Bigelow Laminate Flooring Installation

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Reviews in Bigelow to Install Laminate Flooring

AStewart Family Floors LLC
Jake did an excellent job on all laminate installations, and the refinished hardwood floors were absolutely stunning.
- Clyde J....
AShadwick Construction
Shadwick Construction provided a cost estimate for the installation of flooring which I purchased from another vendor. They arrived promptly for both the estimate and the installation. They removed the existing carpeting and installed two rooms of laminate quickly and professionally. The installation was surprisingly fast - and the quality was extremely high They even cleaned up well and removed any related trash before they left! I highly recommend them; they are friendly, efficient and professional . I will certainly be using them again soon.
- Barbara W....
AStewart Family Floors LLC
Excellent. Jacob was curtious and extremely helpful. He assisted us with our selection and recommended to best product at best price to meet our needs. Stewart family floors did an Excellant job installing our floors and the job was completed very quickly. We would definitely recommend them.
- Rhonda K....
AFloors By James
He did a phenomenal job, and he was incredibly patient. He had to deal with the wrong materials being sent by Lowe's and a host of other problems, but he handled them very well and my floor looks great. He's meticulous and personable. He's very professional, and it's apparent that he cares about what he's doing.
- Paul G....
AStewart Family Floors LLC
Awesome job, Christian men who take pride in their work! On time, great price, cleaned up, and my floors look amazing. These guys are who you want to hire!!! A+++
- Tiffany D....
AA-1 Carpet & Tile
My wife and I went to Mohammed 's showroom on South Blvd. to take a look at what flooring products he offered for our child's playroom, which is our bonus room over the garage. Mohamed showed us what he had, but also came out to our house with samples to let us see how they looked in the room and the light. He also gave us some good ideas on how to transition the new flooring to our staircase carpet. His installation guys came back in a couple of weeks and removed our existing carpet and put down the new flooring, which took maybe half a day or so. We had a fairly large stretch of transition to the carpet that would have taken two pieces of edging; Mohammed did not like the look of breaking it into two pieces, so he crafted a custom transition for us himself and stained it to match the flooring exactly. He wants his customers to be completely happy, and goes out of his way to make that happen. We were so pleased with his work, that we hired him to completely re-tile two of our bathrooms a few months later, and he did a great job on that too. I would recommend him without hesitation.
- Russell A....
CRomanoff Floor Coverings
My issues are less about the installation and more about the customer service of Romanoff.   -   Home Depot has a sale price for whole home installation.  I chose to accept the price.   While I'm sure Romanoff will blame Home Depot for this, I am convinced otherwise.   The whole home installation price was $499, but it turned out that if I wanted the old carpet removed, it was an additional price.  I chose to do the extra work on my own. Once the sale was made, I received a phone call explaining a lot of additional costs.   Apparently, moving furniture out of the way was not part of the installation price, so I was to pay an additional $500 for that.    The quarter-round trim which hold the laminate floor down is not part of the installation, it was an additional $600 for that.   While going through the list, I explained that I would handle all of those items.   At that point, I was not aware that by doing so, I would create a ton of delays and hoops to jump through.   When I went back to the Home Depot store to schedule the installation, I was told that it couldn't be scheduled because of issues.   No one explained this to me in the prior phone call.   I had to repair sub-floor and add a vapor barrier under the house.   Of course Romanoff could do this for a sizable fee.   I said that I would have the work completed by my family.  At that time, I worked quickly to get the repairs made so that I could have Romanoff inspect it - which by the way was an $80 fee for them to inspect.   They did and I passed.  However, even after the workers inspected, the office still questioned whether I had a  vapor barrier.  I assured them that the workers looked and they were welcome to come back and look if they needed to.   -   Then I receved a call stating that they were very busy and I would not be able to get my installation for another month.   -I have very bad allergies and had already been living on bare floors with dust everywhere for 3 weeks.   When I explained this to Romanoff, the employee  - I believe her name was Beverly laughed at me.   It was the most unprofessional treatment I have ever experienced.   They tried to lay it off on Home Depot, but the workers in Home Depot were also frustrated because of the treatment of Romanoff.  In fact, the worker helping me got hung up on while she was in mid-sentence asking a question.      When they finally installed my floors, the first thing the workers asked again was whether or not I had a vapor barrier.  These were the same guys who did the inspection.   I said they were welcome to crawl under my house and look again.    -   Overall they did a decent job of the installation, but Romanoff's customer service is some of the worst I have ever experienced.
- Johnny H....
AValley flooring and renovation
It was wonderful! Ryan provided excellent service and was responsive to all my questions and concerns. I would definitely recommend using his services and I will definitely be a returning customer!
- Tiffany M....
Pre-install:  Good at answering questions and set the tone  Store sales specialist Gary D Hedges.  Gave me information on available products, availability for install, samples, and just good information based on what I thought I wanted.  Yes he tried to sell me a more expensive product but also listened. Gave me an in-store "guesstimate"  which helped me refine my budget.  Had to pay $35 for an estimate but it would be deducted from the purchase price. The Actual measuring with product and installation quote: Gentleman arrived just a bit late but had the courtesy to call as it was a longer drive than he had estimated. He was in a uniform and wearing ID.  He had an electronic measuring device and zipped right into and through getting the measurements.  Estimated time for the install. He also gave me a complete written instruction on what to expect about the process in order to be prepared for the installation.  Great information, all spelled out and believe me, a lot of work. Contract:  Back to the store because I like the face-to-face.  Complete merchandise and installation description.  Materials ordered and date to be most likely in the store.  Assisted at the cash register with Lowe's Consumer Credit Card which afforded the purchaser a possible 5% off or special financing. Scheduling:  Installer or Lowe's (?) called and set the installation date for May 26th. Craig to be my contact for Lowe's installation Team and his phone number.  Brandon called the Saturday before and inquired about starting on Tuesday the 27th instead but I had already gotten Monday off to be there for the workers.  He seemed disappointed but would be there.  It was a long drive for the crew so it would be at 9:00 AM.  I said the earlier the better.  I had a week to pack up all the breakables, electronics and the BOOKS! Delivery of materials:  I was given a date and time for the delivery and when I got there, about 30 minutes before, the material had been delivered and left in the driveway.  The product, Pergo laminate wood flooring was to acclimatize to the household temperature and humidity for 2-3 days, INDOORS!  Rain was expected at anytime and so I called my contact Craig and a crew of store personnel arrived and carried the flooring and materials into the house.   Installation:  Team of two, Kevin and the guy who did the estimate(sorry really bad at names).  These guys worked like fire and I still had a few things to pack.  They would tell me where they would be working and I mostly stayed ahead but I was also working full time. By the end of the second day, they did get ahead of me and started on the master bedroom.  I had not taken apart the bed but I had told Kevin that it was an air bed in a waterbed frame.  By the middle of the third day they were done and had caulked some spots I had marked the previous day.  I must say, I was impressed with the workmanship and the speed.  I had asked for the transition from the master bath to the new wood floor be wood. The evening they completed I came home and my bed was reassembled but was not quite right in the center of the room so my friend and I started taking it apart to move it a bit and found that the support platform boards had the screws ripped out (particle board) and two of the three pieces were broken and the frame was not put back together correctly and one of the air bladder nozzles had been pulled out of the bladder.  I was very upset about the situation when I went back to work the next day but had not decided quite what to do but I said something about it to a co-worker about the damage and how upset I was and she called her husband AT LOWE's! (I wasn't aware that she was connected with somebody who worked there, just a sympathetic ear.)  Well that very day Kevin called and offered to fix the board situation with plywood at my earliest convenience and offered to place the transition at the master bath if I would pick one up and if that would square us.  I was pleased at the offer and accepted it.  I felt it was partially my responsibility that the damage had occurred as I should have disassembled the bed so I purchased a new air bladder.  Kevin came and my friend was fortunately able to be there and Kevin tried to take the bed apart the same way as he had before with trying to lift the frame with the platform boards attached.  I had at least unplugged the air bladders this time. Fortunately she stopped him before further damage.  The platform was replaced and the transition was installed and he left.  The bed was fine but the transition was not straight with the most obvious grout lines and he had taken the 4 piece kit that I had purchased so I could not fix it myself either.  This time I called Craig directly and he said he would contact Kevin to get the kit returned and someone would contact me to fix the transition. It's only been about a week but I haven't heard anything yet.   In spite of this glitch, I love this floor and my experience has been very good! 
- Fay W....
People working at that time were very helpful and friendly.  They helped me to determine sqaure foot was and about what each floor would cost me...this really helped me because I was on a budget. I would recommend any one wanting a nice and friendly experience buying floor covering to go by this store, it is definitely worth it.
- Belinda B....

Flooring Sales and Installation in Bigelow

Recent Review: They are wonderful, they have done other jobs for us in the past. I would use them again.
Recent Review: He did a good job installing the flooring and completed the task within the time frame he gave.
Recent Review: They did what they said they would do. There was a small problem with the installation but they fixed it right away. Laminate flooring does usually need to have adjustments, so it was not a big deal.
Recent Review: I couldn't asked for more. Their workers were just super good, polite, and helpful with everything.
Recent Review: Abbey Carpet & Floor installed wood floors and carpet - amazing work! The installers were very friendly and made sure they took great care of the materials being installed. Ravi was also very nice - great customer service every time I went there. They made suggestions and got me what I needed to match the decor of each room. Their theater room flooring selection was perfect!
Recent Review: I bought a house that had 7-year-old carpet throughout, and I hated it. I decided to replace all the carpet with laminate flooring. At the time, I didn't know much about it, so I started doing some research and shopping around for the right flooring. One of my co-workers recommended Crazy Dave's. He'd replaced all the flooring in his house (some carpet, some laminate) and had gotten all of his flooring at Crazy Dave's. So, I stopped by one morning to talk to them. They arranged for someone to come out to the new house and take measurements, and when I went back to look at what they had available, I found an absolutely beautiful floor (Wild Pecan from KronoSwiss) that I fell absolutely in love with. It was, however, a bit above what I wanted to pay, especially since I was going to be doing, in total, around 1300 sq ft! Well, they took that into consideration, and gave me a deal on the price. I got the flooring and the underlayment for less than $2/sq ft! I had been planning to buy it all at once, with some money I'd saved up, but I hadn't saved up quite that much. I just bought enough to do the living room so I could have that done before we moved in. A couple of months later, when I got my income tax refund, I went back to get the rest. Even though it had been a couple of months since I'd bought the first load and the cost of the flooring had gone up, they stuck to the original deal. They do have installers, but didn't push installation service on me. In fact, they recommended that I try to install it msyelf, since the cost of installation would double the cost of the flooring. I'd never done anything even remotely like that before, but they explained how to do it and what basic tools I would need. And whenever I had a question while I was doing that first room, they were there and ready to answer them. When I came in the second time to pick up the rest of my flooring, I proudly showed them the pictures I'd taken of the living room when I finished it up, and they were more than happy to look at them and tell me it looked as good as I thought it did. They are friendly, customer-oriented, and have excellent products! The new house is a doublewide, and laminate flooring can end up sounding hollow, but the underlayment they sold me deadens sound nicely. There is no hollow sound to the floor at all! And even with six dogs running, scrambling, and skidding across the floor, there are no scuffs or scratches. In fact, the only scuffs or scratches at all are ones that I made during the installation, and are impossible to see if you don't know they're there. The moral of the story? Great quality flooring from a great company. They won't push things on you that you don't need. They'll answer any questions you have. And, if you have materials left over when you finish the job, they'll buy them back! I have recommended them to friends myself, and will again. And when I get ready to replace the flooring in the kitchen, laundry room and bathrooms, I'll be going back to Crazy Dave's!
Business Description: I have been a commercial and residential floor installer for 19yrs. No job to big or small. I will travel and will give free estimates
Recent Review: Beautiful product, good prices. Only issue was a delay in shipping of several weeks due to inventory. This delay caused issues with scheduling on a whole-house renovation and it would have been quite useful to know about upfront, rather than having to call them repeatedly for updates. When the flooring finally arrived, weeks late, it was beautiful and in very good shape. I would use them again, but I would order much earlier than needed to allow for any delays.
Business Description: SNC began servicing the Twin Lakes area in 2003. We began as a custom tile installation company and rapidly grew into a full service flooring sales and service provider, this growth was insisted on by satisfied customers that needed us to expand our services. We immediately started our expansion and shortly became the fastest growing flooring and natural stone counter top company in North Central Arkansas. To date we strive to continue our expansion and provide the largest, newest, and most innovative home improvement solutions in our region. We specialize in taking the time to discover the needs of our customers and offering practical everyday flooring & counter top solutions that are affordable for every budget. Our goal for you as our valued customer is to supply products & services that you can rely on for years to come with the comfort of knowing that we're never more than a phone call away. We offer quality products and services at prices that are affordable for every budget. Whether you're looking for something stylish and trendy, luxurious and sophisticated, or just comfortable and inviting, we have something that will meet your needs. We offer FREE local in home estimates and LIFETIME installation warranties.
Recent Review: UNQUESTIONABLY and ABSOLUTELY THE BEST YOU WILL FIND!!!  From my initial contact with Andrew (Co-owner), I was thoroughly impressed by his PROFESSIONALISM and KNOWLEDGE of the products and application processes.  In today's business world, I am what you would refer to as a Skeptic and always on the lookout for scams.  Therefore, I had studied up prior to talking to Andrew and meeting with him to discuss our project and desires.  He is an enthusiastic and compassionate person, whom which carries himself with confidence and stands behind his (their) product and company.  He was able to answer every question and concern I had, and as a result, we did not hesitate to schedule our floor to be completed.  As you can tell, meeting Andrew was great, however, meeting Carey (Co-owner) added to the [AAA] satisfaction and experience had with this project and the outcome.  From the time Carey and his team arrived to start the project they were punctual, professional, courteous, neat, clean and explained in detail every step of the process.  Throughout  the project, which took three days due to the stages that this needs to occur to get the PROFESSIONAL RESULTS one desires when having this done, Carey was continuously asking if we had questions, concerns and/or were pleased.  Andrew, Carey the Team (Josh and Sergio) at Limitless Innovations LLC, by far, EXCEEDED OUR EXPECTATIONS (and that isn't easy to do for this 30+ year military retiree) and we can't wait to be one of the many REPEAT CUSTOMERS that they have had to date.  If you are considering installing a decorative Epoxy floor covering and/or are wanting to have decorative Stain applied to your concrete... whether in your home or out, PLEASE SAVE YOURSELF SOME TIME and LOOK NO FURTHER!!!  These Owner's of this company (LIMITLESS INNOVATIONS) will undoubtedly be a SUCCESS in this day and age when finding QUALITY, PUNCTUALITY, RELIABILITY and PROFESSIONALISM are elusive and rare.  Please visit them on their FaceBook page to see some of the beautiful work that they have done.   Chris