Kellerman Crawl Space Waterproofing

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Business Description: Since 2000, AFS - A Bayless Company has specialized in helping homeowners have peace of mind knowing their homes are stable and dry. We have grown from a small company operating out of a home garage in north Alabama to a company with 5 locations and over 200 employees serving Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee. AFS is proud to have an established reputation for high quality work and personalized service. We attribute our success to closely adhering to our core values in all we do.
B-Dry Waterproofing and Foundation Repair
Recent Review: It went well overall. They worked hard and as far as I can tell did a very good job. The only negative I have is, it was more expensive than I thought it would be.

Reviews in Kellerman to Waterproof Crawl Space

FAFS Foundation & Waterproofing Specialists
They put in french drains in pieces that were not connected and were far away from the inside walls. They made no provision for the water to leave the basement. The man who gave the estimate seemed very sharp and knowledgeable. The people who did the work had no clue. They put in a dehumidifier that had no outlet and it just dripped onto the floor. They did not at all do landscaping and only partial work on the walls where the water was entering. While they did put a thick plastic cover over the earth floor, as they should have, it did not fix the basic problem.      When I complained, they came back and put in a concrete block wall to keep the basement water from leaking into a storage room, and then had the gall to try and charge an additional fee for the ineffective repair. The water and moisture just accumulated.     I called again one more time and the person on the phone assured me it had been done correctly. I gave up.     I just paid a private contractor more than this amount to fix everything they did and to do it right.     Without question they are the most inept home contractor I have ever dealt with, and this is the 5th home I have owned.      I went to them because friends said they were good. Wrong!      The reason I have submitted this review now is I just got a voice mail from AFS offering a service contract or regular service visit. If they had not called me, I would not have written this review some 5 years (or maybe it was 4 or 6) after the work, but somehow that got to me.  I do not like writing negative reviews and wish I had something more positive to say.
- Stanley B....