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BColumbus Shingle, Vinyl & Aluminum
Started out great! Roof and windows went well. Siding ok. Took long time on doors. There work was great! It just got drawn out because they had other jobs. Didn't finish mine before moving on to another job. Finally came back and completed the job.
- Avery A....
AAffordable Handyman Service
I'm editing this because the phone call transcription sounded very disjointed. The reason I called Affordable Handyman was because of the reviews he got on Angie's List.  Jason Kilgore, the owner, came out quickly and gave me what I thought was a good estimate. He was polite and respectful, as were all his employees. He and Colin were a pleasure. One thing I like about him is he always answers his phone and they here when they say they are going to be here. I thought their price was extremely reasonable and I'm pleased with my decision to hire him. I'll definitely call him again when I need more work done around my house!
- Yolanda F....
AThe Ultimate Handyman
I couldn't be more happier!  I would highly recommend giving him a call and having him do your next home project!
- Misty R....
CThe Ultimate Handyman
This was all told in the previous section.  Please refer to it.  I am sorry to have to complain but overall the work was sloppy.  Nathan did come when he said he would to give an estimate, to do the work, etc 10/9/2011  UPDATE:  I have had to replace the toilet in my bathroom which Mr. Weatherby and his helpers moved from the hall bath in July or August.  I noticed that it "rocked" on the wax ring that it was sitting on and finally it became very difficult to flush.  Had a professional plumbing service take a look at it and they reported that it would have cracked sooner or later.  The tank was too wide for the space available (due to a construction error made 18 years ago where the hole for the commode was cut too close to the wall) but Nathan "made" it fit which was also causing problems.  I estimate that this cost me approximately $400 more dollars (you remember that I initially paid Nathan almost $7000 to do all these jobs for me) Also, Nathan replaced two windows for me.  They were not sealed properly and one would not stay open.  Also, one of the window sills was rotted clear through to the outside; I thought Nathan surely replaced the windowsill.  No, he used the famous caulking trick to fill the hole, leaving rotted wood in the house.  This wood rot was caused by shrubbery keeping it damp behind them - they were originally planted too close to the house but they have been gone for about 18 months now.  I am now going to have to pay a professional window installation company $200 to repair what was not done at the initial installation. Nathan needs to learn to make an itemized statement for his services.  My mistake was not insisting that he do one.  He charged me all this $$ and I had to purchase the materials myself besides.  The window company is furnishing the windows, hardware, etc. and it will cost me less than one of Nathan's unprofessional jobs.  Please do not use this company for any of your work if you want it done correctly.  I learned about this after the fact.  I think he took advantage of the fact the my husband passed away in March and was not here to oversee things.
- Patricia F....

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Recent Review: Great. I will contact them for all future work needed
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Recent Review: Went well.. was on time, quick and very professional
Recent Review: He was very professional and worked hard to make us happy. I'm very satisfied with all work done.
Recent Review: I couldn't be more happier!  I would highly recommend giving him a call and having him do your next home project!