Black Fork Crawl Space Waterproofing

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American Standard Foundation Repair of NW Arkansas
Award 2018Super Service Award
Recent Review: Mike sent to me the Estimate that we had discussed and contacted me several times to touch base as to when to expect the team. Brian was our project manager. He and his team of guys were great. They showed up on the day the project was to happen and worked the entire time they were there. Brian was there throughout the entire project and if I had questions or concerns he was available to answer them for me. The guys hand dug around 3 sides of our home and booted the foundation with a water proof fabric barrier then put down the 4 inch French drain... pipe and rock. They did locate one of the causes of the water build up and caulked the hole and buried several of the downspout drains as well. They put the landscape back as best they could and this spring many of the plants came back right where they should have been. They were great with our large dogs and even our 140 lb Mastiff couldn't resist escaping through the barricade to hang with them. I really appreciated they were patient and kind to our animals. Especially when they were going to be in their area for 4 or 5 days.  When the project was completed the deck was rebuilt, the extra wood was stacked next to the wood pile, and I have not had water in the basement. The piers on the back side of the house were added and the patio was cemented in a job well done. I am so happy...
River Valley Restoration Services, Inc
Business Description: We accept cash, check and/or Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express credit cards. We work with insurance companies through the entire process. We are a small, family owned business.
Southern Structural Solutions
Business Description: Southern Structural Solutions is Arkansas premiere provider of foundation repair, basement waterproofing and exterior drainage solutions. We have 15 years experience in all aspects of structural remediation. If your home has a crack, we can fix it. We are a small company, of less than 10 total employees. We never sub-contract out our repairs. If we can't repair the problem for you, we will help you find someone who can. We accept all major credit cards, and have some special financing available upon request.
Rainbow International of Pine Bluff & Stutgart
Business Description: Whether facing water, fire, smoke or mold damage, people need help and they need it fast. Home and business owners facing water, fire, smoke or mold damage expect fast, reliable and professional help. For over thirty years they’ve turned to the restoration and cleaning experts at Rainbow International. With hundreds of rapid response emergency service locations across the United States and Canada, Rainbow International provides the assistance you need, when you need it. Here is what you can expect from Rainbow International restoration services specialists: Polite and clean-cut, with a friendly smile and attitude Honest, dependable and always working with your best interest in mind, Knowledgeable and trained in the latest restoration and cleaning techniques and equipment IICRC certified in water restoration. Drug and background checked Professionally attired with a personal I.D. badge, Uses a Rainbow floor mat to wipe his feet, Wears waterproof shoe protectors in your home or business to keep things clean, Thoroughly explains the restoration process and welcomes your questions, Takes photos - before, during and after, Provides you with full documentation and job scope before any work starts, Waits for your approval to begin the job, Cleans up after the job is done - as if he was never there and welcomes your feedback and offers you an opportunity to give it through a survey.

Reviews in Black Fork to Waterproof Crawl Space

FRiver Valley Restoration Services, Inc
While they were excavating the drainage ditch, they halted the job and called us outside to see that the front corner of our home ?just fell off.? They ?fixed? it , but the repair work is shoddy, the brick mortar is cracking apart, half the brick wall has settled down about 1/2?, and instead of replacing all of the brick they knocked off, they built a wooden 40? x 17.5? doorway. They also re-routed the original plan for the drainage pipe, and instead of having it continue straight in the front of the house and draining to the west side of our lot, they turned it at the corner of the house, drilled through the retaining wall, and had it to empty next to the west basement wall. Although they initially dug the ditch fairly deep (possibly about 6-8 feet), they dumped about half of the dirt back into the hole (instead of hauling it off), then laid the pipe, and filled it with gravel. They never landscaped or cleaned anything up, and left rocks all over the yard, and even left ruts all through the backyard. Also during the excavation, they cut through our downspout extension that was buried underground, and when we asked about it Richard told us he had directed the downspout down to the drain tile and it would carry all of the water out through the pipe. Later we discovered it was merely cut off and not directed anywhere, thus no longer carrying water away from the house, but instead directing the water straight down to the basement. The waterproofing and drain tile project (?Project #1?) was completed on August 13, 2015, and we wrote a check for $7,500 (check # 6623) which covered the $3,500 balance for Project 1, and a $4,000 deposit for the deck and roof project (?Project #2?). The deck project started one to two weeks later. We paid $8,000 (check # 6651) on September 15th, and the balance ($4,000, check # 6672) on September 30th when it was completed. We brought several issues to their attention, some of which they fixed, most of which they argued about and ultimately did nothing. One thing that was not fixed was the guttering. They removed the long gutter from the back of the house, but did not reattach it to the new roof. Also, the new roof was supposed to protect our new deck and basement, but yet has problems of its own. Not only does it leak, there were no nuts or washers used with the screws, the west railing of the deck is not even braced, the roof does not appear to be properly braced and attached to the house, the support column is bowed, and much of the wood has holes and pits. The first HEAVY rain occured on November 16, 2015, and more water entered our basement than ever before (approximately 1/2? or more above the tile). The first thing they said was that their drainage system was working, but we showed them it was NOT working because no water was draining out of it, and there was no puddle under it. Trey and Richard argued that it DID work, knocking a hole in the retaining wall to ?check for moisture,? and began looking for every other possible way that the house could have gotten wet, putting sandbags outside the back door (even though that?s not how the water was entering), digging a hole under the west side of the house (which ironically is where they had planned on their drain tile?s water dumping) and placing a temporary sump pump, taking pictures, and completely ignoring the fact that they had not waterproofed our basement or properly installed the drain tile. They placed fans and dehumidifiers inside the basement to dry it out, and when they returned to collect their equipment the next day, Trey began ?selling? us on another costly solution, stating we really didn?t need the drain tile he had installed in the front. It became obvious that they did not know what they were doing, and we sought out second opinions from other contractors who confirmed our suspicions. We have been told that the drainage system was not properly installed and would never work because #1: It was not dug deep enough, #2: a clean-out valve is never installed with a perforated pipe, and #3: If it HAD worked it would have flooded the west side of the house, creating a new problem area. The other contractors explained that Trey?s drain tile system worsened our problem because not only was it not installed properly, but he and his crew disturbed all of the barrier soil and caused water to flow under (and into) the house more freely. Also, the severed downspout was merely pouring water toward the basement. When we pointed out all of the flaws, River Valley Restoration was unconcerned and did nothing, usually arguing with us about it, sometimes promising to fix it, but ultimately doing nothing but suggesting more projects that would cost additional money. We were told by the other contractors that our best recourse would be to either have River Valley Restoration fix their mistakes or give us a refund and have the work done by professionals. Since River Valley Restoration was adamant that there was nothing wrong with their work, fixing it was obviously not something they would be willing or capable of doing. We had not heard from Trey with River Valley Restoration since November 18th, so on December 2nd we gave him a call and asked for a refund. He was unwilling to give me a refund and did not offer to fix anything, but just said, ?Well, you have fun with that,? and ended up hanging up on me. 
- Stephanie F....