Munford Water Fountain Installation

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Visionary Aquatic Designs
Business Description: Aquatic Artist designs and creates all water features (waterfalls, fountains, etc.) in formal, natural, and contemporary styles.
Aesthetic Mind Landscaping & Household Repairs.
Business Description: My business revolves around the quality of work I provide for my clients. Whether it be a well maintained Landscape or a long delayed gutter cleaning. Your satisfaction is top priority. Why hire a crew... when one man will do. 15% discount for Active/Retired Mil.
Turf Tamer Inc
Business Description: Financing available.
Recent Review: Excellent - Jason came out and reviewed what we wanted to be done. Our yard was the same from it needed a lot of help plus we had a lot of dead bushes. I let Jason use his creativity on the plan. Came back with color copy of landscape plan and irrigation options. Gave us three options to split up work if wanted.... Which was nice. They also kept some of the current landscaping in place which made husband happy. Once they started work - they were very quick. Always cleaned up at end of day. Walked through on day of completion. Gave advice on recommendations for maintenance. Finished whole job in about 5 days. Had problem with one sprnkler head about a month after install- called and came out and repared immediately. Planning to have him back in fall to work on the back yard.

Reviews in Munford to Install Water Fountain

DTurf Tamer Inc
They do a good job overall when they focus but this focus seldom happens. Crews on my projects did not appear to have a person in charge or if someone was in charge that person could not lead. There is a dearth of Quality Control (QC) and Quality Assurance(QA) that led to incomplete projects and erroneous results. I often had to get personnel to return to fix problems that should never had been necessary if they had a good QC and QA approach. These are the firm's problem areas on my projects:     1. Firm-installed water feature leaked an enormous amount of water. The firm  checked the feature and declared there was no leak. However it still leaked a lot of water and personnel had to return 2 more times to finally solve the problem. I got the bill for the water.     2. Prior to fixing the water feature leak, I shut off the water to the feature. When the crew returned to continue work, for some reason they turned the water on to the feature even though they knew there was a leak.     3. Shut-off float on a water feature failed repeatedly.     4. Precipitation gauges did not work. The firm took 5 trips to address this. I'm still not sure they work.     5. Shut-off valve to a water feature was not initially installed even though the design called for one to be installed.     6. After 2 years, the bluegrass died and I had to replace it at my cost.     7. A sprinkler control in one sprinkler-area was sodded over and I have no idea where it is.     8. When grass was re-sodded, areas around bushes and trees were left bare and muddy. To date, there are still bare areas and there are dry areas that are not getting water from the sprinkler system. For the past several weeks, I have repeatedly contacted the firm via phone and email about this and they haven't addressed this to date (16 Oct 2011).     9. A bush was dug up to be placed elsewhere but was simply left on the ground.     10. There was ivy running up a tree and I repeatedly asked the firm not to cut it. Guess what happened?     11. Several weeks ago a crew cut my front lawn and I did not request this service.     12. Several weeks ago, I've received an invoice with no explanation as to what it is for. Called firm and left a voice message. As usual, I have yet to hear from them.
- Jon A....
Jason Watt and his staff did an excellent job from start to finish. They maintained excellent communications, did an excellent job cleaning up at the end of the day, installed a quality product that looks excellent and planted good quality plants. This big job was completed on time and budget.
- Dan R....