicely. There is no hollow sound to the floor at all! And even with six dogs running, scrambling, and skidding across the floor, there are no scuffs or scratches. In fact, the only scuffs or scratches at all are ones that I made during the installation, and are impossible to see if you don't know they're there. The moral of the story? Great quality flooring from a great company. They won't push things on you that you don't need. They'll answer any questions you have. And, if you have materials left over when you finish the job, they'll buy them back! I have recommended them to friends myself, and will again. And when I get ready to replace the flooring in the kitchen, laundry room and bathrooms, I'll be going back to Crazy Dave's!
- Kendra S....
AC & L Flooring
Job went great.  Very professional and efficient.  Job completed in good time.  Very personable and cooperative.  Very reasonable and stands behind his work.  Would recommend him for any carpet, tile or laminate or hardwood flooring. Excellent.
- Lonnie K....
AGet-ER-Done Handyman Services
Mr. Higgins is very professional.  He and his co-worker arrived on time for both days of work.  I would highly recommend his services to any of my family or friends.  We had just bought our new home and hired Mr. Higgings to lay the laminate flooring.  He installed the flooring with no problems and it's free of any defects.  He and his co-worker worked together to complete the job fast and make sure not to scratch the flooring and cleaned up their mess once the job was completed.  We were so pleased with this job, we hired Mr. Higgins to lay our bathroom and kitchen tiles.
- Kenyon L....
We have known the family for years and have used them before. They gave us a free estimate. They were really young guys but they did a great job. They came and stayed till the job was finished. They tore out the existing carpet installing that we had and installed the laminate flooring. I would highly recommend them. They told me exactly when they could place the order and when it would arrive, and the very next day they installed it and it was done. The price they gave me was a lot less than the other guys and one of the other guys had exactly the same product. It is a family-owned business and they have been in Conway for probably 30 years.
- Pam D....
AFloors Gone Wild
Oh My Goodness...I am so excited. The floors look so wonderful. I had to get all my floors replace because of water damage that took place. I had the previous floors installed 2008 by a construction company that did all remodeling. It pays to get a real floor company to install your new floors. With using "Floors Gone Wild", I could tell the difference automatically. The owner Ryan and his help Paul and David did an excellent and professional job. All three of them worked hard, had less waste and very easy to work with. I got three quotes for installing my floors. Floors Gone Wild is the only company that paid attention to what I was wanting in my floors. Ryan also gave me information on the quality of each of the floors, which is important. If you want your floors to be installed correctly by a person with "OCD" with need to call Ryan. In most cases it is good to have your house empty so your new floors could be installed faster. Ryan worked with me so I could move my furniture from room to room. He also had lots of patience with me because I did change my mind several times on the style of floors. I cannot not stress enough how much I am impressed with Floors Gone Wild and their work. Thanks Ryan, Paul, and David. PS: I would love to post some pictures, but I am working on my iPad and there is no option.
- Lori J....
AFloors Gone Wild
His crew did an awesome job, we will hire this company again to do our bedrooms.   They had to level our sub floor due to a leak & did a great job.  Could not be happier with there work.   My husband was very pleased with how long they stayed to get the job completed. 
- Stacy W....
ATIG Flooring USA
I would recommend TIG flooring for hardwood installation. I wasn't sure what kind of flooring or what color would look best in my home, and Thiago had a lot of good advice and presented a lot of options. I ended up settling on an option that was less expensive than my first choice, and it looks wonderful! TIG makes hardwood installation affordable by offering a variety of hardwoods, engineered hardwoods and laminate flooring options. You should give them a call!
- Sam E....
AStewart Family Floors LLC
It went well.  Due to my hectic schedule I could never actually meet Jake in person (I had a relative meet him) but we were able to discuss all aspects of the job via telephone prior to the job starting.  He was an excellent communicator; and if I did not anticipate a question, he would ask it to make sure he had all the information he needed before starting the job.  At the end of the job, the quality of his work was inspected closely and it was deemed to be excellent. It's always a bit stressful trying out new providers, but my experience with Jake was satisfactory.  I plan on using him again in the future.
- Paul K....
Mr. Jones, the workman, arrived exactly at the agreed-upon time to give me an estimate ($175.00 including materials and labor). He also showed up on the agreed-upon day to do the repair work. He was here about 2 hours, used about $90 of materials that he brought to my house, and swept up after he was finished. He worked hard and did an excellent job. He charged me exactly the amount he had estimated, $175.00, which I consider this to be an excellent price considering the time involved in terms of picking up materials, driving to my house, and doing 2 hours of labor. This same company had installed the floor 5 years ago, and I was equally happy with the work then.
- Gary S....
AHartgraves Home Improvement
Jonathan, as always, did an excellent job.  Showed up on the date he said and finished project in the allotted time. He even ran into a rotten section in the underlayment from an old ac leak.  He detailed the cost of repairing the spot before calling me so that I could make the decision more quickly as to not cause him to finish project on time.  It was an easy decision.  Jonathan has performed numerous small projects for me on rent houses and personal house for the last 3 years.  Very dependable.
- Jesse B....