Robertsdale Misting System Installation

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Business Description: In the misting business since 1998. Average 3-5 employees. We build our high pressure mist pumps, have our nozzles manufactured for us. Offer slip-lok (push to connect) fittings, water filters, outdoor fans and all products to build mist systems. Mist Works builds portable mist fans for sale and rental. Warranties on our products range from 1-2 years. References.
Business Description: Contact us at (855) 434-5008 in Milton, FL, for our irrigation systems of sprinkler systems.

Reviews in Robertsdale to Install Misting System

Scott and his crew were very professional, prompt, and did excellent work.  I had large azalea shrubs with nasty thorny weeds running through them.  HIs crew did a great job weeding and trimming.  I also had a lot of dollar weed that I couldn't get rid of.  He sprayed in early spring of last year and it all went away.  I had him come back again a couple weeks ago to spray my entire yard!!  He is very reasonable in price as well.
- Greg P....
DWater Works Sprinkler Systems, Inc
I called to get estimate for job and first avail appt was a few weeks out.  I told the lady I would not be able to take off work for a half day to be there and she said I didn't have to be there then she tried to end the call without even knowing what I wanted done (I'm guessing she was presuming that I was starting from scratch on a lawn irrigation system?).  I explained it to her and gave her contact information for neighbor who would be there during estimate to clarify work requested.  He arrived on date scheduled.  My neighbor said that he was told I would be sent and estimate (and didn't give him any information).  After a few weeks I called them because I didn't receive anything.  She gave me a price verbally and I told her I'd like to discuss setting up a time.  She said she would have to discuss the schedule with owner and get back to me.  I waited....and waited... started seeing utility flag markers around my yard and it took me a while to figure out what that was about... I was guessing they were moving forward with the project without discussing dates etc with me and I was right.  I was ready to start over with another company .... over a month out from last conversation with them, when I received a voice mail telling me that they would be there the following Tuesday (it was Friday afternoon and I was gone for the weekend) to do the job. The crew came on stated date and time and I discussed project with owner.  He was very nice and explained how he recommended laying things out.  He left and crew started the work.  It took them maybe 3 hrs.  to complete.  Some ditch digger machine was used across grass to place lines and when job was completed I had three large elevated lines of dirt over 12 inches wide left across my grass.. didn't even try to get the push the dirt down.  I was told it wasn't a big deal and grass would grow right over it quickly ... over 2 months now... still looks all torn up.  I paid the supervisor with a check and was told I would be sent a receipt.  A week or so later I noticed that there didn't seem to be enough pressure to raise a few of the mister and oscillators on previously existing lines were no longer moving.  They did come back out and change size of heads and honestly that may have been a pressure problem from the well which they explained and I was satisfied with that interaction.  A week later, less than a month after instillation, there was a water leak on a coupling they placed near the main tie in (where they worked on main line from water company).  I called on a Thursday and the lady said they may not be able to get out there the same day because they were working on a big project in Pensacola.  The leak was pinhole and I checked meter determining I was losing about a gallon an hour.  I told her it would be OK if they got there the next day, but it needed to be addressed because the only way to isolate was to cut off water to my entire house..... They never showed or called.  I ended up having it repaired myself over the weekend.  They did call on Monday about it, like no bid deal... he we're going to come check out your problem today... too late. Summary:  Shame on me for continuing to do business with this company when I had reservations at several different times in my dealings with them.  I had no written estimate, never received a receipt and communication was poor throughout.  Nice person trying to survive in private business who has NO business organization.  I appreciate the struggles of small businesses and always try to send my work their way.  I am sorry to say that I cannot recommend this company.
- Michelle D....
AProfessional Sprinkler Systems
Honestly, my system was a nightmare. The original system came with the house. Later, a local landscaper did the last well and submersable pump and worked on the system. At that time, the spray was so powerful, with what smelled like swamp water, that it would blow huge plumes of mist into the air rather than spray water on the plants. Everything hit the house and cars staining them a rust color. Heads along the house would literally explode off hitting the eve and sending a powerful jet of water into the fascia board and the attic. Water also soaked the wood fence causing rot. This is a family business. It's been in operation long enough that I'm shocked I didn't know of them before. Given their work, they should have a wide, and great, reputation. Brad came out to inspect the system. He listened to me, inspected the system, and gave me his recommendations. He called his dad, and verified parts of his plan. Since my system was something of a nightmare, Keith, Brad's father, made an inspection the next day to fine tune their plan. He discussed it with me, provided an estimate of around $400. Everything planned was perfect for my system, and the estimate lower than expected. They scheduled via Angie's List messages and telephone. They made appointments and when delayed, called me to make sure it was okay with me. They were prompt and professional. They did the job faster than I expected they could. Now, the sprayers put out a spray of water on the plants. There is no mist being blown back at the house or cars. Nothing hits the house, cars or fence. The lawn and plants are watered. Three zones mean the watering period is shorter. Watching it run, is like looking at a brand new sprinkler system. I almost expect to see a new house too, the difference is so dramatic. I am more pleased than I could have anticipated. The final price of $475 was a bargain for the wonderful result. I highly recommend Professional Sprinkler Systems.
- Sharon E....