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Choice Landscapes
Business Description: Our goal is to create living spaces that dazzle the eye and comfort the soul. We believe that the landscape is an extention of the home, offering a place of refuge and relaxation from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We work closely with the client to make their dreams a reality. Our dedication to service, quality, client satisfaction is paramount. With our expertise and creativity in the industry, our clients are provided with an excellent value and exceptional results. Our client interaction begins with one of our certified horticulturalist meeting with you on your property to access your needs. From there we will either meet you again or email a quote not an estimate (exception being irrigation/drainage repair). This ensures you know the cost up front and the quote reflects what you will end up paying. As long as the scope of the project does not change you pay what was quoted to you. Founder, Tom Warren has a deep background in horticulture. Working with his father in his greenhouses and on his landscaping projects as a boy, he developed a deep appreciate for horticulture at an early age. To transform a yard into something beautiful, watch a nursery crop grow and bloom, or find a rare plant in the wild, gave (and still gives) him a great deal of satisfaction. Because of these experiences, he had decided he wanted to work with plants by his early teen years. Tom filled his spare time with jobs related to the green industry. First, he took a position working on a landscape crew during high school. Next, he worked at Stonebridge Country Club in their golf course maintenance department. Tom would go on to attend Auburn University and earn his degree in Horticulture. While at Auburn, he was selected for the Henty P Orr endowmnet to study under the Royal Botanical Society in England. Tom would later go on to graduate with honors. He is a state certified and licensed landscape designer and has reputable experience and knowledge of the horticulture industry. Tom is currently expanding his knowledge of Horticulture by pursuing his PhD. Our current owner is Josh Phillips. Josh graduated from Auburn University with a degree in Horticulture. While at Auburn, he was selected for the Henry P Orr endowment and was the only one in his class to graduate Summa cum laude (4.0 GPA). Josh was also awarded the College of Agriculture Deans award for academic excellence and leadership. Before attending Auburn University Josh was a member of th US Coast Guard where he was honorably discharged after achieving the rank petty officer third class. This earned him the right to attend school on the GI bill. Josh is state licensed in Landscape design, Landscape installation, and Chemical application.