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AASP - America's Swimming Pool Co Huntsville
Jeff Monroe explained to us that he was the owner/operator of ASP in Huntsville, Alabama, and has opened a new branch in Florence, Alabama, where we live. He said he lives in Florence. He came to our home and carefully measured for a new pool liner. In May, he installed a new liner, and did a perfect job. He also replaced the sand in our filter. Unfortunately, the liner had a defect in a seam. It looked like a small bleb. Jeff felt that it would smooth out after some hot weather. It did not smooth out after a month of hot weather. We called the liner company (Tara) and they said that there should not have been a seam or a bleb. They offered to extend the warranty and give us $250, or replace the liner at no cost to us, including installation. They said we could wait until the end of summer to decide. We contacted them at the end of the summer and asked that they replace the liner. They did replace the liner and paid Jeff to install it this week. Again, he performed a perfect installation. We are pleased with Jeff's work and would use him again. We are very pleased with Tara Liner's response to this issue, and feel they provided excellent customer service.
- Karen G....
AAmanda's Pool Supply
It is a family business. They installed our liner and did a great job. We had a pool light put in and they installed it together. I think she cleans pools in the summer. With the rain it was an on and off experience. I would use them again.
- Cindy M....
FThe Pool Center
We had purchased the liner from another company and had call The Pool Center to see if they installed liners in existing above ground pools.  We were told by the owner that they did and quoted a price of $500.  We usually put our on liners in, but my husband is undergoing chemotherapy, and is unable to install the new liner.  The owner's son, Gavin Johnson, came on Tuesday 5/3/2016 with a helper and proceeded to install the liner.  After 4.5, they had installed the liner and had it filling with water.  I paid them cash (which was the first mistake) and went back to work in my home office as I work from home for a corporate company.  When my husband got home from work, 3 hours later, he inspected the liner to find it installed crooked with multiple wrinkles.  He called Gavin, who had installed the pool and left a voicemail.  Gavin called back within an hour and said he would come back up and look at the pool on 5/4, which he did.  When he knocked on the door, I went out to the pool with him and told him my husband was on his way.  He looked at the pool and I questioned why it was crooked, and he replied that it could be the liner was just no good and make crooked.  Gavin then stated that he and his partner did notice that  the liner was not center and had wrinkles initially, but they had already cut the return holes and could not correct.  When my husband got home, he discussed his displeasure with the installation of the pool, Gavin proceeded to pull the wrinkles out of one side.  My husband informed him the entire liner was installed crooked, and Gavin again said it was probably a bad liner and left.  I call  The Pool Center directly to speak with the owner, who was Gavin's mom, and told her the situation.  She asked if we had bought the liner from them, and I said no, we had purchased from another company.  She promptly told me that they could not guarantee any work done on a product purchased from somewhere else.  I asked would they not stand behind the installation being incorrect and fix/refund any money.  She said it was probably just a bad liner and they couldn't help us.  I posted a review and photos of the liner on their website which I am sure they will remove.  I should have paid by check and could have stopped payment until the error was corrected, but that is my fault.  I still believe a company should stand behind their labor and admit when they make a mistake and correct it.  We had to buy another liner and now my husband and myself will install it.  I just don't want this happening to anyone else.  I believe all companies should stand behind their work.
- Debbie T....
Jack, owner of Professional Pool, and his son were extremely professional and very helpful. They were very punctual in giving me an estimate and also letting me know when the new liner came in. Installation of the new liner went great and my and quot;newand quot; pool is beautiful. I did a lot of price comparison and found Jack's price to be very reasonable. We did have a problem with the new auto pool cleaner. I contacted Jack, and he immediately got in touch with the manufacturer's rep. Then our problems really started. The rep was very and quot;curtand quot; to me on the phone as was the rep directly from the manufacturer. Jack was extremely helpful through this problem and advised he would do whatever we needed him to in order to correct the problem. Within a week, he had the problem solved and we have a new (different) pool cleaner. We definitely would recommend Professional Pool to others.
- Bettye C....
APool Pro
They did a very good job. They did everything they said they were going to do and they did it on time. I'm sure we will use them again in the future.
- Robert D....
DCrunk Pools
Well the installation seemed to go pretty good, but I have had problems with the new installation every since it was done, this will only be the third year on my new pool liner and it has a large hole it it and I have been advised by another pool company that it would have to be completely replaced. I have called Crunk's Pools and they have done nothing to resolve this problem. I have also talked to other people in the area who have had large problems with this company. Once they get their money they are out of there never to been seen again or heard from. A pool liner should last longer that this. The bottom of my pool was not smooth either where they put new concrete in it, they told me this would go away and straighten out once the pool was filled with water, that the weight would flatten in out, but that was not the case and was another false statement on their part. My pump still leaks. I paid out close to $4,000.00 for these repairs. I just want people to be careful and not get taken advantage of like my family did.
- Maryann A....
AVisionary Aquatic Designs
We purchased a house 4 years ago with a large koi pond that was built by Andy. We got his info from the previous owners and have used him every year since for spring clean-up and also on many occasions with pump replacement and general repairs. I couldn't recommend anyone more highly.
- Mona L....
ATraxx Grading
Not knowing what to expect from a contractor we were pleasantly surprised at how knowledgeable and honest Dwain was about the building of our first pond.  Dwain came recommended to us by my boyfriend's friend.  We gave him a call and he set up a time to meet with us.  He even called us the week of to make sure our plans had not changed.  My boyfriend and I both met with him and he was with us for almost 3 hours just walking our property and answering all of our questions.  He was very down to earth and did not speak over our heads and we actually learned some things too.  We had some ideas and ran them past him and instead of just saying yes he said that some of what we want done to the pond was not cost effective and offered us other alternatives to what we wanted.  When it came down to the money both my boyfriend and I were prepared for some surprises but, again to our surprise, Dwain offered us a couple of choices.  One was higher than the other but he discussed the reasons for the costs which were reasonable. Once he started the project my boyfriend would visit the site daily to see about the progress. Through every step of the way my boyfriend watched and never came home and grumbled (which was a good sign).  At the end we only we were only billed for what we agreed to pay andI cannot wait for some fun family memories.  I would not hesitate in recommending Dwain for another job. As an added note, he is also capable of building irrigation ponds for people who have farm land.
- Breanna M....
ATurf Tamer Inc
When we called they set up an appt. and showed up on time. Their designer talked with my husband about what he wanted and then he came up with several options we could choose from. They started the work in just a few days. It was amazing! They completed the whole thing in like 3 days. It was absolutely beautiful. The workers were friendly and they cleaned up so well you would never know the waterfall and pond hadn't been there forever. We decided we wanted extra lighting in the pond and they came right out and added it. They even installed a sensor so the lights came on automatically when it got dark. We couldn't have asked for a nicer experience. Turf Tamer is great!
- Julie W....
AMLH Pool Services
Matt is always responsive to our questions and concerns and responds promptly to correct any issues with our pool. He is very knowledgeable and offers good advice regarding options and pricing for our specific pool needs. We chose to use MLH Pool Services because his prices beat the competition. MLH Pool Services has provided all of our pool maintenance for the past 4 years with excellent results! I have nothing but praise for his services!
- Carol P....

Landscaping in Excel

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Award 2019Super Service Award
Business Description: VILD brings years upon years of design experience to the forefront. From a touch of class in one room, to the sophisticated party in another, to the chic pool party outside, we design more than just layouts. We paint a canvas that clients spend their lives in. We've designed everything from rooms, to apartments, to townhome's, to large homes. Everything from the simple living room or outside deck, to the wine cellar or home theater. Vast resources at arm's length, VILD combines creativity and time with the people to get the job done! Although our home office resides in Northern NJ, we cater to 14 different states including NY, FL, CA, TX , NC, AZ, SC, RI, NV, PA, CT, TN, WA. This is why we’re different…. 1. They, (the design industry) charge by the hour. Leading you to wonder what your paying for and how much. We, charge a fixed price depending on your needs. 2. They, take the designs you discuss and work only within that model, focusing the energy on only that one design. We, offer up to 3 completely unique designs based on your style. 3. They, charge you full price for the furniture and decor you choose, but make a commission on the top due to an industry “trade discount” they have with that store. We, give you OUR discount that we personally get, anywhere from 15-25% with the stores you love, thus saving you more money.
Business Description: Heavenly Heat Infrared Saunas are made for the chemically sensitive. That means that our infrared saunas create an ideal, safe, and effective detoxification environment for anyone seeking to eliminate toxic substances from their body.
Business Description: For 45 years, B & J Pools LLC has been constructing backyard oases for the residents of Gadsden and the state of Alabama. We specialize in designing luxurious vinyl pools that will make your neighbors jealous. We strive to build the best pools. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing the faces of our happy clients. Our foreman is always on-site to ensure the operation runs smoothly and to be easily accessible to our clients. We build one pool at a time, giving clients unparalleled and personalized service. We are a licensed general contractor. Swimming Pool Maintenance, Swimming Pool Renovation, Swimming Pool, Swimming Pool Repair, Swimming Pool Cleaning, Pool Repair, Pool Cleaning
Business Description: Pool Doctor
Business Description: J & S Pools
Recent Review: Exceptional service!  I called and got an appointment the very next day.  The technician, "RJ" is very well trained, professional, courtesy and thorough...very thorough!  He asked me some questions then immediately got to work testing the plumbing system for leaks- something you just can't do on your own.  It all checked out great so he suited up in a wetsuit and spent a good bit of time in the pool underwater surveying the liner and all the fittings for leaks...and he found it! Or should I say them?  But the best part, instead of just telling me I have a tear around the main drain and 15 or so pinholes and leave- he repairs them all!  Its been almost a week and my pool hasn't leaked! It may be a job to him but to me, it has been a relief.  I have been fighting this leak for months - tried everything I could do (and I'm pretty handy), even had 2 pool companies come out. It took about 2 1/2 hours but it was because he went over every inch of my pool then fixed all of the holes. You don't have to be there for them to work but I was just because it was facinating to watch him troubleshoot everything. They are fast, friendly, professional and honor the $25 Angie's List discount.  I hope I never have to use them again but if I do.... Well done!!!!
Business Description: Kleen Pool is a unique product for swiming pools it Guarentees to eliminate algae for six months and with treatment every six months pool will remain algae free continously product can be ordered on the web site and paymeny is by pay pal.
Recent Review: It went well, they came out before they were scheduled but let me know ahead of time, they were consistent with their time and the product.
Recent Review: The gentleman seemed very knowledgeable. He wasn't very prompt and the quote was higher than the other quotes we had. He was professional but he was just too much money. We went with another company for the pool.
Recent Review: We purchased a house 4 years ago with a large koi pond that was built by Andy. We got his info from the previous owners and have used him every year since for spring clean-up and also on many occasions with pump replacement and general repairs. I couldn't recommend anyone more highly.