Pansey Dehumidifier Installation

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Gilley's Heating & Air
Business Description: We have 7 full time employees. We have 4 service techs and 3 installation/duct crew.

Reviews in Pansey to Install Dehumidifier

DGilley's Heating & Air
My Mom had an entirely new HVAC unit put in by Gilley's in April and has had nothing but problems since. In May, her entire house flooded because the drain tube coming from the inside unit had two bends/kinks in it. She called Gilley's emergency number and no one called her back for two days. In the mean time, she called her insurance company, who sent out a clean up company. They determined that her flooring had to be completely removed and she had to have dehumidifiers and fans put in her house for 3 or 4 days to remove the water so that she wouldn't get mold. When someone from Gilley's finally came out, he said that the issue was caused from the filter which was less than one month old. Mr. Gilley never came out to inspect the job that his workers did, nor did he come out when a problem was reported. We then called another AC company to come look at the job to make sure it was safe to put in a new floor and were told that there were several issues with how the inside unit was installed. In fact, one of the issues was a potential fire hazard. We finally had to turn the issue over to the Alabama board of HVAC commissioners. Then, and only then, did Mr. Gilley contact us about the issue. He told my mother that he was going to be fined and asked her if he could come correct the issue. My mom eventually let them (Gilley's heating and air) come in and fix the issues. She can now only run the heat or have hot water, but not both at the same time. Mr. Gilley was called again and he informed my mother that he was done coming out to her house. She is a 68 year old woman living on a fixed income with major health issues. She had to finance the job so she is paying a lot of money every month for a system that doesn't work. I would not recommend this company EVER!!!!
- Susan W....