Mountain Creek Retaining Wall Installation

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Business Description: Foundation Repairs & Home Improvements Inc. specializes in Foundation, Floor & Basement Wall Repairs. Do you have sticking doors or windows, cracks in your walls and floors, a sunken or buckled concrete slab? These are all signs of foundation problems. If your home or business is located on unstable soils, it could cause your foundation to shift, which may result in structural damage and loss of value in one of your most valuable investments. Foundation Repair may be necessary before it's to late with the A.B. Chance helical pier foundation System. We are your A.B. Chance certified dealer & will be glad to visit your home or business to give you an estimate on the cost to restore your valuable investment. We have the technology to correct the problem. The A.B. Chance helical pier foundation system is a patented foundation stabilizing system that works on the principal of turning a solid steel screw pile into stable subsurface soils. Lifting brackets attached to the Chance Piers and under the foundation can put your house or business back on the level. We have several experts that have worked with structural engineers, home inspectors, FHA/VA, and real estate agents for over 25 years. We are members of the Birmingham & Huntsville Better Business Bureau and are a participant of the BBB Care program. References are available upon request. Award winning.