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Business Description: Bakane's Service Company has general contractors in Pell City, AL who provide home remodeling, plumbing, and mobile home services. We also have heating and air contractors to better help you with your remodeling needs.
Award 2018Super Service Award
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Recent Review: Norrell has been coming twice a year for the last four years. They installed the system, and we've been under warranty as far as any repairs. However they charge for these inspection visits. They're very thorough and prompt.
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Recent Review: Yes, the price (compared to others)was a little higher but the work is/was excellent.  Since then, I have had to have a couple of digital thermostats replaced because I mash the buttons so hard.  The company responds the same day...onc never charging me and the next sending me a very small invoice.  I could not take off from work during the installation so I put my cat in another room and left them a key.  They never bothered anything...the work was almost done when I get home that day and kitty was fine!
Business Description: Heating and Air Conditioning Sales Service and Installation
Business Description: Residential & Commercial Heating and Air Conditioning
Recent Review: The cost of the work was part of the original installation contract we have with them. They send you reminders for service checks. 
Business Description: We specialize in installation, service, repair, maintenance, and more in Air Conditioning (A/C), furnaces, heaters and heat pumps. Residential, multi-family, or commercial.
Recent Review: The workers were fine, the ones that installed it. The salesman promised things that they could not deliver. They did not do a good job with the insulation so we had to have some other people to insulate it better than they did.

Reviews in Fruitdale to Install Central AC

BYoung Pittman Company
Called and said he was on the way. About 20 minutes later he arrived. Introduced himself and got right to work. He let me know when he finished. Explained everything extra on the ticket and I signed and paid him.
- Douglas G....
AFairfield Air
I was satisfied with their service. The air conditioner was not working as it should so they came out and replaced the existing air conditioner and the thermostat. They came out immediately once we had called them.
- Jamie S....
AGist Service Co
Our central air conditioner unit stopped cooling the house during the weekend, and we noticed the hose from the unit to the house was all iced over.  I called the service first thing Monday morning and they were out to the house by around noon that same day.  They checked the unit and confirmed a Freon leak, but could not identify an obvious source.  They added Freon to the system and covered the hose with new insulation.  It is now about two months later and we've so far had no more issues with the system.  There were two technicians and they charged a total of $69 for labor and $90 for materials.
- Amy K....
Mr. Rollins was on time and immediately started working on the air conditioner unit that was not working. The air conditioner was repaired and back working within thirty minutes after he arrived.
- Keli W....
ACleghorn HVAC
We bought a second home in Pell City, Alabama more than 20 years ago and the house only had a window A/C which was not able to do the job. I had known Kelly from years before working with his dad. We needed a central A/C Heating unit since we planed on living in the home year round. I called Cleghorn (Kelly) and he gave me an estimate. The job consisted of installing a central A/C Heating unit (heat Pump), all all duct work. Kelly did a great job and the unit is still going strong.
- Richard F....
FOne Hour Air Conditioning and Heating
I can't even verbalize how upset we are with this "company". Every phone call is a sales pitch for their monthly serviceplans. We had them come out in June to do a diagnostic and then paid almost $500 for a replacement part. The A/C worked for all of 2-3 weeks. The same things started happening and it stopped working. They refuse to cooperate with us and actually fix the a/c. All we asked was to pay 1/2 of the "rescue rate" to come out and actually do a full diagnostic and fix it instead of just looking at the first sign of a problem. My husband has been on the phone with them for about an hour and nothing has been resolved. The first person we talked to put him on hold for over 30 mintues. We called right back and explained the situation AGAIN. The lady who answered said she knew who we were talking to and proceeded to put us on hold again. The last person we talked to gave us a run around and then HUNG UP on us. This is a very unprofessional company. All they have done is take our money and leave us with no home to stay in (mind you we have a 9month old baby, I am 22 weeks pregnant and a pup)! Beyond disappointed by One Hour Air. I would leave negative stars if I could on the count of they never fixed the issue and want to charge us more money just to look at it again. Why would we pay more money so they can look at it and still have the same problem in a month!!!!!!!!!
- Tiffani S....
BSears Home Services
We're getting estimates to replace a Central AC with heat pump. The Sears sales rep showed up on time. looked around and asked questions. He used a laptop where everyone else has a written estimate they left with us. He went over Sears record as we all know is excellent. While everyone else was recommending a smaller unit 3 ton, he wanted to install a 3 1/2 ton. Sears has a great ESP plan if you want to pay an extra $1000. His cheapest unit was $500 more than the next highest and it didn't qualify for the tax rebate as all the others quoated us. Sears does offer a on the spot sign now discount and 1 year finiancing. We could almost purchase a 2nd unit from the local man we are considering going with right now. In fairness the Sears rep before he gave us the quote did tell us they probably would be higher. Right now Sears would be our last choice.
- James A....
ABilly Smith
Excellent. Called him out because an AC unit in a rental house was leaking. He fixed that easily enough. While there, he took a look at another unit we thought was dead for good. 10 minutes and a few dollars in parts and it's running like a dream.
- Ava W....
AGilley's Heating & Air
We were very happy with the service.  We called them because they had the type of air conditioner we were looking for and they said they could handle it; they gave us a price; they gave us exactly the right unit; they came and installed it and we have been happy with it ever since.  They were excellent; we were very happy and if we ever had to have another unit replaced we would use them again.  They were very responsive.
- Margaret D....
All went well for two new units to install and dispose of the two bad air conditioners. The workers were hesitant to do two but I explained I preferred to go ahead and do both. Very kind and professional, honest workers. $11,000 for two new units.
- Marjory B....