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Reviews in Cook Springs to Install Retractable Awnings

My wife signed a contract from Accent Awnings for an order and installation of two awnings for our home. We paid $2,817 (half the cost of the awnings) as a deposit on March 22, 2012. We were told that the awnings would be delivered within a 5 week period. On May 22, 2012 we had not heard from Mr Majors so we called him and asked about the status of our order. He replied that the awnings had been delivered but were damaged in transport and needed to be repaired. After an additional 3-4 weeks, we tried numerous times to contact Mr. Majors and we left messages for him to return our calls. However, he has still not returned any call and does not answer the phone. In addtion, the phone number to his business address had been disconnected. On June 21, we filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and on June 22 they contacted Mr. Majors. On July 5, 2012, we received a letter from Mr. Majors, which was sent on June 27. This letter was unsigned and not dated. The letter stated, "Your order is in our warehouse but I injured my knee when I took a fall off a ladder almost two weeks ago. I'm trying not to have surgery until a more convenient time. I am going through rehab and am some better. I regret I have been out of pocket much of this time. I will be able to get back on a ladder in another two weeks. I have always made it a policy to actually work with my installer on all Retractable Awning installations. I apologize for this delay and assure you we will have your awning up as soon as possible". This was the second excuse as to why he has not contacted us and delivered and installed the product we ordered. The letter also contained the telephone number, which was disconnected. On July 10, 2012, BBB sent a second notice to Bobby Majors since he did not respond to the first. On July 23, 2012, BBB closed the case since Bobby Majors failed to respond to any of their notices. It has now been over four months since we ordered the awnings and Mr Majors has still not delivered the awnings nor has he returned any of our calls. Consequently, it is now a question as to whether he has stolen our money. Due to his untrustworthy and unprofessional work ethics, we do not want Mr. Majors to install the awnings, even if he has ordered them. We would like our money refunded and to warn others about him.
- Tord H....
BEWARE!!! Met with Mr. Majors in Feb. 2009-he was lowest bidder of 3 estimates & agreed on price, plan and fabric choice. Paid him half of total at that time & was told project would be complete in 2 weeks. It was "finished" in April 2009. I would alert anyone shopping for awnings that Mr. Majors is very personable and agreeable up front & a convincing sleek salesman, thus the BEWARE. Check his BBB rating first--I wish I had! The new awning began to sag and leak with the first rain which occurred within one week after installation. Accent Awnings was notified immediately. Some attempt was made to adjust the awning at that time. The leaks continued. Ultimately, the awning had to be removed & returned to the seamstress. After reinstalling and being assured by Mr. Majors that the problem was corrected, the remaining amount due for the job was paid. This was in April 2009. Upon the next rain, the awning began leaking even worse. Again, Mr. Majors was notified of the problem. It often took repeated phone calls spanning many weeks before he would respond to our messages. Each time he would assure us that he would send someone out to fix the problem. The leaks became so bad that the awning was practically useless when it rained. Water had leaked into 3 newly installed outdoor fan lights and caused the existing frame to begin to rust along the leak-lines. My last contact with Mr. Majors was in Oct. 2009 when he returned a long awaited call to set up an appointment to "really get this problem fixed and do you right". He NEVER showed for that appointment HE made. Since, I have had the SUNBRELLA representative out to survey the problem and another awning company, CAIN AWNINGS, replace the one installed by Accent Awnings. This work has just been completed and I have nothing but kind words and high recommendations for both CAIN AWNINGS and GLEN RAVEN FABRICS/SUNBRELLA who sent their rep, Mr. McDaniels, from NC to help correct this problem. Not only has this entire process dealing with Accent Awnings and Mr. Majors been costly financially, it has been extremely unpleasant dealing with such a lack of professionalism, shoddy workmanship, broken promises and arrogance on his part. It has also been time consuming since I have had to file reports with BBB and am currently pursuing further action with the Attorney General of the state for reimbursement.
- Lisa S....