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Business Description: B & B Vinyl Siding & Windows is a locally owned-operated company serving Montgomery and the surrounding area since 1990. Specializing in Window Replacements, Siding, Patio Covers and Screen Rooms. All of our work is done by well-trained employees of B&B Vinyl Siding & Windows. We are a fully licensed and insured company, including liability and worker's comp insurance.

Reviews for Sardis Wood Siding Repair

AQualityCraft Construction LLC
These guys do great work ... period! Our home and detached garage/workshop were struck by lightning and we had a good deal of damage to our external garage and one area of the house.   The garage took the brunt of the blast with fairly good sized entry/exit holes and completely destroyed wiring.   The main structure received damage to a small section of the roof as well as some other things that were repaired by various utility/service companies. The contractors for QualityCraft Construction were onsite for evaluation the next morning and in action the day after.  When our presence was necessary, they were punctual in arrival and always professional.  One neat tid-bit:  they all endured my nosiness without complaint (I'm "that guy" who loves to look over a worker's shoulder --- how else are we going to learn right?).  I think the most important thing to us was the way the owner, Mark Marvin (and where needed the Foreman, Gerald) explained everything that was needed.  Every repair, every additional finding, every "whatever" was explained in meticulous but easy to understand detail without pretentious or condescending tones.  Honestly speaking (that's why we're here right?), some things were unexpectedly pricey but I assure you, it's a case of "you get what you pay for" and the overall price was well below estimates from licensed and bonded competitors in the region.  We've had a lot of people do work for us over the years and we've never been more satisfied than we have been/are with QualityCraft Construction, LLC. We like them so much in fact, we contracted them to perform repairs on our rental property as they concluded the lightning repairs on our main residence.  There were a litany of repairs to be done (listed above) but the most notable for the purpose of this review was the replacement of the kitchen laminate:  After the floor was laid and after we had settled up, we noticed the floor didn't go in in one piece. It appeared as though  the installer had  inadvertently torn it but patched it (almost imperceptibly).  When I called Mark to raise my concerns and apologize for not catching the error before closing, he  took the ball and said (I'm not paraphrasing here), "I'm here to protect you from things like this.  We'll take care of it."  NOW THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT!   That's good business!   The work was re-done at no extra cost to us with a higher grade laminate.  It looks great.  I will definitely use them again and will gladly recommend them to anyone...anytime.
- C D....